Customer complaint management

Trace fresh produce customer complaints back to suppliers, batches, and lots.  Part of the farmsoft fresh produce mangement suite.

Managing your cusotmer complaints and tracking them back to suppliers, or even your own farms block/plot/patch has never been easier.  Using farmsoft you can capture fresh produce quality complaints, photos of fresh produce, and other customer feedback to help improve your fresh produce supply chain.

Fresh produce customer complaint management

Listenting to customers comments, complaints, and making intelligent decisions based on the customer feedback is essential to provide your fresh produce businss with ever improving processes and an ongoing competitive advantage.
Create your own simple or comprehensive customer complaint programs, or copy from our existing cusotomer complaint templates designed for fresh produce. 

Use the quality control dashboard to manage, analyze, and track customer complaints.

Manage customer complaints for fresh produce deliveries, capture customer comments, photos, documents, and more. 

Analyze customer complaints, track complaint resolution and corrective actions. 

Trace customer complaints back to the original supplier of fresh produce, or to the origin crop/field/patch.  

Monitor supplier quality performance based on the quality criteria their fresh produce failed. 

Perform instant fresh produce recalls based on customer complaints.

Setup your customer complaint mangement system in your farmsoft today by following these simple steps:

  • From the Quality screen, select more options and "Quality settings" (You need Quality Admin permission to view this link)
  • Create a new Quality Program called "Customer complaints"
  • Create one or more quality Categories, eg: "Major" and "Minor"
  • Create multiple quality Criteria in each quality Category. Eg: "Mold", "Sunburn", "Scar", "Discolored".  
  • Add descriptions, photos, documents and instructions to each quality Criteria as required. 
  • Sounds like too much work? Ask your farmsoft consultant to set up your cusotmer complaints quality program. 

Customer complaint management


Compare performance of multiple fresh produce suppliers.


Capture photos from clients, comments, suggestions, and even record your actions taken after a quality incident (eg: refund, replace, credit etc). 

Fresh produce customer complaint management is part of the farmsoft Quality control module

Capture quality control wherever its needed.  

Quality tests can be performed on fresh produce from suppliers to ensure supply consistency, programmed to suppor your customers chosen quality standards, or configured to match your internal quality control program.

Attach photos (and any other quality documents) to your quality control tests to prove qualiyt to both cusotmers and suppliers.  

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