FarmSoft farm to plate traceability system brings together farming, packing & processing, and sales and distribution to create a seamless fresh produce management solution from farm to customers plate.

FarmSoft’s farm to plate traceability solution takes care of every operational aspect of the farming and fruit packing processes all the way through to post sales.  The holistic approach provides FarmSoft clients with comprehensive operational management to streamline farming operations, and make processing and packing as efficient as possible.

Combine both FarmSoft Farm Software AND FarmSoft Fruit Packing Software to create a complete farm to plate traceability solution.

Download Fruit Packing specifications, and download Farm Management specifications to learn how FarmSoft farm to plate traceability system can help your business.

FarmSoft Farm Software

The core solution to ensure strict traceability and operational efficiency on the farm.  From budgeting, farm record keeping, to cost monitoring and farm inventory & machines…

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FarmSoft Fruit Packing Software

Comprehensive post harvest management of all fresh produce handling, storage, processing, packing, sales and distribution activities.  Guarantees absolute traceability back to the very ground in which the produce is grown.

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  • Reduce financial exposure and business risk in the event of a recall incident
  • Minimize the size and cost of a recall
  • Reduce costs of standards compliance
  • Minimize processing waste
  • Increase yield and profit from better adherence to best farming practices
  • Reduce the chance of ‘budget shock’ by always having real time budget information
  • Increase food safety
  • Improve relationships with customers and their perception of quality and food safety in your product
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Makes quality audits easy
  • Increase farm traceability through better inventory management practices

FarmSoft farm to plate traceability system delivers much more than traceability alone.  Improve profit & yield through reduced waste, better allocation of resources, and faster management response to potential issues.

Comprehensive farming activity management

FarmSoft Farm Management delivers comprehensive farm management for every aspect of the fresh produce farming enterprise.  From pre-planting management to post harvest yield analysis.

Farm Record Keeping

FarmSoft makes farm record keeping easy, from  your smart phone, tablet, PC or Mac.  For teams without devices, you can even print out the farm tasks as a work order, and the data can be captured post task completion.  FarmSoft caters for ALL farming tasks, including Spray, Irrigation, Fertilization, Land Preparation, Chipping/Weeding, Bagging, and more.  You can even create your own task types, add your own fields, and specify what properties and data must be captured during the task recording process.  You can attach photos and documents to tasks.  For example:  Bob saw some type of pest infestation on a crop, he can take a photo and attach it to a task (and make any notes as required) that he assigns to his manager.  His manager will then see the task, view the photo, and possibly create a Spray Task to resolve the issue.   (simply take a photo with your phone).  Tasks can be monitored in real time by management.  You can set who can see which task types, and even set individual read, edit, delete, create permissions for each employee.

Best Farming Practices

FarmSoft’s best farming practice module can automatically create tasks in your Farm Diary.  The tasks will have suggested inventory, labor, and equipment use associated to them as Estimated values.  Farm managers will then adjust tasks to suit changing weather and conditions, and when the tasks are completed, employees fill in the actual inventory, labor, and equipment used.  This system ensures that the correct tasks are being performed at the correct time.  Resulting in higher yield, better profit, and accurate traceability.

Farm Inventory

FarmSoft manages all farm inventory.  You can optionally generate inventory labels for all inventory coming onto the farm, and capture the supplier, cost, and traceability details at this stage (saves employees having to write down batch and lot numbers in the field).  When the inventory is consumed you can simply refer to its Inventory Number or scan the inventory bar code to record consumption.    Perform stock takes from your smartphone or tablet, or simply print them out for entry onto your PC/Mac.  Manage expiring inventory by being alerted to expiry dates in advance.  Create purchase orders (optionally associate deliveries with PO’s) and optionally use the purchase order approval system.  Track inventory consumption, the person/s who used it, and movement dates to determine exactly when and where shrinkage has occurred.

Farm Traceability

Exceptional traceability allows you to rapidly track all inputs (inventory, employee labor, equipment use) on any specific crop, block, patch, row, bay, section, or tree.  Perform recalls on a planting, batch, section of a crop, or specific area of land.  Rapidly determine where an Inventory was used, on which batches and perform a recall based on only ONE of the following elements (you only need one element, although more than one can also be helpful):  inventory number, crop name, land location and or co-ordinates, bay, row, tree, name of inventory, suppliers name, batch/log number from manufacturer, purchase order that purchased the inventory, employee who used the inventory, invoice number.  FarmSoft delivers levels of traceability that are simply unavailable in other solutions.

Cost Monitoring

At any time, report on the cost of each crop or crops season, costs for individual plantings, costs divided by area of land, costs by task type by area of land and many other innovative charts and KPI and bench marking tools.  All in real time.

