Packhouse Mobile Inventory


Use FarmSoft's packhouse management tools on virtually any device; control batches, inventory, quality control, and more.  Modern packhouses are busy, hectic, environments.  Carrying your business management system in your pocket can save a lot of time for employees.

Manipulate inventory, move fresh produce, add produce to a batch, consign, sell, and ship, all from a PDA, smartphone, tablet, or touch screen.

Improve packhouse and pack shed efficiency with new pack shed software solutions from TSL.  FarmSoft Packhouse Management & Pack Shed Software includes an optional module that allows the creation of bar codes that can be applied to all inventory ( fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, grain silos, batches of fish etc ).


Packhouse PDA Software

The bar code's can be scanned using almost any hand held scanning device to perform inventory and traceability management, stock control, stock take, and sales and dispatch functions such as;

  • Generate Stock Labels
  • Use PDA to move stock locations
  • Scan stock for identification
  • Mange all stock traceability via PDA
  • Generate Stock Receipts
  • Record Bin Numbers
  • Collect picker/harvester data via PDA upon stock arrival
  • Pay pickers/harvesters according to the volume they have harvested
  • Analyse picker/harvester performance
  • Maintain traceability to the specific picker for a unit that is packed in the field
  • View stock handling history
  • View incoming stock summary
  • View remaining stock to pack
  • Collect yield data automatically when scanning in produce
  • Collect weight, temperature and other important information
  • Specify the storage location for individual units or groups of stock containers
  • Print to mobile devices using cloud print services
You can even use devices such as an iPhone or Android smartphone to control stock, instead of scanning you will enter (short) bar-code numbers into the software.  This feature is especially useful for businesses where no bar-code scanning equipment is available.   The main packhouse software is based around a web interface, and therefore will work on virtually any device; however, if you wish to read barcodes you must install a small module (available free of charge) that will allow barcode scanning and insert scanned barcodes into the FarmSoft Mobile Packhouse & Pack Shed Software interface automatically.
Mobile Packhouse Inventory Features
  • Perform stock takes & view stock take information
  • Lookup inventory or pallet information (manually enter inventory/pallet number, or scan the barcode)
  • Move and manipulate pallets and inventory
  • Edit and create new inventory such as incoming produce into the Packhouse
  • Split inventory into multiple lots
  • Grade, sort, and otherwise tag the status of inventory
  • Build orders (by scanning barcodes on inventory and pallets or by manually entering their numbers)
  • Dispatch and ship pallets
  • Create invoices
  • View Sales Orders
  • View suggested inventory to fill Sales Orders
  • Access essential packhouse reports (great for remote monitoring of packhouses)
  • Suitable for use on smartphones (with minimum 3.5 inch screen) and all tablets and touch screen devices
  • Notebook and notepad devices can also easily and effectively use the PC interface via a mobile connection
  • Mobile access requires a data connection on your device
Sample devices supported
  • PDA’s from Symbol, Datalogic
  • Motorola Mobile Scanning devices and industrial smartphone models
  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPad
  • Android smartphone
  • Android tablet
  • HTC Smartphones (Windows & Android)
  • Blackberry (smartphones & tablets)
  • PC Based touch screens & small notebooks and notepads
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FarmSoft Packhouse Management: Batch Packing Management - Batch based management of packing produces carton level traceability for all fresh produce packed in the pack shed. Plan packing work, and assign materials to each batch.