Farm Inventory

Reducing waste, shrinkage, and ensuring traceability is critical to low farming costs.  FarmSoft delivers new ways to increase accountability of farming materials, and ensure reduced production costs farm-wide resulting from lower waste and shrinkage.

The FarmSoft inventory module provides a high level of accountability of production materials, allowing multi-site, multi warehouse tracking of all farming materials at all times. Access to accurate stock take information of all farm materials is critical for improving ordering accuracy and cash flow. Shrinkage or waste can be easily detected and traced back to operational areas, departments, or employees, allowing the farm to maximize return on investment for all materials.

Easily allocate traceability information for all inventories, allowing rapid recalls and traceability processes to meet the highest international farming and food safety standards. Simple stock-take processes ensure continual accuracy of stock-take information across the entire farm.

Optionally allow ad-hoc creation of inventory on the fly, this feature allows rapid creation of inventory records during the farm task record gathering process.  Traceability is still maintained to a high level for clients using this feature.  This feature reduces administrative requirements and expedites record keeping.  You can easily disable this feature from the FarmSoft Settings module.


Inventory features

· Inventory can be accessed based on an employee’s site permissions, allowing management to provide access to only selected inventory at selected sites to a specific employee. This feature is especially useful for farms that have multiple sites that are geographically isolated from one another

· Perform stock-takes directly onto the PC or print stock-takes for manual paper then PC entry

· Stock-takes can be performed at a site, warehouse, or category or subcategory level, allowing easy division of important inventory from less important

· Create purchase orders to acquire inventory

· Receive inventory (from a purchase order, or simply receive inventory without a purchase order)

· Assign estimated costs to inventory where no purchase orders are being used, and where no incoming inventory is being recorded – this information is used by the Budgeting system to estimate costs

· Traceability information can be recorded on incoming inventory. For farms that do not record the traceability details of inventory upon physical delivery, the traceability details of inventory actually used will be recorded when farm tasks are recorded

· Print Inventory ID Labels

· Traceability relates back to many facets of the inventory including supplier, supply date range, supplier batch details, purchase order number and more

· Balance of all inventory is available at all times, and can be viewed by site, farm, warehouse, inventory category or subcategory

· Alerts can be generated by the Alerts system when an inventory item has a low balance, the alert level is individually set for each inventory part

· Inventory can be easily moved between different farms and warehouses

· The movement history of inventory is continually and automatically recorded in the background

· Manage all inventory including production materials, chemicals, fertilizer, seedlings, and planting materials

· Set PHI (Post Harvest Interval), withholding period, and re-entry periods for individual inventory parts

· Perform mobile inventory stock-takes using the mobile interface

Farm Inventory


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