Handy hints on how to increase profit, increase traceability, increase quality increase yield in the fresh produce packing and processing industry using FarmSoft software…

The FarmSoft team has prepared a collection of fruit and vegetable handling, growing, farming, packing, quality control, and traceability hints and ideas to help improve real farm profit, increase farm traceability, reduce packhouse waste, and increase packhouse traceability, and increase food safety.  Use the menu on the left to browse the fresh produce hints.

Optional functionality:

Inventory & cold store

Easy inventory

Rapid packing, storage, and dispatch of fresh produce has never been easier. Easy stock takes, know where all inventory, FIFO and high accountability. Unlimited warehouses & storage locations.

Sales management

Orders made easy

Manage sales orders, sales contracts, batch orders / work orders, analyse production requirements and more..


Traceability enforced

Rapid and accurate traceability reduces business financial risk and makes audits easy. Reduces the cost of compliance.

Pallet control

Easy pallet control

Manage unlimited pallets, and pallet types (eg: chep, wood, plastic). Track pallet types on sales and exports, label and track.

Bar code & labels

Bar code inventory labels

Generate GS1 and over 40 other labels, bar code inventory control using reader/PDA/tablet. Scan to move pallets and inventory

Picking & dispatch

Easy picking & dispatch

Pick orders to customer specs, monitor order progress, print correct paperwork for each customer, shipping container management, export documentation.

Packing management

Easy to record packing data

Batch management of inputs, washing, sorting, grading, packing and processing. Repack and maintain traceability

Value adding

Manufacturing & value add

Track and trace all inputs from multiple suppliers, BOM, GMP, labor, packaging materials, batch quality, batch costs and more

Quality control

Quality control made easy

Perform QC from tablet/pda/smartphone/PC/Mac. Configure internal tests, customer QC, QMS, HACCP, USDA, Tesco, Woolworths, Aldi, Coles, ISO, and other tests.

International standards

Easily enforce many international standards

HACCP, BRC, ISO, GlobalGAP, EurepGAP, CanGAP, and even de-facto standards can easily be enforced with FarmSoft…

Easy to use

User friendly and intuitive

FarmSoft’s easy to use interface shows users only what they need to see to get their job done quickly and efficiently


FarmSoft can be tailored to meet your needs

Tailor FarmSoft to meet your exact needs, not the other way around. Quick, and inexpensive to perform. Talk to a consultant today about your requirements.

The FarmSoft team has over 14 years experience in fresh produce operations and traceability software solutions for both medium and corporate sized farming, packing, food manufacturing and distribution.  During this time, a comprehensive suite of traceability software solutions have been developed to specific industry niches.  The FarmSoft team can use an existing FarmSoft solution to customize a business specific fresh produce operations and traceability solution, regardless of your space in the fresh produce supply chain.

FarmSoft fresh produce software solutions:

Reduce your administration costs, save on waste, and enhance yield.  Contact us for a free consultation with a FarmSoft traceability software expert today!

Meeting fresh produce traceability guidelines can be challenging, time consuming, and expensive.  FarmSoft traceability software strives to automate the traceability challenge as much as possible, freeing up employees to perform other tasks.  Integrated into the fruit and vegetable traceability functionality of FarmSoft is the ability to incorporate Quality Control and Quality Management Systems into the day to day operations of your FarmSoft traceability software.  Processes in FarmSoft traceability software ensure employees are prompted to perform the correct actions at the correct time, ensuring maximum quality, yield, traceability, and adherence to best practices at all times.

As witnessed in the European Union and the United States recently, poor traceability can lead to massive recalls, resulting in massive losses to producers and actors in the supply chain.  Using a FarmSoft solution ensures traceability both up and down the supply chain, by more than one step.  This extra level of multi-step traceability is not supported by most other traceability solutions.  FarmSoft also includes the ability to handle ‘cascading traceability’.  Cascading Traceability is required when internal processes (such as food manufacturing) contain multiple inputs from multiple suppliers (who may have sourced the inputs from other suppliers), and the product is being exposed to iterative batch manufacturing processes which can create outputs that may be used in additional batches…. (this process may be repeated in may different batches).


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