Packhouse Traceability

Traceability is much more than applying a label to the packed fruit or vegetable.  FarmSoft delivers strict traceability for end to end food safety transparency.

FarmSoft Packhouse Management provides a strong platform for accurate recording of traceability records, via a variety of easy and logical methods.  Risk exposure to the pack shed is greatly reduced by having highly granular traceability, which in turn reduces financial exposure to the packhouse should a recall become necessary.  Accurate traceability reduces the quantity of fruit/vegetables in a recall,  and therefore reduces the businesses financial exposure.

Best practice standards for farming such as BRC, GlobalGAP, ISO, HACCP (and many more) are supported by the system, making audits less expensive, and compliance easier and less expensive.  The traceability systems in FarmSoft Packhouse Management constitutes thousands of processes that are integrated throughout the entire system, forcing users to record correct traceability details at the correct time.  FarmSoft Packhouse Management ERP minimizes the data capture and entry costs associated with traceability using various innovative techniques.

Pack sheds and packhouses are experiencing new levels of regulatory control in the pack shed and packhouse processes for fruit and vegetables.  Contemporary industrialised fruit and vegetable packing has become increasingly regulated over the past decade.  There are now literally hundreds of thousands of regulations world wide that relate to the Traceability and Food Safety of the production of fruit and vegetables for human consumption.

FarmSoft provides an easy to use Traceability Solution by integrating the worlds most common food safety and traceability practices into the every day operations management of the FarmSoft Packhouse Management solution.


FarmSoft Packhouse & Pack Shed Software manages every facet of traceability for the entire Packhouse and Pack Shed. Combine the TSL Packhouse & Pack Shed Software with FarmSoft Farm Management ERP to create seamless traceability from pre planting to post pack shed sales.

FarmSoft Packhouse & Pack Shed Software ensures that all fruit and vegetable (and other types of fresh produce) are labeled and traced upon arrival at the Packhouse or Pack Shed.

Fruit and vegetables can be barcoded upon delivery to the Packhouse (or labeled in the field if chosen) using a TSL Packhouse & Pack Shed Software barcode. The barcode will identify the fresh produce for its entire lifecycle ensuring strict adherence to traceability levels such as GlobalGAP, PTI – Produce Traceability Initiative, HACCP, ISO, BRC, FarmSafe, and more.

Produce is scanned when sorted in the pack shed, this ensures Packhouse and Pack Shed managers know where all produce is at all times, and are able to view the history of the movement of fruit and vegetables to trace any potential contamination points that may occur during the pack shed or Packhouse processes.

FarmSoft Packhouse & Pack Shed Software provides an extremely high level of traceability management and transparency; all the way to the individual piece of fruit if chosen. Traceability labels can be applied at many levels including:

  • Incoming produce
  • Sorted or Graded produce
  • Pallets
  • Packed Trade Units
  • Consumer Unit
  • Individual fruit/vegetable piece



FarmSoft Traceability Features


  • Recall both up, and down the supply chain for as many steps as recorded data allows.  Unlike other solutions, FarmSoft allows multiple levels of origin to be recorded for fresh produce
  • Traceability can start at the point of purchase order creation for inventory, or can start at the point delivery of produce from a supplier, or all the way back on the farm – before planting has taken place (if you are using FarmSoft Farm Management ERP), providing the packhouse with a choice of which traceability model to implement, and greatly reducing paperwork and data entry
  • Capture and archive (for rapid recall) all traceability records related to use of materials, employees, equipment – suitable for use with HACCP, GlobalGAP, BRC, FarmSafe, PTI , ISO9x and more…
  • Materials and inventory can be issued with system generated Inventory ID labels which contain a unique Inventory Number that relates to the inventories traceability details.  The Inventory Number can be recorded via a mobile device when used, or entered onto a task sheet for later entry; this method makes recording of inventory very rapid and accurate.
  • Individual task Quality Check by QC officer, including time, officer, date, and notes
  • The FarmSoft system will reject delivery of produce that is still within a PHI/Pre Harvest Interval or withholding period.


For full details on FarmSoft and packhouse traceability, download the documents from top right of this page.



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