Small Farm Traceability Essentials


FarmSoft Small Farm Traceability provides the essential tools for small farms to meet high food safety standards and maintain international certifications easily.


FarmSoft Small Farm Traceability concentrates on traceability, best practices, and basic farm management. The solution is available in 50 different languages, allowing easy implementation regardless of the country or region.

FarmSoft Small Farm Traceability solution delivers a rapidly deployable and easily configured basic farm management system at an extremely competitive price with solid support & training partners in dozens of countries.

This solution is permanently limited to a maximum of one concurrent user, and is therefore not suitable for use in medium and large farms. Note that this product is available in selected regions only.


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Benefits awaiting your farm…

Best practices increase productivity and can be enforced in all production processes, even over multiple farms using different standards producing different varieties of fruit and vegetables

Pass audits with ease by having farm wide traceability and operations information, at your fingertips in a useful format; at all times

Reduce farm wide risk by guaranteeing easy to record and highly accurate traceability systems

Reduced material & labor costs are a direct result of accurate capture & monitoring of employee labor, and inventory management

Reduced compliance costs result from standards enforcing processes that form the core of TSL Farm Management ERP

Better support from agronomists by allowing remote monitoring of farming activities (you choose what information to share)

Minimize material waste and shrinkage via easy to use inventory management processes that incorporate traceability processes

Identify opportunities & eliminate problems through easy to understand comprehensive KPI reporting and monitoring

Improve communication between farming teams via accurate task management tools, alert systems, and printing tasks.

Reduced administration costs resulting from easy collection and reporting of costs and traceability information

Stop employees from forgetting PHI & re-entry periods by automatic (configurable) alerts and critical stops in task management systems


Download the FarmSoft Small Farm Traceability brochure now.







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