Packing Batch Management


Easy, batch based packing allows ad-hoc and pack to order processes.

Batches become the central traceability point for all produce leaving the Packhouse.  Easily create new batches and rapidly add materials and fresh produce.

Many solutions will not allow you to mix multiple varieties in one batch, of course, FarmSoft handles this with ease.  Many solutions can’t handle one batch containing produce from multiple sources (even multiple external suppliers), FarmSoft also handles this with ease.



Incoming Fresh Produce Management


  • Create unlimited batches, with inputs such as fresh produce, packing materials, and any other inventory
  • Optional automatic batch creation triggered by scanning raw produce, automatically creates another batch when the origin of scanned produce changes
  • Full traceability of all batch inputs
  • Product processed in a batch can be re-used in another (or unlimited) batches
  • Batch progress management
  • Assign clients to a batch
  • Assign multiple Sales Order Items to a batch, creating batch work orders & instructions
  • Assign managers, and inventory managers to batches
  • Mix unlimited sources of produce (ie: from your farm, external suppliers, co-operative growers) into one batch whilst maintaining traceability
  • Mix unlimited varieties (and even different produce types, eg: leafy lettuce and spinaches to make a salad mix) in one batch whilst maintaining full traceability
  • Easy to access based reporting, analysis and KPI’s
  • Bill/Invoice co-operative customers and packing customers for packing services on a batch by batch basis
  • Assign labor & materials to batch costs
  • Report on batch costs


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FarmSoft Packhouse Management: Packhouse Traceability - FarmSoft?s thousands of built in processes bring bullet proof traceability to your pack shed, from the moment fresh produce arrives or is ordered (or even prior to planting if you are using FarmSoft