Incoming Fresh Produce Management



Your opportunity for maximum traceability and efficiency starts here when the produce is delivered.

FarmSoft provides extensive management of incoming fresh produce & fruit/vegetables from the very moment it is delivered to the pack shed.  Comprehensive labeling, movement tracking, documentation, and registration of incoming produce is essential in creating a strong traceability audit trail.

Easily allocate traceability information for all inventories, allowing rapid recalls and traceability processes to meet the highest international food safety standards.  Simple stock-take processes ensure continual accuracy of stock-take information across the entire farm.




Incoming Fresh Produce Management


  • Receive fresh produce from your own farms, co-operative farmers, wholesalers, and importers/exporters – whilst maintaining the same high level of traceability regardless of the origin
  • Label all incoming fresh produce with  unique identifiers that incorporate human readable information such as supplier/origin, fruit & vegetable description, harvest date, delivery date, delivery company, initial storage location, plot/block/crop origins - apply Produce Traceability Initiative / PTI style labels and more...
  • Apply bar code labels (which include human readable information as above) to produce to increase the accuracy of inventory management
  • Record multiple levels of traceability, one up one down is the minimum, FarmSoft goes further and allows tracking of origin two levels down the supply chain (instead of just one level as is supported by other solutions), providing a truly unique extra level of traceability management
  • Describe product upon arrival, including quality, grade, color, size, and more.
  • Create your own “feature” types to describe the state of fresh produce
  • Generate receipts for delivery of produce
  • Associate deliveries with existing Purchase Orders
  • Assign ownership of incoming produce to customers (ie: if you are packing the goods on behalf of another company)
  • Manage fresh produce of any type, from fruit and vegetables, to seafood and other meats
  • Records the cost of incoming produce, or have it inherited from a Purchase Order
  • Easily assign incoming produce to storage areas, for long or short term storage
  • Incoming produce can be packed immediately, or stored for any period and packed to order when necessary
  • Track details of transport companies immediately upon delivery of fresh produce
  • Recording produce expiry dates
For full details of how your packhouse can improve fresh produce handling, profit, and traceability, download the demonstration materials available at the top right of this page.




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