More traceability, less waste

fresh produce traceability & recalls

Rapid traceability up and down the supply chain

traceability & recalls

Instant recalls and accurate traceability for fresh produce packers, processors, and wholesalers.


Traceability & recalls

Makes fresh inventory food safety compliance & audits easy.

Instant recalls using any of these recall methods: invoice number, inventory number, order number, pallet number, delivery date, customer name, storage location, pack date.

 For other food items, the introduction of the traceability system is not currently required but rather the responsibility of each food business operators traceability management. In this atmosphere of voluntary compliance, ensuring traceability within individual food businesses has steadily advanced. For example, keeping records of primary production stage during cultivation, breeding, and identification and linking of raw materials and products at the processing stage have become more common. 
Fresh produce traceability & recalls