Equipment, Employee, Site Management

It’s the details that count. FarmSoft Farm Management ERP delivers in every way.


Sometimes the smaller details really make a massive difference between ‘barely useful’, and ‘mission critical must have!’.   FarmSoft listens to farms all over the world, and has ensured no detail, no matter how small has been overlooked.


Find below a few minor modules, the list is always growing as we continue to work with industry leaders worldwide.

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· Record equipment/plant details, including acquisition, costs, and special details for spray equipment such as tank size etc

· Manage average costs for equipment, these costs can be per hectare/acre/fedan and are applied to cost centers when the equipment is used

· Record equipment usage, including equipment traceability details

· Track total running hours/units for each equipment


· Manage employee details, including photograph identification

· Issue Employee Identification Number

· Record details to help integrate with payroll or financial package

· Specify which tasks (if any) an employee can view, edit, create delete

· Specify which screens and reports (if any) an employee can view

· Manage username and password

· Determine site based permissions for employee access

Site Management

· The farm can be divided into multiple sites (which may indeed be separate logical farms, or geographically separated areas, or logical divisions of the main farm)

· Site permissions can determine which Equipment can be viewed at a site

· Site permissions can determine which Site an Employee can view and use

· Each warehouse is assigned to a site

· Site is a common filter on reporting tools

· Site permissions can be applied to inventory and materials

· All areas of land must be assigned to one Site


· Supporting 50 different interface languages







FarmSoft Packhouse Management: Multi-Packhouse Management - FarmSoft can run multiple packhouses at the same time, allowing larger packing co-operatives to delegate individual management teams to each Packhouse, whilst separating inventory and packing pro