Fresh produce production planning

Fresh produce productoin planning for fruit, vegetables, coleslaw, leafy mixed products and more...

Project required inventory

Easily compare required, available, and any shortage of fresh produce inventory during production planning.  Plan daily packing, weekly, packing, or even months in advance for planting, ordering, harvesting.  Guarantee all fresh produce products are available in the correct quantity at the correct time.

Easily assign multiple orders to batches and production lines with one click!

Production line managers and inventory managers can receive instant on screen alerts letting them know a new batch has been scheduled, for inventory managers, this directs them to collect the required inventory and take it to the correct production line.

Manage & monitor batch costs with the ability to capture labor costs, transport, packing material cost, and fresh produce costs.

Production planning for fresh produce 

Fill each order with 100% accuracy, no fresh produce waste, efficient packing, and value adding processes maintain traceability and maximize efficiency. 

Choose from a range of fresh produce production planning tools designed to make your operation run at maximum efficiency with least effort.  

Optionally choose to use batch packing in farmsoft.  Batch level traceability allows recalls both up and down the supply chain, all batch inputs have their traceability details captured in real time, making the Batch Number an easy to use traceability key, one of many that can be used in farmsoft.

Monitor batch outputs, and batch waste. If waste exceeds a pre-determined percent, an email alert containing the Batch Recall report is sent to management showing the inputs, outputs, and waste levels.  

Easy batch based packing and processing allows ad-hoc and pack to order processes and pre planned scheduled production.

Batches become the central traceability point (and cost center) for all fresh produce/food. Mix multiple varieties of produce, from multiple suppliers and maintain strong traceability at the same time. Analyze batch waste and quality with ease. farmsoft even supports value added processes such as food manufacturing, drying, blending, juicing and more – handy for coffee, hops, and herbs, and processed food manufacturing. You can even mix unlimited batches with other batches to make a “final product” without losing traceability and tracking the cost of finished product.

  • Create unlimited batches, with inputs such as fresh produce, packing materials, and any other inventory such as ingredients and additives
  • Full traceability of all batch inputs
  • Product processed in a batch can be re-used in another (or unlimited) batch
  • Batch progress management and monitoring 
  • Assign multiple Sales Order Items to a batch, creating batch work orders & instructions, or simply assign customers to a batch
  • Run unlimited packing/processing lines at the same time
  • Mix unlimited sources and varieties of produce (ie: from your farm, external suppliers, co-operative growers) into one batch while maintaining traceability
  • Easy to access dashboard reporting, analysis and KPI’s
  • Assign labor & materials to batches for cost monitoring & reporting
  • When creating outputs from a batch (usually finished product) packaging materials can be automatically consumed and applied to the batch
  • Configure best manufacturing practices and processes to guide employees through the best practice for manufacturing the finished product
  • Associate quality control tests to manufacturing processes, FarmSoft will prompt the user to perform QC when required

Fresh produce recall

Perfrom instant fresh produce recalls using a wide range of optoinal recall keys such as:  Batch number, inventory number, batch serial, pallet number, invoice number, customer order reference, order number inventory supplier batch details (supplier lot or batch number), dispatch date, and more...

Batch recall

Perform a recall to instantly determine which customers were sent fresh produce from a selected batch

Batch inputs

Perform a batch recall to instantly determine the origin of fresh produce in a batch; including fresh produce supplier name, harvest date, delivery date, pack date, crop name, block/field/crop traceability code and more...

Optional features...


Use any PC or Mac, all you need is Safari or Chrome browser. 


Get the native app for Android, or use the web app any iOS device.

Industrial mobile

Ruggedized Android devices have professional bar-code scanners. Accurate bar-code scanning at a distance. 

Touch screens

Users dont need to touch a mouse or keyboardusing specially designed screens that show large images to aid user data entry.  For use on industrial and domestic touch screens.