Integrate with scales & weighing equipment 

Specially designed for fresh produce companies that pack, ship, import/export, and wholesale

Integrate with scales from your chosen vendor of weighing equipment.  Weigh entire trucks, trailers, or pallets.  Using farmsoft, the tare of truck, trailer, containers, and pallets can be deducted from the gross delivery weight. 

Less waste

Increased accuracy of deliverie, faster weighing of fresh produce, no paperwork!

Scales integration for fresh produce packer & wholesaler

Improve your delivery processes by allowing farmsoft to automatically grab the weight of a delivery and deduct tare and container and packaging weights to get the true and accurate nett weight. Print labels and store your fresh produce rapidly.  

With farmsoft's weighing equipment integration, you can increase the accuracy of fresh produce deliveries, while decreasing the time taken to record each fresh produce delivery. 

Scale integration for fresh produce requires vendors provide an API (REST) or an app that inserts the current scale weight into the clipboard on a Windows or Android device.  This allows farmsoft to integrate with scales and weighing equipment from a large number of vendors at a very low cost to you. 

Fresh produce inventory management made easy

Use the Android app on your phone or tablet (ruggedized or regular) to scan inventory & pallets to:
* move location
* sell / add to order / invoice
* add to a batch
* stock-take
* look up full details
* reprint pallet or inventory labels
* scan harvested units (bin/tote/crate etc) to collect harvest pay or contractor pay information

Optional features...

Join the global fresh produce revolution to reduce fresh produce waste.

In USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and more... 


Use any PC or Mac, all you need is Safari or Chrome browser. 


Get the native app for Android, or use the web app any iOS device.

Industrial mobile

Ruggedized Android devices have professional bar-code scanners. Accurate bar-code scanning at a distance. 

Touch screens

Users dont need to touch a mouse or keyboardusing specially designed screens that show large images to aid user data entry.  For use on industrial and domestic touch screens.