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FarmSoft is one of the best agriculture software companies in the fresh produce industry – delivering turnkey solutions for sustainable farming, food safety, best farming practices, and traceability and quality enhancement.  FarmSoft solutions guide users through best farming practices while maximizing efficiency and farm profit in the fresh produce industry.

The FarmSoft team ensures that each and every client receives special attention.

This involves ensuring the solution fits client requirements perfectly. From designing new interfaces to simplify data capture, through to adding special reports that suit each clients exact reporting requirements. This extra attention to detail sets FarmSoft aside from competitors by ensuring a high degree of solution “fit”, and guaranteeing client satisfaction.

Experienced experts deliver a competitive advantage to your business.

Since 2001, the team of FarmSoft consultants have been building an arsenal of experience solving farming, fruit & vegetable packing, food processing, and traceability & food safety challenges in over 14 countries.  This wealth of knowledge is passed to FarmSoft clients in each and every project, delivering simplified processes, efficiency improvements, and cost savings.

Practical, flexible solutions for real world applications

FarmSoft delivers a flexible platform to solve real world problems.  The goal is to minimize disruption to your business while implementing processes and practices that allow your business to operate more efficiently.  Features such as best practice enforcement ensure the correct work is performed using correct materials, employees, and equipment; at the correct time.  Maximizing your potential for profit, and increasing yield and profit.

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About FarmSoft

Farm Management

Fruit & Vegetable Packing

FarmSoft delivers a suite of software for farming, fruit and vegetable processing, and food manufacturing. Concentrating on fruit, vegetable, hop, flowers, and viticulture & enology industries. FarmSoft is developed, maintained, and supported by Tenacious Systems and select international partners. Users of FarmSoft across the globe have a variety of business sizes from small to large. Tenacious Systems works with clients across the globe to develop and support high quality, low cost, vertical business management solutions.

The FarmSoft suite of solutions concentrates on traceability, activity management, profit enhancement, and KPI reporting for every section of the business. FarmSoft provides comprehensive best practice enforcement for the farming of fruit and vegetable – covering the entire spectrum of business processes from farm budgeting, crop costing, KPI analysis, spray diary and farm diary, and harvest management and analysis through to processing, inventory, sales & distribution.

  • Farm task management, planning, monitoring
  • Best practice enforcement
  • Real time cost reporting
  • Farm budgeting & analysis
  • Harvest planning & monitoring
  • Alerts for late tasks
  • Yield projection
  • Materials planning & ordering
  • Easy traceability allows tracking both up and down the supply chain, directly to specific application areas, suppliers of specific batches/lots of inventory
  • Land mapping attachments
  • Unlimited farms, farm sites, blocks, plots, patches, bays, rows
  • Purchase order management, with optional purchase order approval processes
  • Pre-harvest interval (PHI) enforcement on the Farm Diary ensures harvests do not breach food safety protocols
  • Automated traceability & easy recall
  • Batch based packing, processing, and food manufacturing management
  • Fresh produce inventory control (mobile options)
  • Comprehensive labeling & bar-code systems
  • Management of sorting, grading, washing, and value adding processes
  • Repack and label pre-packed produce
  • Pick, invoice, export and dispatch management
  • Sales orders and sales contract management
  • ‘Pack to order’ management
  • GTIN management for multiple customers for unlimited lines
  • Unlimited packing / factory sites can operate independently
  • Flexible quality control programs defined for each of your customers
  • Daily packhouse / factory checklists & QA
  • Pallet, container, RPC, tote management and monitoring
FarmSoft is an easy to implement solution for farming, food processing, and food manufacturing and distribution, with both local installation and cloud service options to choose from. FarmSoft is designed exclusively for fruit, vegetable hop, coffee, grape, flower and other fresh produce farmers – as well as processors, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers in the fresh produce industry.

The Farm ERP & Packhouse, and food manufacturing solutions are an example of specialized business management solutions with exceptional attention to detail, representing decades of specialized industry knowledge. The modern farm, packhouse, food processor and winery has been saddled with many traceability and food regulations that are expensive to implement and maintain.  FarmSoft reduces the cost of compliance while increasing the accuracy of traceability and opening many doors for process improvement.

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Benefit from our 15 years experience being one of the best agriculture companies in the fresh produce industry.