Agriculture Information Management Course



This course is a package for universities and agricultural colleges and schools

Students gain practical experience implementing and operating agriculture information systems, that they will eventually use in the workplace

Students that complete this course are more attractive to potential employers ; and are more likely to embrace technology in the workplace, helping to improve their career, and the agriculture industry

The university or college can run the course an unlimited number of times using existing faculty staff,  or use expert trainers from Tenacious Systems Limited (TSL)

All course materials are provided, including the world class FarmSoft Farm ERP & Packhouse Management software solution and licenses



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The AIMC course outlines why agricultural business management systems are important for best practices, finance, traceability, and business prosperity in the agriculture industry.  The course uses FarmSoft Farm Management & Packhouse Management solutions as the training platform.  FarmSoft is used worldwide by leading farming companies, handling a wide range of fresh produce including grains, hops, fruit, vegetables, and more.  The AIMC allows the university/college to provide this course to unlimited students using in-house tutors, or utilize tutors from Tenacious Systems team of talented tutors that have provided tutorials, training, and system implementation world-wide.



The FarmSoft AIMC gives students from the agricultural sciences and management faculties the opportunity to learn how to configure and operate farm management systems, and even fresh produce packaging and processing systems.  The course is very practical ad hands on, and is an essential qualification to any agriculture student because they will need to use said systems in the workplace.   Students that have completed this course look highly attractive to employers because of the relevance, and practical nature of the course.


Course Materials

All required course materials are provided in digital format, including all materials full Student and “Train The Trainer” and student guides.

An  unlimited servicer license will be  granted to the university/school.  User licenses for FarmSoft are purchased in bundles at special Educational Only prices (approx. 90% discount).  The FarmSoft software is an essential requirement for the course.  The software license is granted in perpetuity, with a small annual upgrades and support subscription.

Rights to use and reproduce (for educational purposes only, for the licensed university or school) all course materials are granted.

Students that complete the course are granted a Certificate of Completion that outlines their achievement.  (Where course is run by a TSL consultant).

The course usually requires student attendance for 3 hours per day for 5 days, however, can be modified to suit other requirements.    More comprehensive courses can be provided upon request.  Where a course is performed by a TSL consultant, Deliverables in the form of PDF’d reports are required at the end of each day’s session.  Where a TSL consultant is managing the training, each student can email their results to the consultant daily.  To receive the Certificate of Attainment, students must attend each session and provide all deliverables required by the course within 1 hour of the completion of the course.   Certificates will be delivered to students via email in PDF format within 7 days.


Download full details here, or click here to contact a Tenacious Systems consultant now.



Frequently asked questions


Q:  Can Tenacious Systems provide a consultant to train our students?

A:  Yes, consultants are available year round.  Consultants usually require six weeks’ notice to ensure other projects are not compromised by their training services.  Alternatively, your own faculty staff can run the course.


Q:  How many students can we provide the course to?

A:  You can provide the course to an unlimited quantity of students, over any period of time.


Q:  Who are the Tenacious Systems trainers?

A:  TSL consultants work on real life projects, implementing FarmSoft world wide.  TSL consultants have decades of experience providing training to end users, and solving real world farm and Packhouse management challenges.



Q:  How much time will it take for one of our faculty members to learn to teach this course?

A: Any person whom is familiar with modern farming practices, and is competent at using a computer can use the provided materials to learn the course in around 30 hours.


Q:  Do we need computer hardware?

A:  Normally the school will provide a server (or space on an existing server) where FarmSoft can be installed.  Obviously the school must also provide a computer lab (for on-campus students).   Off campus students can access FarmSoft via their web browser.  See requirements here.   Alternatively, on request, Tenacious Systems can provide a dedicated online server to run FarmSoft.


Q:  How many servers can we install the software on?

A:  As many as is necessary.  You must also purchase User Licenses (they are concurrent)


Q:  Are there any additional software fees?

A:  Normally an annual fee is required that is approximately 12.5% of your original investment in FarmSoft.    This entitles the university to upgrades, and budget technical support and continued use of the software.


Q:  Who installs FarmSoft?

A:  Normally a FarmSoft technician will do this for you, however, your own I.T. staff can perform this duty if required.  Installation instructions are here.
















FarmSoft Packhouse Management: Incoming Fresh Produce Management - Comprehensive management of all incoming produce, from your own farm, or direct from external suppliers, importers, or from co-operative suppliers.