Farm Traceability

Automatic features in FarmSoft capture traceability records with ease, reducing the cost of compliance for fruit, grain, and vegetable farming operations.


Contemporary industrialised fruit and vegetable farming has become increasingly regulated over the past decade.  There are now literally hundreds of thousands of regulations world wide that relate to the Traceability and Food Safety of the production of fruit and vegetables for human consumption.  Tenacious Systems provides an easy to use Traceability Solution by integrating the worlds most common food safety and traceability practices into the every day operations management of the FarmSoft Farm Management ERP.

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Traceability can make or break a farm, it’s no longer an ‘optional’ regulatory requirement.

FarmSoft Farm Management ERP provides a strong platform for accurate recording of traceability information, via a variety of easy and logical methods. Risk exposure to the farm is greatly reduced by having highly granular traceability, which in turn reduces financial exposure to the farm should a recall become necessary. Accurate traceability reduces the quantity of fruit/vegetables in a recall, and therefore reduces the farms financial exposure. Best practice standards for farming such as BRC, GlobalGAP, ISO (and many more) are supported by the system, making audits less expensive, and compliance costs lower. The traceability systems in FarmSoft Farm Management ERP constitutes thousands of processes that are integrated throughout the entire system, forcing users to record correct traceability details at the correct time. FarmSoft Farm Management ERP minimizes the data capture and entry costs associated with traceability using various innovative techniques.



Traceability features

· Recall both up, and down the supply chain for as many steps as recorded data allows

· Traceability can start at the point of purchase order creation for inventory, or can start at the point of inventory application, providing the farm with a choice of which traceability model to implement, and greatly reducing paperwork and data entry

· Capture and archive (for rapid recall) all traceability records related to use of materials, employees, equipment – suitable for use with HACCP, GlobalGAP, BRC, FarmSafe, PTI , ISO9x and more…

· Optionally, materials and inventory can be issued with system generated Inventory ID labels which contain a unique Inventory Number that relates to the inventories traceability details. The Inventory Number can be recorded via a mobile device when used, or entered onto a task sheet for later entry; this method makes recording of inventory very rapid and accurate.

· Individual task Quality Check by QC officer, including time, officer, date, and notes

· PHI and re-entry alerts shown on screen

· Observation tasks can be tailored to record test results such as soil analysis, residue analysis, or organic test results

· Post Harvest Interval and re-entry settings can be defined for each material used in the business, allowing implementation of virtually all international standards for fruit and vegetable production


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Farm Traceability



FarmSoft Packhouse Management: FarmSoft Packhouse Manager delivers strict traceability management and control. FarmSoft Packhouse manager can become your complete traceability plan, food recall plan, product recall test, delivering everything needed for r