My Reports

This screen lest you design your own reports, labels, invoice, bill of lading - or copy existing templates and edit them as you like.

  1. GET STARTED - Go to Settings > My Reports (you need Administrator privelages on Employee screen to access My Reports screen)
  2. CREATE YOUR NEW REPORT/LABEL/DOCUMENT - Select "Copy" to copy an existing report, or the (+) icon for a blank report
  3. NAME YOUR REPORT - Give your report a name, this will appear when users need to print it.  Select a Category (eg: Invoice, delivery, inventory label etc) and the width and height of the report in CM, barcode width can be from 1 - 10.   If you enable "Requires finance admin" then users without Finance Admin permissions will not be able to see or print this report. 
  4. DESIGN A SIMPLE REPORT - If your report is simple you can create it in the on screen text box.  Select a field to insert which will place a tag into the text box.  These tags are obviously replaced with the corresponding data when the report runs.  Select "Preview" to view the report using your own data (you are expected to enter an ID (eg: an Inventory number or Invoice number), try 1 if you dont have much data - if you have NO data then you cant preview using your own data).
  5. DESIGN AN ADVANCED REPORT - Instead of using the text box to design your report, create a Word document using Rich Text format (download example document here).  Word allows you to create more sophisticated documents, simply use the tags (a tag looks like this [Invoice.No] ) from the text document in your Word Rich Text document.  Once you finish your design copy it from the Word Rich Text document into the text box and select "Save".  
  6. TURN YOUR REPORT ON -  Close the report.  Depending on your report type, on the My Reports screen you will see either "Select part" or "Select company".  Use these links to activate this report for those objects (eg: enable an invoice for specific customers, or inventory label for specific parts).  Other types of reports will show automatically, for example, all Batch labels will show on the batches screen. 

Can we help you?

Select more options at top right and "Support" to contact us, or email your consultant directly if you have a premium support subscription.  If you are working on a specific document please include the Word RTF of your document, and a screenshot of the My Report record you need help with. 

Use the API

Access advanced data sets using the API service

From massive data sets that include business wide information, to simple configuration data like company lists, part lists, or integration with your financial package.