Multi-Packhouse Compatible


Manage multiple packhouses using the one platform.  FarmSoft is a multi-site, multi-packhouse solution.  This allows an unlimited number of packhouses to operate FarmSoft for their Packhouse, in an almost “independent” manner.


Multi-Site, Multi-Packhouse features

  • Run an unlimited number of packhouses simultaneously and independently of each other
  • Each packhouse has its own warehouses and storage areas configured
  • Each packhouse maintains its own independent packing materials inventory
  • Each Packhouse maintains its own independent fresh produce, pallets, and finished product
  • Transfer produce, pallets, finished product, packing materials, and raw produce between packhouses
  • Reporting at each Packhouse will only reveal details from the Packhouse which the employee has permission to see
  • Easilly set standards across all packhouses via FarmSoft being the central administration point for setting operational variables
  • Senior management and administration can report over multiple packhouses simultaneously, or concentrate on one selected Packhouse for reporting purposes
  • Compare KPI’s across multiple packhouses


Download the demonstration materials and video from the top right of this page for more details.




FarmSoft Packhouse Management: FarmSoft Packhouse Manager delivers strict traceability management and control. FarmSoft Packhouse manager can become your complete traceability plan, food recall plan, product recall test, delivering everything needed for r