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Organic farm software review...

Review organic farm software

For the eco-conscious farmer, choosing an Organic Farm Software solution can be difficult. This Organic Farm Software review is designed to help you list your requirements for Organic Farm Software solutions, and reviews important software features for consideration during the purchasing process.

Organic Farming Software

Depending on the Organic Farming Practices used in your farming business, you may wish to consider the following requirements when reviewing Organic Farm Software: (hint, make a checklist)

  1. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) supported?
  2. can you perform Biodynamic organic farming?
  3. does the organic farm software meet your organic certifications? (you may wish to show the specifications to your Certifying Agent)
  4. will your farm use Composting? If yes, do you need to be abler to trace the origin (whether purchased or produced on farm) of materials used to create the compost?
  5. is Crop Rotation supported?
  6. do you require compliance with any sections of the Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA) ? (See Environmental Protection Agency for details)
  7. do you require a solution delivered via the cloud? (you will require ‘always on data connection)
  8. do you require a solution that can be installed at your organic farm? (if you don’t have data connections at all relevant farming locations)

Organic farm software review...

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