Supplier quality management

Manage supplier quality in the fresh produce space, track supplier quality performance over time, make comparisons, and justify prices.

Supplier quality management is streamlined with farmsoft's supplier quality management systems.  Manage quality for each supplier individually, create product specific quality tests, or customer specific tests.  Track quality issues rapidly to the supplier, their batch, and other delivery details. 

Supplier quality management for fresh produce

Working with fresh produce suppliers to ensure consistently high quality fresh produce is essential for cusotmer retention and maximum profit.  

Use farmsoft to create your own  supplier quality management QC Programs, tailored to your exact needs, or choose from our supplier quality management templates. 

Perform simple or comprehensive supplier quality management using unlimited quality management programs, which can be supplier specific, fresh produce type specific, or generic in nature for all supplier quality management.

Each supplier quality management program allows capture of multiple quality criteria, notes, photos, documents and more. 

Supplier quality management tests can be linked to supplier deliveries, purchase order, batch, and lot.  

Compare overall performance of each fresh produce supplier. 

Compare supplier quality performance by each quality criteria across all (or selected) fresh produce suppliers. By percentage of failure or quality failure count.  

Analyze data tables that compare quality management for each fresh produce supplier.  

Review supplier quality management performance for each product, comments, notes, and any documents attached.   

Perform an instant recall based on internal or external quality detections.  

Receive alerts for supplier quality management failures. 

Supplier quality management is part of farmsofts Quality Control module. 

Supplier quality management


Using farmsoft quality control, and the quality dashboard, easily compare performance of multiple suppliers, regardless of volume.  Make comparisons of similar, identical, or general categories of fresh produce between multiple suppliers.


Perform in depth analysis of supplier quality performance by comparing failure rates of quality criteria.


Access tabular results from supplier quality tests to compare multiple suppliers by specific finished product, or fresh produce type/variety.

Supplier quality management for reduced customer complaints, and consistent fresh produce quality....

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