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About Us
 Tenacious Systems works closely with companies in 14 different countries to develop and support high quality, low cost, vertical business management solutions.  Our flagship FarmSoft Farm Management ERP and Packhouse Management solutions are an example of specialized business management solutions with exceptional attention to detail.

TSL solutions concentrate on traceability, activity management, profit enhancement, and KPI reporting for every section of the modern farm and packhouse. TSL Farm Management ERP provides comprehensive best practice farming for fruit and vegetable growers - covering the entire spectrum of business processes from farm budgeting, crop costing, KPI analysis, spray diary and farm diary, and harvest management and analysis. For further information download brochures:
FarmSoft  Farm Management ERP ,  Download the demonstration package
FarmSoft Small Farm Traceability
FarmSoft Packhouse Manager

Easy to implement Farm ERP and Packhouse Management solutions from TSL are designed exclusively for fruit and vegetable farms, and fruit and vegetable processors and pakers. The Farm ERPPackhouse Solutions are an example of specialized business management solutions with exceptional attention to detail, representing decades of specialized industry knowledge. The modern farm and packhouse has been saddled with many traceability and food regulations that cost money to implement and maintain compliance. The TSL sutie of farm and packhouse solutions helps to implement and support many traceability and compliance standards whilst giveing farm and packhouse management new tools to increase profit, productivity, and employee accountability.

Tenacious Systems delivers a suite of farm and packhouse solutions that concentrate on improving quality, traceability, and farm and packhouse profit.  By integrating best practices, international standards, and food safety mechanisms into the solutions, TSL clients receive improved profit and traceability, and a rapid return on investment.


FarmSoft Packhouse Management: Performance & Cost Analysis - Comprehensive reporting of pack shed KPI gives management new performance monitoring tools?