Fruit & vegetable packing app: sort, grade, wash, and pack fresh produce, mixed salads, and more with farmsoft fruit packing app

Fruit & vegetable packing app:
Increase profit & reduce waste now!


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99% less fresh produce packing waste

Accurate fresh produce & food inventory management reduces waste through better FIFO stock rotation, stock-takes, and inventory alerts. RFID pallet control (optional) for precision inventory tracking. 

Save time packing fruit & vegetables

Increase the efficiency of fresh produce inventory using options like scanning incoming bar-codes to reduce data entry & errors, integrate with scales for automatic weighing, ore RFID for automatic fresh produce inventory tracking.

Better fresh produce quality control

Guarantee the quality of your fresh produce packing with flexible fresh QC testing systems from your phone or tablet. Customer feedback management, supplier quality control and more...

Reduce fresh produce packing errors & control production

Project required inventory (and shortages), schedule orders to be packed in batches , automatic alerts to prodution line managers.

100% accurate fresh produce order shipping

Shipping teams are guided through the dispatch process from picking using a phone or tablet (optional bar-code scanning), automatic picking, thru bill of lading, invoice, and automatic shipping notifications for customers, transport, and sales teams.

Reduce fresh produce packing administration costs by 40%

Automatic generation of fresh produce labels, bill of lading, invoice, picking documents and more; reduces administrative burden.

Easy audit & recall systems reduces compliance costs.

Faster fresh produce inventory storage  inventory

Accurate fresh produce & food inventory management delivers reduced waste and increased employee productivity. Manage FIFO, improve stock-take accuracy, scan harvester data, and keep a watchful eye on your inventory... Easy stock-take identifies shrinkage and helps reduce waste from ageing. 

100% accurate fresh produce traceability

Maintain strict fresh produce traceability and high food safety standards always. Perform recalls based on lot/batch, pack date, invoice #, inventory #, pallet #, delivery date, purchase order #, or perform a recall on your own user defined data. Perform instant recalls both up and down the supply chain. Makes audits easy and instant. COVID-19 food safety & auditing available. 

Reduce fresh produce waste by 99%

Inventory control ensures there is no 'shrinkage', food inventory is FIFO managed, and expiring inventory always monitored.

Reduce administration time by 60%

Automatic paperwork, labels, and reporting reduces the burden on administration teams and saves everyone's time.

Better fresh produce quality now

Quality control and food safety has never been easier with industry standard quality tests, food safety checklists; or configure your own tests. 

100% accurate orders!

Guarantee only the correct inventory is shipped for each order, on time, every time.

Fruit & vegetable packing app:

Farmsoft fresh produce packing app is for fruit & vegetable packer, processor, import/export.  Full fresh produce traceability, auditing, inventory control, and fresh produce business management app.

Quality inspection for fresh produce

Consistent and accurate quality control ensures higher customer satisfaction and adherence to industry, de-facto, and in-house quality control standards. Track supplier quality performance, customer feedback & complaints, create QC tests for any part of the fresh produce & food manufacturing process (incoming goods, raw materials, finished goods, expiry test, export/shipping tests), daily factory hygiene, machinery calibration, employee checklists... 

Fresh produce logistics

Manage orders, pack to order, picking and auto picking, dispatch & shipping process. Generate invoices, bill of lading, pick slips, export documentation and other sales documents... Dispatch teams are guided through the dispatch process ensuring every order is filled perfectly, and on time. Paperwork such as BOL, freight documents, export documents are automatically generated based on the customer and destination to guarantee no rejected shipments or issues at borders.

Fresh produce labels

Generate fresh produce SSCC pallet labels, GS1 case & PTI labels, bin labels, batch labels, traded unit labels, harvest labels and more. Use the built in industry standard labels for Walmart, Woolworths, Aldi, Tesco, Loblaws etc - or design your own with the built in label & report designer. Our team can design all of your fresh produce documents to ensure farmsoft matches your requirements perfectly.

Fresh produce packing control

Sales, Quality, Profit, Dispatch, Pack, Farm...... Dashboards for sales teams provide instant impressions of customer orders and current inventory levels. The dispatch dashboard helps plan shipments, order of loading, and transport companies & drivers... The Profit analysis dashboard shows margins per unit and most profitable customers. Use our API to access your data however you like.

Fresh produce batch packing

Project required raw materials needed to pack/manufacture orders, potential shortages, schedule multiple orders to be packed in batches on selected production lines with a few clicks, automatically send new job alerts to managers, schedule additional harvests, analyze outstanding orders. Manage entire packing and manufacturing process with ease.

Fresh produce alerts monitoring

Automatic alerts for shipments can be sent to customers, transport providers, or even team members. Every time a batch is finished processing, receive an alert with the pack-out breakdown and percentages of grades & quality and waste. Alerts can include simple shipment notifications, or even invoices and original order details. Other alerts include order changes/modifications, yield reports, new order alerts, and low inventory alerts... 

Farm app option

Implement the farmsoft Farm Management suite to provide a comprehensive integrated business management solution from seed to plate. Includes automatic task management, best practices, budgeting, farm inventory, PHI enforcement, audits, residue reporting, USDA reporting, dashboards, recalls and more... 

Fresh produce supplier quality control

Suppliers must know that your business is measuring and tracking their performance. Any trends that effect the quality of fresh produce can be quickly detected, automatically traced back to the fresh produce supplier (especially if a result of a customer complaint / feedback), management and purchasing teams are automatically alerted when a supplier quality issue happens. Quantify your suppliers quality using the Supplier Quality Dashboard. 

Fresh produce finance apps

Share data with your Xero finance app, Quickbooks, MYOB, SAGE, using our API, or request our team perform a custom integration for your fresh produce company. This is an optional module, please ask your consultant for additional details and discuss your specific requirements, additional costs will apply for integration with your chosen finance app. 

Fresh produce RFID

Automatic tracking of each pallet’s exact location. Makes loading orders accurate and easy, stops errors during shipping. Very low costs to setup your hardware using farmsoft’s innovative RFID for fresh produce solution. Pallets put onto truck are auto added to order, and checked for accuracy. Pick up a pallet and its RFID instantly selected. Add pallet/bin to production line and its auto added to batch for traceability.

Fresh produce API

Integrate with virtually any other app or software solution using the farmsoft API. It's open! Anyone can use it. Your in house I.T. team, or any external I.T. vendor you want to help you with integration. Add your own reports, extract special data, or even create new interfaces between farmsoft and any app such as accounting, payroll, B2B, B2C. Other integration in farmsoft includes the ability to integrate with selected weigh scales to capture fresh produce net delivery weights.

Fresh produce bloch-chain

Increase customer confidence and prove the credentials of your traceability integrity and transparency with block-chain ledger technology.   We use the blockchain solution. (Optional module not included with standard Packing / Food Manufacturing ERP solution).

Improve fresh produce production planning

Efficient management customer orders, and the ability to analyze orders gives you new production planning tolls in farmsoft. Ensure each order is filled to exact specifications, on time, every time. Increase customer satisfaction and retention, and reduce stress in the packhouse with confident production planning using work orders/batch orders, sales contracts, sales orders, and sales order items. Are you manufactruing or processing chili products? Try farmsoft for chili processing. 

Accurate fresh produce traceability

Quality officers are guided through the quality control process, presented with images and instructions for each test, ensuring they know what to look for at all times, corrective actions are presented if a quality issue is detected. This makes training new fresh produce quality control officers fast, and ensures consistency in the quality control management processes for incoming fresh produce, post pack/post processing, storage, and dispatch. 

