Batch management

* Manage & monitor batch costs with the ability to capture labor costs, transport, packing material cost, and fresh produce costs.

*  Batch level traceability allows recalls both up and down the supply chain, all batch inputs have their traceability details captured, making the Batch Number an easy to use traceability key

*  Monitor batch outputs, and batch waste.  If waste exceeds a pre-determined percent, an email alert containing the Batch Recall report is sent to management showing the inputs, outputs, and waste levels.  

Solution specifications:        Post Harvest        Farm Mangement       Español

Batch costs

Track and analyze batch costs, cost per unit, cost per lb/kg, employee costs, and materials.

Batch traceability

Instant fresh produce traceability both up and down the supply chain. 

Batch alerts

Management teams can be sent alerts if waste exceeds your pre-determined percent.

Solution specifications:        Post Harvest        Farm Mangement       Español