Field to Packhouse



Streamline the harvest and fresh produce collection and delivery process


Barcodes, scanning, and harvest authorizations can be used to improve the fresh produce handling process, increase communication, and enforce accountability.



Field to pack shed scanning features

Parcels of land (fields) can have a large FarmSoft generated barcode applied to their entrance points in weatherproof sleeves

The Parcel barcode can be scanned (or snapped) by the harvest manager using a smartphone, tablet, or similar device (or can be recorded manually by entering the Parcel number into the mobile interface).  This process creates a Harvest Alert and lets the Packhouse know that harvesting of a particular variety from a particular area of land has commenced (this information is updated live on the Harvest Alerts screen in the Packhouse)

Goods harvested can have a tag placed inside the bins/totes (note that subsequent steps require FarmSoft Packhouse Manager)

When the produce reaches the Packhouse, the produce can have its tag scanned,  or the Harvest Alert selected, this will tell FarmSoft the exact origin of the goods and select all relevant information for the incoming goods.  Users can then enter the weight, quantity, and other optional details such as grade, class, size, color, storage location, temperature etc.  If the bins were not tagged prior to delivery, labels/tags can be easily printed during this step, they will be used to identify the produce during the Packhouse processes.

During packing the bins can be scanned to “add” them to a batch.  Automatic batch creation can be performed at this time, based on unique combinations of origin and packing date.


Variations of the above process are available, and can be tailored to suit individual business process requirements.  Talk to a FarmSoft consultant to discuss your opportunities.  Download full FarmSoft Pack Shed details from the top right of this page.

Field to packhouse traceability






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