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Farm Management Software:  Tenacious Solutions Limited (TSL) is the leading provider of farm traceability and farm management software via the its flagship solution FarmSoft.  With a host of features including:


  • Automatic farm traceability
  • Crop costing
  • Farm budgets
  • Farm cost monitoring
  • Crop planning
  • Farm Inventory
  • Irrigation management
  • Farm monitoring
  • Farm certification support (GlobalGAP, BRC, HACCP, ISO)
  • Best practice enforcement
FarmSoft Farm Management ERP provides a comprehensive platform for both small farm traceability and medium to large farm management solutions.  With a concentration on farm management practices that are tailored to increase farm profit, farm traceability, and farm productivity, the solutions deliver better business management and higher profitiability for the farm.   Download the demonstration package



Packhouse Management Software: The FarmSoft Packhouse Manager software package delivers a comprehensive business wide management solution for the modern packhouse and fruit and vegetable pack shed.  Advanced features manage packhouse traceability, packhouse quality, and packhouse inventory and operations, including:


  • Packing operations
  • Packing management
  • Pack house inventory and pack shed inventory
  • Packhouse traceability
  • Packhouse standards and compliance support (BRC, HACCP, GlobalGAP, ISO)
  • Dispatch management and packhouse sales
  • Fruit and vegetable export management
  • Fruit sorting, fruit grading, fruit processing
  • Woks with any packhouse design
  • Produce traceability for PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative) and many other standards
  • Fruit tracking and advanced traceability systems
  • Packhouse support for mobile devices



Farm management and Packhouse management via the FarmSoft suite of farm and packhouse software solutions. ?Our specialty is increasing business profit, efficiency, reducing waste, increasing quality, and minimizing the cost of compliance and traceability