Interactive dashboards provide critical details for each business division

* PACKHOUSE DASHBOARD:  View packing progress for the current day, total product packed, total deliveries, total batches processed, daily packing costs, shipmnets sent

*  SALES DASHBOARD:  Total product on order, customer breakdown of each order, total inventory on hand to fill existing orders, balance of inventory that must be packed to fill current open orders, total inventory that is on hand but not on order

*  DISPATCH DASHBOARD:  View order details by dispatch date, view/selected color coded transport provider or truck, specify loading order for multiple deliveries on an individual truck, print dispatch documentation

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Packhouse dashboard

Stay informed across the entire packing and sales operation from one easy to use dashboard.

Sales dashboard

For marketrs and sales teams to rapidly see a sales position and inventory snapshot.

Dispatch dashboard

Helps dispatch teams plan and manage each order to ensure timely deliveries.