Efficient use of fresh produce cold stores

Maximize your cold store use and rotation of stock using farmsoft's pallet maps, and precision traceability tracking with expiring inventory reminders.
Cold store management software for fruit importers, exporters, packers, cross docking, and short and long term fruit storage.

Fruit & vegetable packing app:

The farmsoft inventory control app provides business wide quality management inspection systems for fresh produce, food manufacturing, seed processing, meat packing & processing, and flower packing.

Supply Chain Planning in the food industry fresh produce

Supply Chain Planning in the food industry using the Producepak app is easy.  Supply Chain Planning in the food industry fresh produce
Thrive in a climate of stricter regulatory burdens, increased demand for sustainability and new e-commerce expectations. Plan and execute your operating strategy based on a clear view of your global supply chain.

Harvest the benefits of advanced capabilities.
Global food and beverage (F&B) supply chains are complex and undergoing rapid change, forcing companies to recognize the need for comprehensive digital planning. The Digital Supply Chain Platform provides advanced supply chain optimization coupled with extensive flexibility for a wide variety of F&B sectors, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and packaged and perishable foods.
Embrace demand forecasting
Accurate forecasting helps food and beverage companies optimize their production efficiency, reduce inventory costs, improve distribution and streamline purchasing. 
Implement predictive scheduling
Even without supply chain volatility, companies need to use automation and analytics to optimize production schedules.
Improve visibility
F&B companies need an accurate, complete digital picture of their operations in order to diversify suppliers and respond to challenges.
Achieve low-cost compliance
Navigate a more stringent regulatory landscape that places a premium on digital chain of custody, reporting and documentation.
Streamline and align S&OP
Turn S&OP and strategic planning into a formal comprehensive process with integrated business planning (IBP).
The future of supply chain technology for the food and beverage industry is available now.
Logic supplies the visibility and capabilities to succeed in this fast-moving sector with unique and significant challenges.
Optimize Production
Develop manufacturing plans that deliver least cost and least change, both within inventory limits.
Potato packing: We understand your businesses and have been supporting potato packing businesses since 2001.
Manage the entire potato packing process from delivery, processing (sizing, sorting, French fries manufacture, grading and packing) thru to to sales, dispatch, and traceability & recall.
Potato packing app manages potato deliveries, washing, sorting, packing, and potato sales (bulk and packed bags). Deduct tare of potato deliveries, pack potatoes to order, and manage potato logistics...

Potato packing by farmsoft for less waste and better potato traceability in potato packing & processing space.
Manage potato packing process for any packaging type including net bags, jute bags, film bags, woven bags, paper bags, trays, transport packaging and FIBC’s / Big Bags, 1 ton totes and more.
Potato packing process:
The farmsoft solution supports many potato packing processes and can be configured to support any potato packing business. Here is an example process used in farmsoft potato packing:
Create Purchase Orders to order raw materials (potato), or receive potato deliveries from your own farms without needing an order (if the potatoes are coming from your own farm, optionally issue barcodes to give to harvesting teams or potato truck driver, this barcode can be scanned and will identify a potato delivery upon arrival at the potato packing facility).
Record your customers potato orders (optionally allow customers to order potatoes online using the shop, or B2B portal)
Receive bulk potato deliveries (eg: entire truck load of potatoes, not bagged or packed in any way) and store in silos or bags, traceability is fully maintained from the instant you receive the potato inventory.

Carrot packing processing solution reduces waste, enhances traceability inventory control sales traceability by farmsoft reduces waste and increases productivity in carrot packing.  Carrot packing & processing, grading, sorting, sizing, washing, inventory, QC by farmsoft reduces waste and increases productivity in carrot packing and processing industry.
Farmsoft delivers reduced waste in the carrot packing traceability & quality control, processing, storage, distribution phases. By enforcing best practices, FIFO, inventory expiry monitoring, and easy stock takes to minimize waste and maximize packing profit. Use bar-code managed inventory, labeling, 3D pallet storage, to help reduce waste.
carrot packing processing washing waste traceability
carrot packing processing washing waste traceability
Conduct recalls in seconds, with full confidence of accuracy and reliability. Minimize risk by ensuring accurate traceability is automatically captured. Pass audits with ease & reduce compliance costs using farmsoft's traceability guidelines. Trace fresh produce up and down the supply chain, over multiple traceability hops. Instantly produce farm records and any other farm traceability records if you optionally use our farm solution.

Minimize your administration costs with automatic paperwork generation. Ensure accuracy of paperwork by having necessary documentation (invoice formats, export documents, transport documents etc) automatically generated based on the needs of the specific customer - ensuring timely and accurate documentation. No more rejected orders because of bad documentation accompanying a shipment. Food traceability software made easy!

Broccoli packing & processing inventory control sales traceability by farmsoft reduces waste and increases productivity in broccoli packing.   Broccoli packing & processing, inventory QC traceability by farmsoft reduces waste and increases productivity in broccoli packing businesses.
Farmsoft delivers reduced waste in the broccoli packing traceability & quality control, processing, storage, distribution phases. By enforcing best practices, FIFO, inventory expiry monitoring, and easy stock takes to minimize waste and maximize packing profit. Use bar-code managed inventory, labeling, 3D pallet storage, to help reduce waste.
Broccoli packing processing inventory control sales traceability
Broccoli packing processing inventory control sales traceability
Conduct recalls in seconds, with full confidence of accuracy and reliability. Minimize risk by ensuring accurate traceability is automatically captured. Pass audits with ease & reduce compliance costs using farmsoft's traceability guidelines. Trace fresh produce up and down the supply chain, over multiple traceability hops. Instantly produce farm records and any other farm traceability records if you optionally use our farm solution.

Broccoli packing & processing, food service business management software for improved food safety & reduced waste. Broccoli packing & processing, inventory QC traceability by farmsoft reduces waste and increases productivity in broccoli packing businesses.

Onion packing & processing storage and sales quality by farmsoft reduces waste and increases productivity in the onion packing space.

Onion packing & processing, boxing, bagging, food service, and inventory QC traceability by farmsoft reduces waste and increases productivity in the onion packing & processing industry
Farmsoft delivers reduced waste in the onion packing traceability & quality control, processing, storage, distribution phases. By enforcing best practices, FIFO, inventory expiry monitoring, and easy stock takes to minimize waste and maximize packing profit. Use bar-code managed inventory, labeling, 3D pallet storage, to help reduce waste. Use farmsoft to process, grade, sort, pack, and value add for any onion type including red onion, white onion, pickle onions, processing onions, brown onion and more.   “Delivering value to the onion industry through increased production, cost reductions and improved product quality”
While everyone is going through unprecedented times and situations, Elisam (powered by Ellips onion grading and sorting technology) continues to expand its customer base by delivering proven value to the North American onion industry.

Walla Walla River Packing, Madison-Cox and Obendorf Farms all installed Elisam onion graders for the 2019/2020 season with the ultimate goal of being able to better serve their customers. With their packing seasons now complete, they are able to look back and assess how their investments helped improve their operational performance. As might be expected, each situation is slightly different, despite this, however, they all achieved significant benefits such as increased production, cost reductions and improved quality. This helped these companies pack their onions to their fullest potential. Ellips grading and sorting technology is now being utilized by 13 onion packers in the Pacific Northwest and over 25 across North America.

Berry packing & processing inventory QC traceability by farmsoft reduces waste and increases productivity.

