Best Practice

Ensure planning is always correct, & actual tasks are at the right time, using the correct resources.

By configuring your farms best practice production methods and tasks for producing each variety of produce, you can “implement best practice” to automatically create all recommended farming tasks based on your farm’s best practices. Implementing best practice benefits the farm by:

· Saving managements time by automatically creating farm tasks in the farm diary

· Automatically creating budgets for each cost center

· Enforcing the ‘best practice’ processes to be inserted into the farm diary

Using the Best Practice system allows your farm to continually improve your production processes and the accuracy of the processes being used by iterative regular review.  Farm certification and compliance is continually supported throughout the entire farming process via enforcement of best farm practices.  The farm management package helps to maintain certifications and standards such as BRC, HACCP, GlobalGAP, ISO and more.


Best Practice features

· Create Production Tasks to define the common tasks performed during the production process

· Build Production Methods to represent the best practice for each produce or variety

· Define Production Groups that groups which tasks apply to the production of each variety & the quantity or labor, equipment, materials per area of land worked on.

· Implement best practice onto a selected area of land to automatically create all tasks

· Automatic calculation of budgeting information in the background when a best practice is implemented


When tasks are automatically created, they clearly show who generated the task automatically, time and date, and the Production Task that is responsible for the automatic task.


Farm Production Tasks Tracking Record Keeping


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