Less waste, more traceability
Accurate inventory & shipping

Fresh produce management (medium-large businesses)
Orders - Quality - Production - Sales & shipping - Recalls & Audits

Six reasons to implement farmsoft fresh produce mangement...

Less waste, more traceability
Accurate production & shipping

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farmsoft features

Easy to use touch screens, no need for mouse or keyboard.

Accurate production, precise orders...

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Very satisfied customers. 

Our first year using Farmsoft is the first year we can say that each shipment left our loading docks loaded with the correct products and amounts.

One of the biggest unrealized benefits we saw was keeping the field crew harvesting the proper amount of each variety.

In years past, once one variety was harvested, someone would have to physically walk through the coolers counting the product and inventory manually. Then we would begin the time consuming process of counting how much of each product was needed, what was surplus, and so on. 

We moved from a pen-and-paper system to the Farmsoft system. The difference was like night and day. We knew exactly the inventory we had, what we needed to pack to fulfill incoming orders, and what inventory was on hand but not sold. 

Mark Hickman
Operations Manager, Dublin Farms

Great service, saves time, better inventory control.

Our labels, bill of lading, export documents, and invoices are generated automatically saving time for the production, shipping and office teams.

Inventory management and rotation is now much more easier, and I reckon there is probably less waste slipping through the cracks. Our quality control is now more consistent than the old spreadsheet method, and our QC manager can see instantly if QC isn't being performed by the right people at the right time. This has probably helped with quality of products consistency. 

I think the better inventory control is a serious benefit. rotation and FIFO, possibly less waste.  Probably lots of savings of time for invoice, bill of lading, configuring labels for each run, export docs etc. I get less phone calls now about customer orders and pack progress since the team now use dash reports. 

Jake Gregory
Manager, Gregory Farms

We don't have to worry about traceability anymore.  Better inventory visibility.

We can now perform recalls using lots of recall info such as supplier, or delivery date, or customer order etc. Audits are now very fast, and our auditors commented that are traceability is now "excellent". The pack shed team says inventory management is easier now with less mistakes and better visibility of what product is waiting to be packed, packed and ready to be built into an order, and also shipped.Our shed manager says its faster an more accurate to plan orders since she can now see product on order, product in the cool stores, and balance that still needs packing. orders are assigned to batches and packing lines, with a live view of progress real time. The office says they save time with all the paperwork being generated by the dispatch team automatically instead of them having to make paper for each load.

Alex White
Production Manager, White Orchards

Orders filled right, every time.

We now pack to match our orders more accurately than before. I can now assign trucks to multiple orders, and print the BOL and invoice rapidly - all automatic now. Saves a heap of time telling admin what is shipping and waiting for invoices and BOL to be produced. I reckon we save about 1 hour a day since we dont have to mess around with invoices and BOL, and the stocktake is kind of already done at all times.

orders now filled more accurate and each load sent on time, not sure how to quantify reduced errors or not having annoyed calls from customers when a truck is late.

I can now keep an eye on the entire pack & ship operation from anywhere, and now enter orders on the go.

John Richards
Sales Manager, Newland Potatoes

Helped us reduce inventory waste and force FIFO, less mistakes !!!

We were dumping two to three pallets (300 crate) a week before implementation. Now its down to almost 0 crate. our inventory is now accountable and tracked at all times. Brought down waste levels considerably, stopped screw ups during order picking and shipping process. We had previously tried to improve our processes many times using random checks, regular stock takes etc, didn't have the desired outcome. this new computer system has added positively to the line; also happier customers because they get exactly what they ordered. Probably made offices job easier with invoice and shipping documents being made and printed or emailed automatically. We also saw an accuracy increase for orders, since shippers are being told by farmsoft which pallets must go.

David Jackson
Manager / Partner, Jackson Farms

Farmsoft runs our pack shed very well.

Easy to use, takes care of entire packing operations.

Traceability and reporting has been excellent. Third party auditors have been more than impressed with the traceability.