Berry packing & processing inventory QC traceability by farmsoft reduces waste and increases productivity
Farmsoft delivers opportunities to reduce waste during the berry packing traceability & quality control, processing, storage, distribution phases. By enforcing best practices, FIFO (when practical), inventory expiry monitoring, and easy stock takes to minimize waste and maximize packing profit. Use bar-code managed inventory, labeling, 3D pallet storage, to help reduce waste. Use farmsoft with blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, goji berries, bilberries, acai berries, cranberries, grapes, raspberries, and more...  The 4th International Berry Congress, held in Huelva, Spain, has been the stage chosen by Induser to showcase its new technologies and products developed last year, but also to predict where they will be heading in the short and medium term.

"We are constantly studying the global trends in the sector and using this information to predict how we believe the production and the packaging solutions will evolve." Events like the International Berry Congress are perfect occasions to get to know the opinions of everyone involved in the sector, taking them into account for our plans as well," explains Pedro Martínez, of Induser.

Potato packing by farmsoft for less waste and better potato traceability in potato packing & processing space.

Potato packing by farmsoft for less waste and better potato traceability in potato packing & processing space.

Manage the entire potato packing process from delivery, processing (sizing, sorting, french fries manufacture, grading) thru to to sales, dispatch, and traceability & recall.

Market Report Austria, KW 13:
'Breather for potato packing companies, increasing onion exports'
The situation on the Austrian market for table potatoes has settled again after the extremely turbulent past weeks. Many households are now well stocked with food. Sales in the food retail trade have declined accordingly in recent days. In any case, the catering and wholesale trade has been almost at a standstill since the beginning of last week. Exports are also still not an issue. Uncertainty in view of the recent sales slackness does not arise however in the industry. Inventories are now quite manageable and should be sufficient for domestic supplies until the start of the early potato season. Farmers are also still willing to sell.

There is no change in prices compared to the previous week. In Lower Austria at the beginning of the week a price range of 22 to 28 Euro/100 kg depending on variety and quality was mentioned, whereby 25 Euro/100 kg are usually paid for wireworm-free, small packable premium goods with AMA quality seal. Prices of up to 32 Euro/100 kg were reported from Upper Austria. However, only very manageable quantities are available here.

Melon packing software for packers & processors, traceability, inventory, quality.  Melon packing & processing

Farmsoft delivers opportunities to reduce waste during the melon packing traceability & quality control, processing, storage, distribution phases. By enforcing best practices, FIFO (when practical), inventory expiry monitoring, and easy stock takes to minimize waste and maximize packing profit. Use bar-code managed inventory, labeling, 3D pallet storage, to help reduce waste.

Melon producer expands into juice and fresh-cut fruit
Savor Fresh Farms announces the addition of two product line extensions to their Kiss Melon program. Starting mid-June, Savor Fresh will offer both cold-pressed juice as well as fresh-cut melons.
Over the past several years, Savor Fresh Farms endeavored to broaden their Kiss Melon program. “We want to reach beyond the whole-melon category” says Milas Russell III, President of Savor Fresh Farms. The desire to expand led Savor Fresh to pursue a strategic mission to differentiate. After speaking with consumers, Savor Fresh landed on cold-pressed juice and fresh-cut fruit.
“Although the juice and fresh-cut categories are well supplied, our research suggests there is opportunity with Kiss Melons to create a niche,” says Mr. Russell “Consumers consistently demand great flavor and we are able to leverage our already recognized brand.”
The cold-pressed juice debuts with four main flavors, all created to highlight each Kiss melon variety. “Our goal is to create flavors that complement our melons,” states Patrinka Crammond, Retail Program Director at Savor Fresh. Each flavor has been carefully crafted so that consumers have a multi-level tasting experience.”

Mango packing & mango processing quality control software streamlines packing operations, guides employees to use best food handling practices, increases traceability, and reduces fruit waste.   Mango packing solution guides employees to use best mango handling practices to enhance traceability, reduce mango waste during mango processing, mango product manufacturing, and mango packing.

The farmsoft team has released a suite of Mango packing software solutions for processing, sorting, and grading of avocado and avocado value added manufacturing. The farmsoft Mango Packing solution is designed for all sizes of pack-houses and pack sheds, and includes extensive quality control solutions based on mango quality requirements.
Additional features for mango packers also include specific labeling requirements, with special label compliance for Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada, Africa, Turkey, Egypt with and PTI, CanGAP, EuroGAP, and more. Contact us to find out more about avocado farming, and avocado processing today.
Fruit Jungle Organics - Northern Territory Mangoes
"Our goal is to develop the certified organic market segments and increase our plantings for our brand."
A Northern Territory mango grower is hopeful that some late-flowering might help increase this season's crop size.
Harvesting begun at some farms in Darwin in early July, with small volumes sent to market, to date. The owner of Fruit Jungle Organics, in Humpty Doo, Darren Hill says mango production in the Territory is looking like it may be down, but it is early days.
"If you were to go by what has set on trees currently, I would say the NT crop is down," he said. "But in saying this, there is a big flower pushing around the NT currently and it is late. If this makes it through the hotter weather, then it will be a big season."

Co-operative fresh produce packing solutions from farmsoft help you increase traceability, reduce waste, and increase accountability.   Co-operative fresh produce packing
mange the entire co-op packing process – a software solution designed specifically for cooperative fresh produce packing.

Co-operative fresh produce packing is made easy with the farmsoft Post Harvest traceability and packing solution. Easily manage the entire fresh produce handling process. Designed specifically for co-operative fresh produce packing, sales, quality control, invoicing, dispatch, export and importers. Manage fresh produce that belongs to an unlimited number of co-operative growers or farmers. Ensure easy and accurate accountability of co-operative members fresh produce. Present co-operative members with details reports that analyze the break down of their pack-out and quality for each delivery.
for enterprise
For medium to large co-operative fresh produce packing companies that need complete traceability, inventory accountability, quality – implement farmsoft Post Harvest Enterprise edition. Dedicated solution consultants that have deployed multiple co-operative fresh produce packing solutions world wide will guide your company through the implementation process in no time at all. Access money saving features such as Co-Operative Container Management to ensure maximum accountability of totes, RPCs, lugs, and other fresh produce containers. Comprehensive and easy to use quality control helps co-operative members understand the quality of the fresh produce they supply and areas for improvement. Issue detailed returns with charts and graphs to explain what was packed, quality, grade, waste, and delivery details. Includes functionality excluded from the Small business edition (see comparison here). Post Harvest Enterprise farmsoft can be installed on your own server or accessed from the cloud – your choice.
Full support, full training, all features & benefits included.
co-operative fresh produce packing
Co-operative fresh produce packing solutions
co-operative fresh produce packing
Co-operative fresh produce packing solutions
farmsoft post harvest traceability solutions deliver real world benefits:
>> Make administration easy
>> Consistent quality control
>> Improve dispatch accuracy
>> Reduce waste
>> Easy and accurate traceability
>> Reduce compliance costs
>> Improve production planning
Choose how farmsoft co-operative fresh produce packing solutions will work in your business.

Fruit packing system

Fruit packing system makes traceability simple, and reduces administration costs and post harvest losses.

