FarmSoft Traceability Code


End consumers are 80% more likely to choose fresh produce that has an open traceability policy over product that does not have open traceability. Allow customers or end consumers access traceability, quality, and product information simply by scanning a barcode or entering a code on phone or PC!  Apply the FarmSoft Traceability Codes to finished product and or consumer units.

Sharing your choice of supply chain information has never been easier.   Share your choice of information with customers, end consumers or both.  Use your choice of barcodes, code labels, or have the labels tailored to your specification.


Scan Consumer Unit Barcode

Traceability Code Fresh Produce


Scan Trade Unit Barcode

Fresh Produce labeling traceability


Enter Code from any Unit

FarmSoft Traceability Code Fruit Vegetable


Why use traceability sharing tools?

End consumers are 80% more likely to choose fresh produce that has an open traceability policy over product that does not have open traceability.  Truth is, very few consumers will ever lookup a traceability code, however, they want to know the option is available.  For your customers, instant access to quality control information can assist them in decision making processes and increases customer confidence and supply chain traceability.


How can users scan a barcode?

Its easy, they can use one of many dozens of free apps on their Apple, Android, or Blackberry phone – many users will already have these apps installed. Simply use an app like Google Goggles, Barcode Reader, Shop Savvy etc.  Once the barcode is read the information relating to the fresh produce is automatically shown to the user via a web page.  For example, try scanning the barcode below:

Produce Traceability QR Code


Who do I share the information with?

If you place labels on retail units, obviously only your customers will have access to the code.  If you place codes on consumer units, end users will also have access to your choice of traceability information.


What information can I share?

Turn on or off the following details:


  • You can write a few paragraphs about your company, quality, and produce. This will be shown at the start of all traceability results
  • Company Name
  • Company Logo
  • Produce, Variety
  • Traded Unit/Finished product name
  • Batch Number
  • Batch Pack Date
  • Land Origin
  • Weight & Measure
  • Country of Origin
  • Shipped on Pallet Number
  • Pallet Creation Date
  • Ship Date
  • Transport Company
  • Transport Reference
  • Invoice Number
  • Sales order Number
  • Customer Reference (from Sales Order)
  • Invoice Custom Field 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Quality Control Results


What labels can I use?

Use standard labels built into FarmSoft, or request a tailored label built to your exact specifications.  Labels can be virtually any shape and size, and contain any information you wish to show in human readable format or encoded into your chosen format of barcode.

Fresh Produce Traceability Online

See sample results above.  Solution available in most regions December 2011




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