On Screen Alerts


Selected employees can receive on screen alerts for important issues.  For example, if inventory is put on “hold” because of a quality issue, the quality manager on duty will be alerted instantly on their screen of the incident, can immediately view all related details, and can take a corrective action.

Some packhouses must move inventory from one location to another at a specific time, this is important when moving goods in or out of ripening, gassing, or hydro cooler facilities.  The on screen alerts ensure the employee moves the correct inventory at the correct time, maximizing quality and minimizing waste.



Alerts for Quality and Produce Movement



  • Instant on screen alerts show automatically, the employee does not have to manually refresh the page
  • Click on the alert icon to view full details of all current alerts
  • Resolve alerts and record resolution notes, reasons, date, time, employees involved, and other important data
  • Search historical alerts
  • Re-activate resolved alerts
  • Supports unlimited variety temperature settings
  • Supports unlimited warehouse/location temperature ranges
  • Alerts generated automatically from the Quality Control module or can be created manually



Quality Control Alert Fresh Produce




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