The farmsoft Fruit Packing System manages day to day operations of medium to large fruit and vegetable packing businesses. The solution delivers extensive benefits including making compliance easier, enforcing consistent quality control, and giving management more accurate reporting. The farmsoft Fruit packing system delivers total business management solutions for fresh produce processors and marketers. Talk to a farmsoft consultant today to discuss how your fruit packing system will make doing business easier. Farmsoft is available in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey and other regions (Please inquire).
Farmsoft Fruit packing system turbocharges packing operations. Fruit packing system farmsoft Fruit packing system brings together all parts of the fruit and vegetable packing business, resulting in better planning, better reporting, and better monitoring.
Through better planning, customer orders are filled on time, with the correct fresh produce of the correct specifications. Better reporting allows management to identify potential for improvement in areas such as employee performance, quality control, fresh produce waste, inventory management, and customer satisfaction. Better monitoring allows management to take rapid corrective actions before an issue becomes costly to the business.
In addition to the above benefits, farmsoft Fruit Packing Systems also reduce overall financial risk exposure in the event of a recall – by making the recall as small as possible, the cost to the business in the unlikely event of a recall is greatly reduced. Potentially, saving the business tens of thousands of dollars (or more if current systems used are manual).
The farmsoft Fruit Packing System quality control modules ensure that quality testing is standardized and consistent across the entire business, across multiple sites, multiple employees, and multiple product lines. This results in less waste by avoiding incorrect categorization of fresh produce, and better customer confidence in the quality and consistency of your fresh produce.

Farmsoft Fruit packing system make employee management easy by capturing the labor in the pack shed. Labor can be captured using time-sheets, or by scanning bar codes during the packing process. This information can later be exported to your chosen financial or payroll solution.

Packhouse processing software for easy management of fruit and vegetable processing and packing. For medium to large packers, importers, exporters of fresh produce.  Packhouse processing software for fruit and vegetables to increase profit, reduce waste, manage quality, traceability, inventory, international standards.
Ensuring accurate traceability and minimizing paperwork in the fresh produce industry is a challenge. To answer these challenges, farmsoft packhouse processing software provides a complete business management solution for fresh produce processors and marketers.

Automated pre-sizing process in water and automated robotic packing
Since the 1980s, Maf Roda Agrobotic has largely contributed to the evolution of the fresh fruit and vegetables grading sector by bringing grading machines from mechanical to electronic and automated systems. Maf Roda Agrobotic has also developed the process of pre-sizing in water, allowing its customers to work in two stages with their products for better control of their stocks, cost reduction of their packaging and ensuring them a higher reactivity in response to market orders.
Packhouse Processing
Packhouse Processing
But pre-sizing also has a major asset in its modus operandi: it is automated upon entry of products in the packhouse, with bins being emptied with raw products picked in orchards and with no manipulation of the fruits by operators. The constitution of batches of defined categories is carried out gently and without hand contact, the fruits are transferred in water channels and automatically sent to new bins, automatically cleaned by a bin washer from our range, for their storage in cold-rooms before their packaging according to the received orders.  

For the pre-sizing in water process, Maf Roda Agrobotic has been designing and producing water treatment and filtration systems for years, this year with new high performance solutions to fight against possible bacteria and viruses that may come from apples or orchards. Water used to convey apples goes through treatment and filtration units which use UV combined with hydrogen peroxide to remove pesticide residues, then through a disinfection process with chlorine dioxide to allow the water to be preserved without bacteria and viruses. These treatment and filtration units thus maintain conveying water with a quality close to that of drinking water. These solutions also have the advantage of operating with reduced water consumption and of presenting no rejects harmful to the environment.

Software solution to manage mixed salad loose leaf lettuce packing, > Reduce Mixed salad loose leaf lettuce packing waste, improve mixed salad loose leaf lettuce packing traceability, ensure accurate & timely mixed salad loose leaf lettuce packing orders.

Mixed salad loose leaf salad lettuce packing - full salad mixing, packing, and sales & distribution management.
Use farmsoft to manage the entire mixed salad loose leaf lettuce packing operation for any loose leaf specialty products including spinach, baby kale, green coral, mignonette, butter lettuce, 4 leaf salads, baby cos, rocket, arugula, chives, basil, bunch dill, bunch kale curly, bunch kale deck, bunch mint, bunch silver-beet, bunch tarragon, bunch thyme, tuscan kale, chard, continental parsley, cochran iceberg, cochran cos, mizuna, chard, salad blends, organic salad packs, Asian mix, braising mix, frissee, organic raw, raddichio, Lollorosa, red romaine, spring mix, wild arugula.
Configure the ingredients for each loose leaf salad recipe, project the required materials, produce orders based on requirements (or schedule new harvests or new plantings) to ensure mixed salad loose leaf lettuce packing is accurate and easy to manage.  

There is currently no similar product on the market in the U. S. Existing products that come closest to this product are quite different in content, containing compacted shredded vegetables or iceberg lettuce instead of loose-leaf vegetables. They also differ in appearance, sold in a cloudy package instead of transparent packaging products that are made from environmentally friendly materials.
Fresh salad and loose leaf solutions have been successfully marketed in Switzerland since the 1980's, and were introduced in the early 1990's in France, where they have already taken one-third of the linear shelf space in the chain stores and supermarkets. (After only nine months of operation, the leading French company is currently under buyout negotiations for as much as four times its initial capitalization.)
The processing technology for Fresh salad and loose leaf , which was developed in Europe, falls in the realm of "trade secrets." Although there is no patent protection, the technology is proprietary and unique, based upon a combination of machines, including vegetable processing units as well as other food product processing units ;a specific design for some of the machines; and a particular set of quality control methods.
However ingenious, the process remains relatively simple at first glance: raw material is trimmed and cored by hand; selected raw material is then mechanically and automatically cut, washed, rinsed, spin-dried, weighed and packaged. In fact, this proprietary process know-how is necessary to assure the distinctive high quality of the product and avoid production problems that lead to a deterioration of quality.
Fresh salad and loose leaf has secured the source of know-how via a license option granted by the leading French company manufacturing Fresh salad and loose leaf -type products.

Packhouse job management and pack shed job management for packers and processors of fresh produce.  Packhouse job management
Packhouse job management
Packhouse job management
From simple packhouse job management of batches, through to managing fresh produce dispatch jobs and orders – FarmSoft delivers rapidly, and accurately for pack shed management. Comprehensive tools manage every job in the packhouse and pack shed – from the moment fresh produce is ordered or delivered, through storage, sorting, grading, packing, processing, warehousing, and sales dispatch and marketing.

FarmSoft provides easy management of packhouse jobs, and pack shed jobs. Easily manage packing labor and all employee jobs with batch based packing management. Instruct multiple pack sheds on their daily packing jobs – using the FarmSoft work order system. Ensure orders are filled accurately and all employees are performing their packhouse jobs at the correct time, AND recording all the correct data in the performance of their jobs.Record customer orders using the Sales Order management modules, even record complex sales contracts and monitor the progress of orders being packed against available fresh produce. Plan harvests and packing jobs using crop harvest data and customer orders. Easily capture the cost of pack shed employment and pack shed jobs for employee cost reporting and export to financial and payroll packages.

Easily manage fresh produce dispatch jobs with pick sheets, on screen job building, rapid printing of paperwork (FarmSoft will present the paperwork required for each different customers dispatch), manage dispatch employees, and manage dispatch processes such as temperate gathering, quality control checks, and final load outs for transport companies.

FarmSoft Packhouse Job Management Software .

Managing packhouse and pack shed employees can be a challenge. FarmSoft understands that employees are sometimes transient, and unreliable. FarmSoft makes it easy to track pack shed work, jobs, and labor. Pack shed labor can be assigned to specific batches, allowing comprehensive reporting of batch costs including labor, packing materials, and batch ingredients to give an accurate figure that represents the true cost per unit of finished product from each batch. Packhouse and pack shed labor can be charged to farms (if you are packing on their behalf), or even charged to customers (special packing processes where you are required to pack using potentially their packing materials and possibly client owned produce or inventory).Contact your nearest FarmSoft consultant now to discuss packhouse job management opportunities for your pack shed or fruit and vegetable wholesaling operation.