FarmSoft support, training, and requests for customization to FarmSoft to fit our company has always been prompt and effective in response.
Easy to use, takes care of entire packing operations.

Traceability and reporting has been excellent. Third party auditors have been more than impressed with the traceability.

FarmSoft support, training, and requests for customization to FarmSoft to fit our company has always been prompt and effective in response.

Mike Garwood
Compliance Manager, Garwood Orchards

Less waste, more accuracy...


Join the global fresh produce revolution for safer, more efficient fresh produce.

In the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Zimbabwe,  and more... 

Reduce fresh produce waste, make production and shipments 100% accurate

Strict inventory management ensures FIFO and no orphaned fresh produce inventory, no loss of inventory due handling processes.  

Prodction management ensures every order is filled accurately, dispatch is planned in advance, and correct shipments despatched on time, every time. 

Sales dashboards help marketing and sales teams plan orders, schedule production, and identify any fresh produce that needs to be sold before it becomes waste. 

A choice of interfaces to suit every environment gives your team a simple fresh produce business management tool.  

  • Manage fresh produce inventory stored at an unlimited number of sites / packhouses, and unlimited warehouses
  • Manage and monitor the storage and status (ie: in processes such as sorting, grading, cooling, ripening etc) of all fresh produce inventory, regardless of its state
  • Manage fresh produce inventory in bulk storage (ie: produce that is not in bins or containers), bins & containers, pallets, palletized, and shipping containers
  • Manage the fresh produce inventory packing, grading, sorting, washing processes
  • Track the movement history of all fresh produce inventory, captured in the background, providing an audit trail of which produce was stored where at what times, and moved by whom; providing an unparalleled background traceability management for all produce in the packhouse
  • Easily move fresh produce inventory between cool rooms, ripeners, hyrdro-coolers, and warehouses
  • Manage packed (finished) frsh produce inventory that is both on and off of pallets
  • Assign non palletized fresh produce inventory to existing pallets or remove from pallets, or move between pallets , or assign directly to orders or invoices
  • Stock take fresh produce inventory based on comprehensive filters allowing rapid stock takes of very specific produce, or stock takes in specific locations, or for specific finished products
  • Set sale prices for different types of fresh produce X customer X part X variety
  • Fresh produce inventory management using unique identifiers for each inventory item, including bar code and human readable labeling
  • Manage fresh produce that is stored across many sites, including sites that may be elsewhere in the country, or even across the world
  • Manage and monitor expiring fresh produce inventory
  • Manage and monitor fresh produce that belongs to other companies, with easy reporting and stock take tools that cater for external ownership of produce
  • Fresh produce inventory barcodes for stock control (optional)
  • Optional encoded QR traceability bar-codes that can be scanned by customer or end consumer to show your selected traceability and marketing information
  • Pallet, case/carton, fruit piece, consumer unit level traceability and labeling, including Print On Demand options
  • Manage customer orders, sales, consignment and dispatch/shipping processes
  • Native app for fresh produce inventory on Android tablets & phone
  • Quality control for fresh produce  
  • Use the farmsoft API to access your data from any other software, financial package, payrol, Crystal Reports, ERP, etc.
  • Create unlimited warehouse storage areas, which can even use 3D storage to increase accuracy in large cool rooms and warehouses. Assign rows, columns, and levels to each warehouse, cool room, hydro-cooler, washing, or storage area. 
  • Rapidly asses all fresh produce inventory within the business, making clear distinctions between produce from external suppliers, raw unprocessed produce, unsorted produce, ungraded produce, and fully packed produce. Increase the accuracy of fresh produce inventory using bar code traceability and advanced fruit labeling.
  • For more details of farmsoft's Fresh Produce Inventory management features, download the farmsoft Packhouse Software brochure, or try industry specific brochures for potato inventory & traceability, tomato inventory & traceability


Mobile & tablet


Ruggedized devices with professional bar-code scanners. 

Less waste, more traceability...


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