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Post harvest management

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Reduce waste

Reduce waste with easy to use fresh produce inventory management features built specifically for the fresh produce industry.  Stock-take, barcode, labelling and more..  

Control your fresh produce business from the cloud, or install on-premises.

Easy audits and recalls

Instant recalls and access to packing, purchase, processing, and sales records reduces compliance costs & risk.   Generate instant recalls using only vague details such as delivery date, invoice / batch / order / inventory / pallet number.  

Get it right, the first time

Team memebers are guided through sorting, grading, packing, and even value adding processes.  Correct documentation (invoice, pick sheet, BOL etc) are presented for the correct customer on dispatch to guarantee no rejected deliveries. 

Supercharge quality

Qulity control systems ensure consistent and accurate fruit & vegetable packing.  Instantly attach photos of inventory, pallets, and shipping continers to invoices, orders, & QC tests for additional peace of mind for you and your customers.

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Farm record keeping

Easy to use organic farm software record keeping for spray, fertilizer, land prep and all other farming activities.  Capture all fruit & vegetable farming activities.

Easy audits and recalls

Instant recalls and access to farm records reduces compliance costs and reduces farm risk.  Generate recalls based on inventory, supplier, production area and more. 

Simple, powerful reporting

Produce reports for profit, costs, yield, yield progress, cost per hectare/acre, profit per hectare/acre, yield per area and more...

Always on, everywhere

Access the best farm software from the cloud with any phone, tablet, or PC/Mac - from anywhere at any time.

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Choose the best organic farm software farmsoft functionality you need, from a simple solution, to comprehensive farm to plate solution.

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