Reference: Less fresh produce waste more traceability Accurate inventory shipping Apple packing, pear packing, citrus packing.

Cold store management for fresh produce, reduced waste and increased efficiency. Fresh produce inventory - Orders - Quality - Packing - Sales - Shipping - Recall & audit.  Cold store management software makes fruit and vegetable storage and packing easy, more efficient, and manageable. Traceability and reporting at your fingertips!

FarmSoft cold store management software delivers a wide range of easy to implement, practical solutions for make every day fruit packing easier and increases packhouse efficiency. FarmSoft cold store management software manages fresh produce before it’s even delivered. Purchase orders, through to store, packing, sorting, washing, repacking, cross docking, quality control, ripening management, sales contracts, sales orders, transport, dispatch, invoicing, and more.
FarmSoft cold store management software makes your packhouse more efficient and reduces post harvest waste. Cold store management software for fruit importers, exporters, packers, cross docking, and short and long term fruit storage. Cold store management software. FarmSoft’s easy to use functionality covers all operational requirements for import, export, packing and processing of fresh produce. Use FarmSoft’s cold store quality control modules to ensure minimum waste, and maximum customer satisfaction.
Contact FarmSoft today to deploy cold store management software in your fresh produce processing enterprise now! Talk to one of our expert consultants. Reference: farm management farming software best farm software agriculture software onion farming pineapple tomato farming with the best traceability software.

Since cold chain logistics requires maintaining temperature integrity, controlling all the processes involved means high levels of integration and coordination. Each supply chain step and partner—from farmer/harvester or producer to the ultimate seller—shares responsibility and there are multiple phases and facilities along the way which contribute to keeping products fresh.  For example, cold chain transportation units are commonly designed to keep ambient temperature constant, not to bring a shipment to the optimal temperature. But if a shipment is not adequately prepared and conditioned, its quality may be compromised.

Further, if a shipment will be exposed to extreme cold or heat along the transport route, considerations should be made to protect the products in transit. Transportation that extends over multiple days provides a host of opportunities for breaking the cold chain.

"Route selection is important in order to maximize cold chain performance, especially in winter and summer," says Hernandez. "In extreme temperatures, companies should select routes that minimize the number of times doors must be opened".

Flower packing software for traceability, reduced flower waste, and maximum flower processing efficiency.  Manage the entire flower sorting, grading, and packing process. From inventory management, to orders and dispatch management, quality control, packing cost management, employee costs, pack out reporting and more. Download full details of FarmSoft Flower Packing Software here.

FarmSoft Flower Packing Software provides cutting edge software for the management of flower processing and flower packing. Including flower quality control, sales, dispatch, staff & inventory control. All of the powerful features of FarmSoft Flower Packing can be used in the flower packing and flower export industry.
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Edible flowers, until now a niche specialized market, are booming in Spain. "We have a few companies in Spain. Each of them has its own specificity and, although we are natural competitors, we are not rivals: there is a real need for corporatism to represent our interests in such an innovative sector. We are creating an association of edible flower producers to advance the profession and the market. This will allow us to be better represented before official bodies, which do not usually listen to small producers", comments Laura Carrera, CEO of Innoflower, a member of the Frutas Olivar de Mercamadrid group founded in 2016.

"The world of edible flowers is much wider than a simple flower added to a salad. That would be the product of the I range: the fresh flower, selected in the field and in the workshop, with no more processing than its visual selection. The date of preferential consumption goes from 3 to 12 days (depending on species), under controlled temperature between 4 and 6 ºC and without breaking the cold chain. Hence the difficulty of combining flowers with other plants, such as salads in bags (pre-prepared convenience food products), with other conservation requirements", continues Laura..

Hop processing software from farmsoft delivers new levels of traceability and efficiency to hop processors and hop milling.  Hop processing software from farmsoft provides cutting edge software for the management of hop processing and hop milling and packing. Including hop quality control, staff, inventory, hope sales, dispatch, and hop storage. All of the powerful features of FarmSoft Packhouse Management can be used in the hop processing, milling and packing industry.

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hop processing software
Hop Processing / Hop Milling
Hop Processing & Milling Software: FarmSoft Hop Processing software delivers extensive business management for the contemporary hop processor and hop miller. Today’s modern hop miller is flooded with hop handling and food safety regulations from local regulations to export requirements. FarmSoft Hop Processing Manager helps make the regulatory headache go away, whilst assisting the hop packhouse to increase profitability and quality. Hop processing becomes more efficient and recording traceability and management records requires no effort with FarmSoft Hop Processing Manager. Remote access from smartphones keeps hop processors management and owners up to date with hop processing performance and allows mobile monitoring and hop processing control. Advanced features manage hop traceability, hop quality, hop flavor, hop aroma, and hop inventory.  A hop system is made up of a tensile structure with prestressed concrete posts connected by steel threads anchored to the ground. Valente developed a precise know-how specifically for this product and systems are set up following a few important design specifications.
Posts are generally larger and sturdier than those used for traditional orchards and vineyards, as they need to be taller to favor plant productivity.

Apple packing solution for apple packers & processors
Apple packing & fresh produce business management software
Bulk apples are delivered to the packing shed via trucks or wagons, where it is dumped into receiving bins and sorted for quality and size. Ripe fruit with a greenish tint is placed in special storage rooms where ethylene gas is used to bring out the color. Obvious low grade (fruit that is not suitable to sell for eating due to cosmetic defects) is performed and apples removed and sold for juice or other uses. Fruit that is ready to be packed into crates, totes, or flats is run through a washer and then air-dried and grade sorted automatically. A light coating of natural wax is applied to help the fruit retain moisture and enhance its appeal.
Apple fruit is transported via conveyor belts to the grading tables where it is visually sorted into three grades: top quality, average, and orchard run, and is then carried via belts to the packing tables. During the late 19th century top-grade fruit would be wrapped in printed tissue paper (a technique developed in the town of Orange, California in the 1880s) and placed in the boxes so that the printed names showed between the slats. In the 1920s tissue wrappers were replaced with printed logos, and ultimately paper stickers. Packed fruit is designated by size, based on the average number of pieces it takes to fill a box. In the days of wooden crates, sizes generally ranged from the 100s to the 390s, demonstrating the wide range of sizes. The sizes for the smaller cardboard boxes introduced in the 1950s and still in use today range from the 40s to the 210s, depending upon the variety of fruit being shipped.
Today, apple packing is performed by hand in a small number of packing sheds, even though Sunkist developed robotic packing machines in the 1980s. Packed apple boxes are stored in a "pre-cooler" to prepare them for the trip to market by truck or rail sea or air. Apples were shipped in ventilated railroad cars or insulated boxcars before the advent of the refrigerator lorry.  Poland, the EU’s largest apple producer, has been hardest hit this year with dry weather and two damaging frosts driving production down 43% from 2018 levels, according to USDA estimates. Germany, Hungary, and Romania have also taken large hits to their apple production this year. France and Spain, on the other hand, emerged seemingly unscathed and are expected to see year-over-year gains in apple output of 7% and 13%, respectively. Meanwhile, the US is dealing with trade battles of its own. India and China have imposed tariffs of 70% and 60%, respectively, on American apples. India was the second largest export market for US apples in 2018, but in the first eight months of this year, exports are down by two-thirds. The resulting excess supply has driven prices lower for all US apple producers, not just those who traditionally export their fruit. In mid-September, retail prices for US golden delicious apples dropped to 87 cents per pound on average, their lowest level since the USDA’s AMS Retail series began in 2010.

