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Fresh produce inventory management for packers & farms
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Fresh produce inventory software for strict control of fresh produce inventory  traceability, reduce waste of fresh produce inventory.

Rapidly asses all fresh produce inventory within the business, making clear distinctions between produce from external suppliers, raw unprocessed produce, unsorted produce, ungraded produce, and fully packed produce. Increase the accuracy of fresh produce inventory using bar code traceability and advanced fruit labeling.

Create unlimited warehouse storage areas, which can even use 3D storage to increase accuracy in large cool rooms and warehouses. Assign rows, columns, and levels to each warehouse, cool room, hydro-cooler, washing, or storage area. Even assign storage temperatures for each produce type, and configure a temperature profile for each warehouse and cool room. Download the FarmSoft Packhouse Software brochure or watch the fruit packing video.

Make fresh produce inventory control easy for fruit and vegetable packing and handling operations.

  • Manage fresh produce inventory stored at an unlimited number of sites / packhouses, and unlimited warehouses
  • Manage and monitor the storage and status (ie: in processes such as sorting, grading, cooling, ripening etc) of all fresh produce inventory, regardless of its state
  • Manage fresh produce inventory in bulk storage (ie: produce that is not in bins or containers), bins & containers, pallets, palletized, and shipping containers
  • Manage the fresh produce inventory packing, grading, sorting, washing processes
  • Track the movement history of all fresh produce inventory, captured in the background, providing an audit trail of which produce was stored where at what times, and moved by whom; providing an unparalleled background traceability management for all produce in the packhouse
  • Easily move fresh produce inventory between cool rooms, ripeners, hyrdro-coolers, and warehouses
  • Manage packed (finished) frsh produce inventory that is both on and off of pallets
  • Assign non palletized fresh produce inventory to existing pallets or remove from pallets, or move between pallets , or assign directly to orders or invoices
  • Stock take fresh produce inventory based on comprehensive filters allowing rapid stock takes of very specific produce, or stock takes in specific locations, or for specific finished products
  • Set sale prices for different types of fresh produce X customer X part X variety
  • Fresh produce inventory management using unique identifiers for each inventory item, including bar code and human readable labeling
  • Manage fresh produce that is stored across many sites, including sites that may be elsewhere in the country, or even across the world
  • Manage and monitor expiring fresh produce inventory
  • Manage and monitor fresh produce that belongs to other companies, with easy reporting and stock take tools that cater for external ownership of produce
  • Fresh produce inventory barcodes for stock control (optional)
  • Optional encoded QR traceability bar-codes that can be scanned by customer or end consumer to show your selected traceability and marketing information
  • Pallet, case/carton, fruit piece, consumer unit level traceability and labeling, including Print On Demand options
  • Manage customer orders, sales, consignment and dispatch/shipping processes
  • Native app for fresh produce inventory on Android tablets & phone
  • Quality control for fresh produce  
  • Runs from the cloud OR install on your own server
  • Use the farmsoft API to access your data from any other software, financial package, payrol, Crystal Reports, ERP, etc.
  • For more details of farmsoft's Fresh Produce Inventory management features, download the farmsoft Packhouse Software brochure, or try industry specific brochures for potato inventory & traceability, tomato inventory & traceability

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