Farm quality control

Master farm quality control using farmsoft's built in best practice module.  The module guides employees through the planning phase, ensuring tasks are planned correctly and meet the required farming quality standards. Best practices quarantee best quality and yield. 

Scouting for quality issues

Improve management response time, and promote better quality fresh produce by improving communication between management and scouting teams.  Any team memeber can reapidly make a scouting note, enclosed a photo or two, and send to their manager for rapid response.

Qualtity control for chain stores

Meet chain store quality control requirements in every part of the farming process.  Meet farm quality control standards for Walmart, Tesco, Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, Wholefoods, Loblaw, Pick n Save and other fresh produce retailing chain stores and supermarkets.

International standards

Deliver compliance and adherence to a range of international standards including ISO, HACCP, Organic, BRC, Cropsure, GlobalGAP, CANgap, GAP, AsianGAP, USDA, ADA.  These quality standards are built into every facet of farmsoft, delivering increase quality and yield.

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Farm Quality Control Software

Here are some suggested features and functionality to look for when identifying QC software. Using the suggested features and modules below should provide the farm QC features required for most businesses, including the QC required by customers – most medium to large farms will require most features on this checklist:

Smaller farms don’t usually have the scale to support the use of quality control tools for farm assurance and HACCP, however, medium to large farms, or those exposed to very high quality requirements by clients will need them. Automating quality control will reduce compliance costs and make audits easier. When assessing a quality control solution, look for the following features or similar functionality as required by your farms unique business processes:

  • Easy to configure programs, allowing creation of quality control for different clients
  • Ability to configure and specify any subject that is the target of the QC program, and configure user definable fields that may or may not be inherited from a larger farm management or quality control solution
  • Flexible QC criteria, and organic quality standards, allowing creation of unlimited categorized quality control criteria, assignable to unlimited categories
  • QC tests (also referred to as ‘criteria’) that allows for multiple test types such as yes/no, pass/fail, range checking (eg: value must be a number between two predefined numbers), visual inspection etc.
  • Instructional features: your quality control solution should guide quality officers through the testing process, this requires the ability to store documents and images and present them to the quality officer during the testing process (this ensures quality control officers have the knowledge they need at their fingertips at all times. For example, if testing for sun-burnt grapes, the system should present an image of sun-burnt grapes to the user)
  • Alerts: Some farms may require an alert system to alert multiple levels of management or chosen employees if a quality control test fails.

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