Coffee processing software

Coffee processing, grading, sorting, packing. For medium to large coffee farms, processors, co-operatives.  Reasons to use farmsoft coffee processing & coffee farming software...
Coffee processing, grading, sorting, packing
Coffee processing, grading, sorting, packing
Increase yield and quality using best practices for coffee farming
Manage the entire coffee farming process, for your own farms, and for other small farming operations that you purchase coffee beans from.

Best practice enforcement delivers higher coffee bean yield and better quality coffee beans, and a safer product with high levels of traceability.
Coffee processing, grading, sorting, packing
Coffee processing, grading, sorting, packing
Underground greenhouses were invented in pre-revolutionary Russia – at that time the Slavs were growing pineapples and shipping them to Europe.
Nowadays in Kazakhstan there is only one underground greenhouse (20 km from Ust-Kamenogorsk), where the Zemlyanyh’ family grow oranges, bananas and coffee, even in tough winter conditions.
No special technology is needed to equip an underground greenhouse. In order to get an exotic yield you need to dig a giant hole in the ground and set up a garden on the bottom of it. It works as a giant thermos – located below ground, it is sheltered from the wind.
‘A word combination “Banana Republic” is outdated now, - says Abish Baytenov, a gardener who plans on constructing an underground greenhouse in Akmolinsk region. Bananas yield a profit of millions of dollars’.
The Zemlyanyh’ family proved that underground gardens prevent the main heat loss – through the walls. One little furnace is enough to maintain subtropical climate in greenhouse.
The idea of underground greenhouses can and should be developed over vast territories of the country, and consequently this will solve the problem of food supply security.
Avocado Packing & Processing Solution Avocado Oil

Avocado packing software streamlines packing operations, guides employees to use best food handling practices, increases traceability, and reduces fruit waste.   Avocado packing software guides employees to use best food handling practices, increases traceability, and reduces fruit waste during avocado packing.

The farmsoft team has released a suite of Avocado packing software solutions for processing, sorting, and grading of avocado and avocado value added manufacturing. The farmsoft Avocado Packing solution is designed for all sizes of pack-houses and pack sheds, and includes extensive quality control solutions based on avocado quality requirements.

Additional features for avocado packers also include specific labeling requirements, with special label compliance for Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada, Africa, Turkey, Egypt with and PTI, CanGAP, EuroGAP, and more. Contact us to find out more about avocado farming, and avocado processing today.

Avocado packing software
Avocado packing software
Avocado packing software solution:  The Spanish mango campaign is about to start in the Axarquía of Malaga, where the harvest of the Osteen, the most common variety, is expected to kick off in early September.

"Imported mangoes have reached very high prices, so the European market is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spanish mangoes, given their proximity and quality," says Álvaro Martínez, manager of Axarfruit, which is currently marketing Palmer mangoes from Brazil. The company also produces and markets organic avocados and lemons.

Avocado Packing & Processing Solution Avocado Oil
Avocado Packing & Processing Solution Avocado Oil
“We will start marketing organic Osteen mangoes in week 36. The fruit is arriving somewhat late, but with optimal quality and sufficient volumes. The subtropical sector in Malaga is increasingly aware of the fact that the campaign cannot start before September, when the fruit isn't sufficiently ripe yet. The greatest asset that Spanish mangoes have in the European markets is their quality and we must protect it,” says Álvaro Martinez.

Avocado Packing & Processing Solution Avocado Oil
Avocado Packing & Processing Solution Avocado Oil
High demand for avocados due to lower prices
According to the Axarfruit manager, the summer avocado campaign has gone fairly well, as the demand has been quite high. “The truth is that, during the first months of the pandemic, the demand went crazy and we were overwhelmed with orders. Then, with the massive arrival of Peruvian avocados, prices dropped, as the Andean country shipped smaller volumes to the United States due to it being well supplied by California and Mexico. 

Chili processing & manufacturing software

Chili powder manufacturing, crushed chili, powdered chili processing, and chili oil manufacturing. Reduce chili waste, improve chili traceability, ensure accurate & timely chili orders.

Farmsoft app for chili processing & manufacturing of chili powder, crushed chili, chili oil, chili sauce, chili paste, pickled chili, dried chili, chili food service products and other chili value added products.
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Chilies produced using traditional practices are liable to quantitative and qualitative deterioration that ultimately results into economic losses to the growers and the exporters. Moreover the occurrence of toxins in the produce has an impact on the health of consumers. Chili processing software aims to provide safe and better quality chilies to consumers by adopting modern and systematic methods of processing. It also aims to protect whole and powdered chilies from contamination of toxic chemicals of health concern by bringing improvements in storage, processing and marketing procedures. The course will develop expertise among different stake holders in chili processing by providing them specific training, keeping in view their job requirements.

Chili dehydrating, chili rack drying and storage can be managed in farmsoft using chili batch management, giving you maximum chili traceability both up and down the supply chain. Plan your chili manufacturing processes using farmsoft's chili production and projection dashboard. Project required chili to manufacture each order and schedule chili manufacturing and inventory requirements in seconds. New farmsoft is full of features to manage chili processing, chili oil manufacturing, chili whole red chili pods, crushed chili, chili powder, paprika powder, caribe.  Flexible chili processing quality control software can be used to reduce the incorrect categorization of chili processing as waste, leading to higher pack shed profits and more consistent quality, with improved customer satisfaction. Farmsoft manages chili processing businesses from end to end, providing a comprehensive chili processing business management solution.

The farmsoft fresh produce packaging app is designed for capsicum packing, apple packing, onion packing, avocado packing, citrus packing & processing, mango, loose leaf packing, chilicarrot, lettuce packing & processing, seed processing, potato packing, broccoli, strawberrytomato and salad packing.  The farmsoft food safety and food traceability app manages the entire fresh produce business.    App for fresh produce post harvest packing, flower packing/processing, import/export wholesale fruit & vegetables, with traceability & recalls, RFID option, bar-code inventory, B2B Customer Portal, Shop front, FARM MANAGEMENT OPTION and more...Software app for Fresh produce Leafy greens packing: grading, sorting, and processing. Includes export, wholesale, and full packing management app. Built around traceability & recalls: bar-code inventory, B2B Customer Portal, Shop front, FARM MANAGEMENT OPTION and more... Farmsoft provides complete management for onion packing, broccoli packing, citrus packing, pepper packing, tomato packing, avocado packing, potato packing. Salad packing, Loose leaf lettuce and other fresh produce such as spinach, rucola, chicory, watercress. Cucumber packing. Citrus packing app for lemon, orange, mandarin, tangerine, clementine. Asparagus packing. Onion inventory & storage. Potato inventory storage app. Potato traceability app for better packing & logistics. Onion traceability management. Tomato traceability for food safety. Print fresh produce blockchain QR codes. Pepper & capsicum traceability app reduces pepper waste. Broccoli traceability app for easy recalls and audits. Carrot traceability app for better inventory and less waste. Manage salad traceability during the salad mixing and packing process. Leafy greens packing app full business management packing & processing of kale, microgreens, collard greens, spinach, cabbage, beet, watercress, romaine lettuce, swiss chard, arugula, rucola, endive, bok choy, turnip greens.  Integrate fresh produce packing solutions with XERO.

Fully featured post harvest processing for your busy packhouse, including quality, packing, inventory, storage, and sales & distribution software. Reduce post harvest waste, increase post harvest traceability and quality. Ideal for fruit, vegetable, seafood, perishable packers and processors with solutions for small, medium, and large fresh produce processing and handling businesses. Manage fresh produce block-chain, SENASA export documentation, import packing data from grading machines , Walmart EDI/ASN, and more...

