Inventory management

For packers, wholesalers, & export/importer of fresh produce.

Manage all fresh produce inventory, packaging materials, and raw materials. Full stock-take, inventory auditing, inventory reporting, ageing inventory analysis and more...

Less waste

Reduce fresh produce waste with better stock-takes, FIFO, and inventory alerts.

Next generation fresh produce inventory management

Barcode labels and inventory & pallet management, stock take (mobile & PC), cold store, 3D storage, shipping container management...  

Manage the sales process by scanning pallets onto orders/invoice, or simply select inventory from a list if you dont use the barcode scanning Android app.

Reduce fresh inventory waste with FIFO and bar-code inventory management & waste alerts & reporting.

Generate accurate labels, automatic paperwork, quickly, and accurately. Reporting and KPI for fresh inventory and perishable goods

  • Manage and monitor storage and status (ie: in processes such as sorting, grading, cooling, ripening etc) of all produce 
  • Movement history of all produce is being captured in the background, providing an audit trail of which inventory was stored where at what times, and moved by whom; providing an unparalleled background traceability and inventory auditing management for all produce 
  • Optionally use bar code inventory control with ruggedized tablet or smartphone.  
  • Move fresh produce between cool rooms, ripening rooms, hyrdro-coolers, and warehouses (with and without bar code scanning)
  • Manage fresh produce that is stored across many sites, including sites that may be anywhere in the country, or even across the world with unlimited warehouse storage areas, which can even use 3D storage to increase accuracy in large cool rooms and warehouses. 
  • Stock take fresh produce based on comprehensive filters allowing rapid stock takes of very specific produce, or stock takes in specific locations, or for specific finished products, produce historical stock takes, optional barcode stocktake functions
  • Inventory management using unique identifiers for each inventory item, including over 40 labels with bar code and human readable options
  • Manage raw and finished product that is on pallets, or not on pallets
  • Assign non palletized fresh produce to existing pallets or remove from pallets, or move between pallets 
  • Set standard (current) sale prices for different types of produce, variety, feature, customer lists.
  • Manage and monitor expiring inventory
  • Full pallet management and control, manage and track pallet types, pallet labels and pallet stock take
  • Print delivery receipts for suppliers/farms
  • Create purchase orders and optionally assign incoming inventory to its purchase order to allow traceability using PO data
  • Optional field to Packhouse incoming inventory scanning process to make deliveries faster and easier to record.

Bar-code inventory management

Use the native Android app on your phone or tablet (ruggedized or regular) to scan inventory & pallets to:
* move location
* sell / add to order / invoice
* add to a batch
* stock-take
* look up full details
* reprint pallet or inventory labels
* scan harvested units (bin/tote/crate etc) to collect harvest pay or contractor pay information

Inventory management without bar-codes...

You don't have to use bar-codes to maintain easy and accurate fresh produce inventory management.
Select from lists of produce to move, sell, add to batch/manipulate fresh produce.
Receive First In First Out (FIFO) sales suggestions based on inventory age and current orders.  

Optional features...

Join the global fresh produce revolution to reduce fresh produce waste.

In USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and more... 


Use any PC or Mac, all you need is Safari or Chrome browser. 


Get the native app for Android, or use the web app any iOS device.

Industrial mobile

Ruggedized Android devices have professional bar-code scanners. Accurate bar-code scanning at a distance. 

Touch screens

Users dont need to touch a mouse or keyboardusing specially designed screens that show large images to aid user data entry.  For use on industrial and domestic touch screens.