Traceability & recalls

Guarantee easy recalls with state of the art traceability.

Perform a recall in seconds, click here for full recall report.

Instant recalls and accurate traceability for fresh produce packers, processors, and wholesalers, importer/exporter..

Instant recalls, 'always on' traceability

Makes fresh inventory food safety compliance and audits easy.   Instant recalls using any of these recall methods: invoice number, inventory number, order number, pallet number, delivery date, customer name, storage location, pack date. 

Generate inventory, pallet, trade use, case labels to maximize traceability. Choose from our selection of industry standard labels, modify them, or create your own in the document designer. 

'Always on' traceability ensures all traceablity details are captured at the earliest possible point in the supply chain, are never redundant, permanantly preserved, and referenceable using many recall factors. 

  • Recall instantly using any recall key such as: inventory #, order #, pallet #, invoice #, supplier name, Crop / Crop Batch name, supplier traceability data, delivery date and more…
  • Best practice standards for packing and processing fresh produce such as BRC, GlobalGAP, ISO, HACCP (and many more) are supported by the system, making audits less expensive, and compliance easier and less expensive
  • Recall both up and down the supply chain for as many steps as recorded data allows. FarmSoft allows multiple levels of traceability, not just one up one down
  • Traceability can start at the point of purchase order creation for inventory, or can start at the point delivery of produce from a supplier (if there is no PO), or all the way back on the farm – before planting has taken place (if you are using FarmSoft Farm Management), providing the packhouse with a choice of which traceability model to implement, and greatly reducing paperwork and data entry
  • Capture and archive (for rapid recall) all traceability records related to use of materials, employees, equipment – suitable for use with multiple standards
  • Materials and inventory are issued with system generated Inventory ID labels which contain a unique Inventory Number that relates to the traceability details. The Inventory Number can be recorded via a mobile device when used, or entered onto a task sheet for later entry; this method makes recording of inventory very rapid and accurate.
  • Individual task Quality Check by QC officer, including time, officer, date, and notes
  • The farmsoft system will reject delivery of produce that is still within a PHI/Pre Harvest Interval or withholding period (if you are using farmsoft Farm Management)
  • Generate QR code labels, EAN 128 , GS1, PTI, Tesco, Walmart, Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, Pick N Save, Loblaw, La Martina compliant labels

Maximum traceability

Use the native Android app on your phone or tablet (ruggedized or regular) to scan maximize your traceability.   
Inventory is scanned (or selected from a list) when added to batches.  This ensures maximum batch based traceability.  

During the shipping process, invnetory is scanned (or selected from a list, or manually entered) to add it to an invoice.  This ensures all produce can be tracked instantly to the cusotmer, transport company, dispatch documentation and more...

Optional features...


Use any PC or Mac, all you need is Safari or Chrome browser. 


Get the native app for Android, or use the web app any iOS device.

Industrial mobile

Ruggedized Android devices have professional bar-code scanners. Accurate bar-code scanning at a distance. 

Touch screens

Users dont need to touch a mouse or keyboardusing specially designed screens that show large images to aid user data entry.  For use on industrial and domestic touch screens.