Deliver new inventory efficiencies with farmsoft's fruit & vegetable packing solution designed to increase your visibility into the fresh produce being processed at your fresh produce facility.
Gain new insight into the profitability of each line / product range using the Profit Dashboard; analyze the profitability of each line after direct, batch, and transport costs have been deducted (transport is configurable for each client to allow accurate transport cost calculation).
Reduce fruit & vegetable shrinkage through better inventory management methods, including the analysis of ageing inventory, and alerts for expiring inventory.
Print and email documentation for fruit & vegetable shipments including Bill Of Lading, Invoice, Shipping Documents, and even labels for fruit & vegetable cartons, crates, bags, and bins.
Designed for medium to large sized fruit & vegetable packing and processing enterprises.
fruit and vegetable packing solution
fruit and vegetable packing solution

Fruit Packing Process
FarmSoft delivers your choice of simple or comprehensive fruit packing processes, for vegetables, grains, flower, coffee, hops, and other fresh produce. Easy batch based packing allows ad-hoc, and strict pack to order processes. Optionally implement FarmSoft Food Manufacturing for advanced value adding activities such as food manufacturing, while maintaining maximum food safety standards.

Batches become the central traceability point for all produce leaving the Packhouse. Easily create new batches and rapidly add materials and fresh produce. FarmSoft guides employees through the Fruit Packing Process and ensures the correct tasks are performed at the correct times. For value adding processes, you can optionally record your “good manufacturing process” or the “best practice” in FarmSoft. Employees will then be guided through the process, being reminded to perform the correct actions at the correct time (eg: a QC test, or adding an ingredient to a batch) while gathering the required information. This encourages a higher quality product, with higher quality, in turn maximizing business profitability.Many solutions do not support flexible fruit packing process management, and will not allow you to mix multiple varieties in one batch – FarmSoft handles this with ease. Many solutions can’t handle one batch containing produce from multiple sources (even multiple external suppliers), FarmSoft also handles this with ease as part of the normal fruit packing process.

Before deciding on what packaging to use, the grower or packing-house operator has to consider many factors to ensure that the cost does not exceed the benefits. The decision should be made after consultation with market operators, packaging suppliers, transport operators and post-harvest extension advisers. Factors to consider are:   The proper time to remove a fruit from the tree or plant varies with each fruit and is governed by whether the product will be sold and consumed within hours, or stored for weeks, months, or even a year. Most fruits are harvested as close as possible to the time they are eaten. A few, of which banana and pear are outstanding examples, may be harvested while immature and still ripen satisfactorily. Orange, grapefruit, and some varieties of avocado may be “stored” on the tree for several months after they have attained good quality; this method cuts costs in handling and marketing.

Many fruits, including apple, pear, orange, lemon, and grapefruit, may drop from the tree during the last part of the maturation period. Preharvest drop of these fruits can be delayed by application of dilute sprays of growth-regulating substances like naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA). The chemical spray Alar [N-(dimethylamino) succinamic acid] applied four to six weeks after bloom on apple not only reduces fruit drop at harvest but increases red colour, firmness, and return bloom the next year, in addition to other advantages.

For the fresh market, most tree and bush fruits are still harvested by hand. For processing, drying, and occasionally for fresh market, mechanical motor-driven tree and bush shakers with appropriate catching belts, bins, pallets, and electric lifts reduce harvesting and handling labour. In years to come, machinery may make it possible to machine-harvest most fruits, with no more, and possibly less, damage than with hand picking.

The public has become increasingly particular about the appearance and quality of the product it buys. Hence, store managers and suppliers seek the best grades of fruits and nuts available, and growers make every effort to produce crops with attractive colour and smooth finish. Fruits are packed by government-controlled grades such as Fancy or Extra Fancy within given size limits and are so labelled on the carton or box, together with the source. Most fruits and nuts not meeting this standard of quality are processed or sent through channels using the lower grades and off sizes.

Small packages of plastic foam or wood pulp base holding four to six fruits covered and heat sealed with polyethylene plastic film are popular. These are delivered to stores in corrugated cartons holding a few dozen packages. Citrus, apples, and whole nuts or kernels also are packaged in polyethylene bags and delivered in cartons. Loose fruit may be sold in cell cartons and tray packs consisting of stacked form-fitting pulp trays in a “bushel size” box. Every effort is made to eliminate bruising.

the type of produce;
the present level of produce losses that occur during the marketing process;
the comparative costs of the present and improved packaging;
expected reduction of losses if packaging is improved (based on research results);
expected increase in income from reduction of losses;
is a standard type of package available? Cost-per-unit of packages declines considerably when they are bought on a large scale; specially designed packaging is costly;
will there be a regular supply of the new packaging?
is adequate storage and assembly space available for the protection of packaging materials before use?
is the change in packaging acceptable to the market?
If the introduction of new packaging does not result in increased returns, it cannot be economically feasible. Most experience shows that good produce well packaged has an advantage over produce poorly packaged, and the profits from it can cover the investment. Good packaging can therefore be held to be cost-effective in marketing.

There is no assurance that new packaging will by itself eliminate or greatly reduce post-harvest losses of fresh produce. Packaging is only one factor in the effort to improve handling at every step in the marketing process.

7. Packing houses and equipment
7.1 The need
Fresh produce sold through markets or by direct sales to users or agents must undergo some form of sorting and packaging. For the most part, the preparation of produce for market is carried out in a packing house, which may range from a simple, on-the-farm thatched shed to an automated regional packaging line handling large tonnages of a single commercial crop like citrus fruit or apples.

Whether it is simple or complex, the packing house provides a sheltered environment whose purpose is the assembly, sorting, selection and packaging of produce in an orderly manner with a minimum of delay and waste.

The size and design of the packing house, and the equipment and facilities required for it, will depend on the type and volume of produce, the market requirements, local infrastructure, its expected life span and its projected cost. In the planning stages, the factors to consider include:

operations to be carried out;
location of a suitable site;
design of the structure and building materials available;
equipment to be used;
7.2 Operations
Depending on the crop or crops being handled and the market being served, some or all of the following operations will be undertaken:

reception: off-loading, checking, recording;
special treatments, if required (cleaning or washing, fungicide spraying, selection, size-grading);
post-packaging treatments, if required (fumigation, cooling, storage);
assembly and dispatch.
To be avoided at all costs is the all too common state of confusion where, in a confined space on a floor covered in plant trash, produce is being received, sorted, cleaned, dipped in fungicide, packed and stacked for dispatch (see colour section, Figure 6).

Where several producers supply the packing house, each delivery should be:

labelled to identify its source and date of arrival;
checked for quantity or weight delivered;
sampled for quality, if necessary;
acknowledged by a receipt to the supplier.
The reception area should be organized so that produce moves through the packing operation in the order it is received: first in, first out.

7.2.1 Sorting. A preliminary sorting of produce should remove unmarketable pieces and foreign matter (plant debris, soil or stones) before the produce passes on to further operations. All discarded material should be quickly hauled away from the packing house or placed in closeable bins for later removal. This is because accumulations of decaying or infested waste in or near the packing house will contaminate produce destined for market.

7.2.2 Cleaning and washing. The removal of soil and stones mentioned above can be done by hand-picking or by sieving. Some types of produce can be washed, brushed, or cleaned with a soft cloth.

Cleaning produce by hand-polishing or machine-brushing can remove light soil contamination or dust from produce, especially fruit. This should be done with care since damage to the skin of fresh produce will promote early decay.

