Temperature Zone Control

Easily enforce storage of fresh produce at the correct temperature. Ensuring the correct handling and storage of fresh produce is an important factor in packing the highest quality produce, and ensuring the quality of produce is maintained according to the required quality and management specifications.


Temperature Zone Control features

  • Specify the minimum and maximum temperature of each cool room, warehouse, storage location, chilling equipment, hydro-cooler
  • Specify the temperature at which each variety of produce must be stored during the Packhouse processes
  • Employees receive on-screen alerts when they attempt to store produce in a location that doesn’t match the temperature requirements of the produce
  • Alerts are generated whenever inventory or pallets are created, edited, saved, or moved
  • Supports unlimited variety temperature settings
  • Supports unlimited warehouse/location temperature ranges


Download the demonstration materials and video from the top right of this page for more details.



FarmSoft Packhouse Management: Batch Packing Management - Batch based management of packing produces carton level traceability for all fresh produce packed in the pack shed. Plan packing work, and assign materials to each batch.