farmsoft API

Integrate or extract raw data from your farmsoft system using the farmsoft API.  
Updated Jan 4, 2019

  1. GET STARTED - Go to Settings > Technical > and select "API configuration" from the more options dropdown (top right).
  2. CREATE YOUR API KEY - Select Create API key, and copy your key.  Note this is a secret key for your company only. 
  3. TEST YOUR API CONNECTION - Select Test API, if you dont get any data back, thats becuase you have no Task/s in your database.
  4. START USING YOUR API CONNECTION - use your chosen API enabled interface to make calls to  (for Australia/NZ/South Pacific please use
  • If you receive “No data found using those filters.” Please change the filters and call again, OR there is simply no matching data.
  • API calls are limited to 4 per second using the same API key, if this is exceeded your API will be blocked (no response) for 60 seconds.
  • Only one API call can be processed at a time using the same key, no response will be issued for subsequent calls if a call is already pending.
  • All dates are MM/DD/YY
  • All date/time are MM/DD/YY HH:MM AM
  • The API uses Bearer authentication 
  • You should use Crystal Reports or similar software to mine your data (writing your own reports from scratch is time consuming without these tools)
  • Security will block your IP address if an excessive number of API requests are received in a short time period

Need support?

If you are unable to connect to the API, please contact support.  We love to provide support, however, support for using an API is too technical for our support team (unless you have a  Premium Support contract).  For all other matters related to the API, your company is expected to have the expertise to proceed without requesting support.  We are unable to tell you how to use the data, how to filter it, or how to write SQL or build reports from it, we will not write your SQL, we are unable to change the filtering of the data (once again, you can do this youself using whatever tool you have chosen).  The data is provided in a flat file XML format, with the associations between data logical and determined by using the "Data Definition" document.  It is assumed a company capable of using an API is capable of understanding and massaging the data without assitance.  

Make your own reports!

Did you know you can design your own reports, labels, invoices, and documents?