Washing is required to clean produce which has acquired latex stains from injuries caused during harvesting, notably in mangoes and bananas. It is important to note that washing should be carried out only when absolutely essential. If it is necessary to wash produce, a fungicide should normally be applied immediately afterwards.

Use only clean, running water for washing. The washing of produce in recirculated or stagnant water should be avoided because it can quickly become heavily contaminated with decay organisms, leading to heavy rotting of the washed produce.

There are no acceptable or effective antibacterial agents available for treating water used to wash fresh produce. Hypochlorites or chlorine gas may be added to washing water used for commercial treatment of some products, but its use in recirculated or stagnant water cannot be recommended for small-scale washing operations because it is quickly inactivated by organic material such as plant debris in the water. The monitoring of the chlorine concentration in the wash water and its replenishment are difficult to achieve and, in any case, chlorine is of only limited effectiveness against decay.

Washed produce which is to be treated with fungicide should first be drained after washing in order to reduce the danger that residual wash water will dilute the fungicide below its effective concentration. When washing is not to be followed by fungicide treatment, the washed produce should be spread out in a single layer on raised racks of mesh or slats, in the shade but exposed to good ventilation to aid rapid drying (Figure 7.1).

7.2.3 Fungicide treatment. Decay caused by moulds or bacteria is a major cause of loss of fresh produce during marketing. Infection may occur before or after harvest, either through injuries or by direct penetration of the intact skin of produce. Pre-harvest infections often lie dormant until after harvest, especially in fruit, where they may develop only as the fruit ripens. Mangoes, bananas, avocados and sweet peppers are subject to latent anthracnose infections (see colour section, Figure 2).

Post-harvest application of fungicide is usual on crops such as apples, bananas and citrus fruit which are to be stored for a long period or those which undergo long periods of transport to distant markets. As stated above, fungicides are normally applied only after the produce has been washed and drained.

Most fungicides used for post-harvest decay control are in the form of wettable powders or emulsifiable concentrations. They form suspensions in water, not solutions; this means that they settle out of suspension if the mixture is not constantly agitated during its application. Thus the concentration of fungicide applied to the crop will fall below the effective level if the suspension is not continuously stirred.

In small-scale packing operations, fungicide can be applied by:

Dipping. Treatment is carried out by hand, using a suspension of fungicide agitated by hand (Figure 7.2); wire-mesh baskets can be used to dip several small pieces at one time; after dipping, produce should be drained and dried in a shaded, airy place.

Spraying. This can be accomplished with a hand-operated knapsack sprayer while produce is still in trays or racks after washing and drying produce should be sprayed completely and to the point of runoff (Figure 7.3).

Larger spraying operations may require a simple mechanized spray or drenching arrangement with a mechanical mixer for the fungicide. Produce passes through the spray or drenching in perforated trays perhaps while moving on a belt or roller conveyor (Figure 7.4).

Other methods of application, such as smokes, dusts or vapour, are used only by large-scale operations where produce is to be stored.

7.2.4 Ouality selection and size grading. Although produce will have been sorted on the farm or on its arrival at the packing house (Figure

7.5), there may be a further selection for quality and size immediately before it is packed. The scope of these operations depends on the market: will buyers be prepared to pay premium prices for quality-graded produce? Many urban customers are more demanding of quality than are rural customers.

Selection and grading in a small packing house are best done by human eye and by hand, assisted by sizing rings or gauges (Figure 7.6).

7.2.5 Waxing. The application of wax or similar coating to enhance appearance and limit water loss from produce requires specialized equipment and has little relevance to small-scale packing.

Figure 7.3 Spraying produce using hand-operated knapsack pump must continue to stage of run-off These bananas will dry in perforated tray

7.2.6 Packaging. Packaging in small-scale operations means the filling of marketing containers by hand (Chapter 6). Machines are used to pack durable produce like potatoes and apples in big packing houses, but they are expensive and not suitable for small volumes of different products. There are various methods of packing:

loose-fill jumble pack is used where there is no advantage to size-grading; weighing is necessary (Figure 7.7);
multilayer pattern pack has size-graded produce sold by count of the produce: citrus, apples, etc. (Figure 7.8);
multilayer size-graded pack used in mechanical packing has separator trays between layers; sold on per-box basis;
single-layer packs for high-value produce may have each piece wrapped in tissue or placed in a divider holding it alone (Figure 7.9); sold on per-box basis.
7.2.7 Special treatments after packing. Special post-packing treatments are applied to certain crops, but this is more common in large-scale operations for urban and export markets. The principal treatments are:

The treatment is to control insect pests, such as fruit fly. It is a compulsory requirement for the importation of produce into many countries and requires specialized equipment and skilled operators.

Initiation of fruit ripening
This takes several days and requires treatment of the packed fruit with ethylene gas in insulated, temperature-controlled stores. The costs are high and thus limited to large operations.

Degreening of citrus fruit
Citrus fruits grown in the tropics will remain green when ripe unless subjected to low night temperatures. They will, however, develop their normal natural colour if artificially degreened by an ethylene treatment like that initiating ripening; it is not often done in small packing houses.

Figure 7.5 Sorting and packing stand is simply made for small-scale operations and gets work off the floor Incoming produce goes into the sorting bin, then into the packing bin and finally into containers held on shelf (Adapted from Improvement of post-harvest fresh fruits and vegetables handling, FAO/AFMA, 1986)

Figure 7.6 Sizing rings are used for grading round produce. The hand-held model (a) comes in various sizes. The multi-size model (b) can be fixed to a packing stand

7.2.8 Assembly of packed produce for dispatch. Time is an important factor in the marketing of fresh produce; delays add to losses. Once produce has been packed, it should be dispatched to market as soon as possible. Therefore the packing-house management should give high priority to transportation arrangements.

In small-scale operations, however, it may take time to assemble a full load; so when packed produce takes time to accumulate, every effort must be made to prevent its deterioration. Attention must be given to the following:

packed containers must be protected from the sun and rain; heat and water cause rapid deterioration of produce and seriously weaken cardboard boxes;
packed boxes must be handled carefully during stacking in order to avoid damaging the contents; damage to produce promotes water loss and decay;
packed containers awaiting transport must be stacked so as to get ventilation; overheating leads to rapid deterioration.
Losses of fresh produce during packing operations can be minimized if produce is:

kept as cool as possible;
kept dry;
protected from injury;
kept moving quickly to market.

Fruit Packing Process Management:
Define packing processes, employees are guided through the process every time they pack a selected item
Create unlimited batches, with inputs such as fresh produce, packing materials, and any other inventory
Optional automatic batch creation triggered by scanning raw produce, automatically creates another batch when the origin of scanned produce changes
Full traceability of all batch inputs
Product processed in a batch can be re-used in another (or unlimited) batches
Batch progress management
Assign clients to a batch
Assign multiple Sales Order Items to a batch, creating batch work orders & instructions
Assign managers, and inventory managers to batches
Mix unlimited sources of produce (ie: from your farm, external suppliers, co-operative growers) into one batch whilst maintaining traceability
Mix unlimited varieties (and even different produce types, eg: leafy lettuce and spinach to make a salad mix) in one batch whilst maintaining full traceability
Easy to access based reporting, analysis and KPI’s
Bill/Invoice co-operative customers and packing customers for packing services on a batch by batch basis
Assign labor & materials to batch costs
Report on batch costs
Download the FarmSoft Packhouse Software brochure or watch the fruit packing video.

Contact your nearest FarmSoft consultant to discover how you can increase quality and profit today.
Reference: fresh produce storage cool room cold storage cold store traceability fruit and vegetable.