Farm Diary

The Farm Diary is the central hub for easily managing all farm activities.

Rapid management response improves profit via on-screen farm wide monitoring and observation systems .  Farm managers can quickly identify potential  problems and take corrective action immediately.  Reduce farm wide risk via accurate & effortless recording of traceability information during and after farm task execution.

The Farm Diary helps to Improve communication between farming teams via integration with task management tools, alert systems, and by providing real time updates to farm management.   Rapidly identify (graphically) tasks that are late or not finished by the estimated completion time.  Never forget PHI & re-entry periods by automatic (configurable) alerts and critical stops generated directly from the Farm Diary.


Farm Diary features

· Record all and any farm activities, from ground preparation, through to post harvest tasks

· Captures and archives (for rapid recall) all traceability records related to use of materials, employees, equipment – suitable for use with HACCP, GlobalGAP, BRC, FarmSafe, PTI , ISO9x and more

· Automatically captures costs for labor and  materials , then assigns them to cost centers including land, produce, variety,  , farm, and site

· Plan tasks in advance (enter estimates) or record tasks retrospectively

· Print task sheets for employees (filter by Supervisor, land, site, farm, or Task Type)

· Farm diary has day, week, and month views

· Filter the farm diary by site, produce, variety, land, task supervisor, task type, task status; to make viewing areas of interest  easy

· Individual task Quality Check by QC officer, including time, officer, date, and notes

· Tailor TSL for your farm by creating your own “Task Types” for virtually any purpose.  Each task type has your choice of properties such as Employee, Equipment, Inventory, Observations, Documents, and Land

· PHI (Post harvest interval) and re-entry alerts shown on screen

· Observation tasks can be tailored to suit user requirements and can record images, PDF’s, and other documents such as soil analysis etc

· Print farm diary in day, week, and month view directly from the farm diary screen

· Easily edit any task when required, or drag and drop to change the start and finish times of a task

· Move one or a series or tasks with a few clicks, saving time, and keeping planning accurate during unpredictable weather

· Customize your own fields and labels on tasks

· Track estimated and actual start & finish, and progress percent

· Enter estimated values for labor, inventory, and equipment

· Select accurate areas of land for task treatment

· Lock tasks for all users (except the ‘locking’ user)

· Specify which employees can view, edit, create, delete each task type on the farm diary



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