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Software for a large range of fresh produce (fruit and vegetable such as tomato, citrus, apple, pepper, capsicum, zucchini, banana, carrot, onion, potato, mushroom, chilli, herb), palm, date, grain, and other fresh produce and produce produced for dried fruit and herbs.

Farm Software Review: (Best farm software)

Summary: 9/10

Cost: $ (out of $$)

Pros: This solution is a very flexible farming system and can be used in most fruit, vegetable, and flower farming industries – certainly one of the best farm management software solutions we have reviewed in years. The solution forces users to use best farming practices, gives solid cost and yield reporting, and ensures tasks are performed at the right time using the correct farming materials thru its best practice system. Inventory is simple to manage with both strict and easy modes. The mobile interface is nice and simple and worked fine on my Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone and my 8" tablet was a treat. PC/Mac interface is easy to use. No software to install, easy to get going with only a few minutes of setup. We found the farm software to be one of the best farm management software solutions we have ever reviewed.

Cons: An offline app may be handy for farmers in developing regions where there is no internet coverage (as at the date of our review, the Android app only worked if there was an internet connection).

Availability: Virtually all regions (United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and Western Europe, All Asia, Kenya (all Africa), Egypt (all MENA and Middle East) South Africa)

Summary:  We found the farm software to be easy to use and rapid to setup to meet the requirements of our test farm. This farm software is available as web based cloud solution (no need to install any farming apps on your smartphone, tablet, PC/Mac). We tested using the cloud version and found the farm software to be fast and responsive.  The solution works for both conventional and organic farming

Tasking employees with farm work (eg: spray, fertilizing, irrigation, etc) was easy, and users found the employee facing interfaces easy and simple to use during the review.  The farm software delivers a high level of GAP, with strong traceability, and business management processes appropriate for fruit, vegetable, and flower farming.

Our farm software review revealed a lot of flexible functionality in the solution, evidence that this solution has been adapted to fit many different farming practices, as we have found with all of the best farm management software we have reviewed.

During the review of the farm software, we found it to be very comprehensive, you can easily turn off any excess farm software features not required from the control panel. Users can optionally integrate their farm software solution a Packing/Food Manufacturing and processing solution (sold seperately).

The farm software provides the option to have multiple farms managed by the one solution in the more comprehensive package.    Farm management can specify which employees can see information at each farm, and be implemented in co-operatives.

Best Farm Management  Software Review Conclusion: This solution is certainly one of the best farm software we have reviewed in a long time. We think this farm software is one of the best farm management software for farming fruit, vegetable, and flowers. Recommended for medium to large sized farming enterprises . We spend a lot of time playing with farm software, so we highly recommend this solution based on ease of implementation and ease of use.

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