Farm Budgeting

Farm budgets can be automatically created simply by using the Best Farming Practice module.  Monitor budgets Estimated and Actual values in real time, for the whole farm, site, or specific plantings.  Use budget data to plan cash flow, inventory ordering, labor and equipment planning.

FarmSoft farm to plate traceability system boasts a comprehensive post harvest management solution for all fresh produce processing, packing, value adding, sales, distribution, export, and quality control.

FarmSoft combines all fresh produce traceability processes into one business management solution, ensuring that the correct quality, compliance, and operational tasks are performed at the correct time.  This guarantees higher quality compliance and lower waste and non conformity issues.

Fresh produce inventory management – farm to plate traceability

From the deliver of fresh produce, storage, purchase orders for fresh produce, delivery receipts for fresh produce from external farms, inventory traceability, FIFO management, expiring inventory management, inventory ripening, mobile inventory managment, inventory labeling, inventory stock takes, inventory reporting, pallet control and pallet management – FarmSoft has you covered!

Perform fresh produce recall up and down the supply chain – farm to plate traceability

FarmSoft allows recalls based on invoice, purchase order, customer reference, delivery date, delivery docket, sales order, and more.  No more recording redundant data on multiple logs or spreadsheet.  Instant recall makes audits easy and fast and reduces quality and standard compliance costs.  You can also record multiple levels of traceability data, for example, your suppliers supplier can be documented, along with batch and lot codes for their produce.  This data can make comprehensive product recalls rapid and instant.  Multi-level traceability is not support by many competitor fresh produce solutions.

Cascading traceability – farm to plate traceability

Is a system whereby fresh produce is processed in a a batch, and may in turn be used in other batches, and those batches may in turn be used in additional batches and so on.  This is a common practice when processing fresh produce where the harvest needs to be mixed together, is graded or sorted, then packed with other produce at a later time.  This practice is also common in food processing and value adding processes, where an input to one batch may in turn be used in many other batches.  FarmSoft handles this complex traceability challenge with ease and provides reliable and comprehensive cascading traceability management.  Many competitor fresh produce solutions do not support cascading traceability.

Fresh Produce Labeling – farm to plate traceability

FarmSoft provides many options for fresh produce labeling including many international and customer standards such as HACCP, ISO, GlobalGAP, EuroGAP, CanGAP, AsiaGAP, Tesco’s, Aldi, Walmart, Loblaw, USDA, Woolworth’s, Coles, and more.

Packing management – farm to plate traceability

FarmSoft manages the entire packing process, guiding employees through any tasks (eg: washing, grading, sorting, QC, value adding processes) and capturing the batch processing/packing/manufacturing costs.  During this process the packing materials are also tracked to ensure complete traceability of all batch inputs.

Order and contract management – farm to plate traceability

Record customer contracts and sales orders.  You can assign these to Batch Orders to schedule production for specific outputs and product specifications.  Outputs can be easily tracked to the customer who ordered them.  Automatically manage the balance of customer orders.

Quality control – farm to plate traceability

Comprehensive and flexible quality control can be configured to cater for QMS, international standards, internal, and customer QC specifications.  Quality control tests can use score weighting, value ranges, pass / fail, percentage of count/weight, quantity of criteria fail, quantity of category fail, quantity of all category fails, and more.  Quality tests are standardized and ensure consistent testing and product quality.  Quality tests can be performed on any ‘subject’ as defined by your configuration, such as raw produce, finished produce, incoming pallets, outgoing pallets, shipping container, and more.  Quality alerts can be automatically sent to quality  managers when specific tests fail or conditions are met.  Perform quality control on a tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac.

Sales and dispatch – farm to plate traceability

FarmSoft caters for many different dispatch processes including, manual, pick sheet based, mobile based, mobile bar code scanning and more…  Full shipping container management is included.  Invoices of various formats can also be generated (these can be shared with your accounting solution as required).  A dispatch monitoring screen can be used to monitor the progress of orders.

Customer documentation – farm to plate traceability

Associate specific documentation with each customer, when orders are ready for shipping FarmSoft will present the correct documentation for printing (or emailing).

Increase customer confidence – farm to plate traceability

When your customers know you have a state of the art farm to plate traceability system, their confidence and perceived value in your fresh produce is increased.  This is an important part of any supplier to customer relationship.



FarmSoft has provided us with a system that meets all of our business requirements and more.

Implementation, support and customer service has been second to none and of a standard l have not witnessed before.

The flexibility of the system and the support by the team to ensure our business needs were met  and delivered is highly commendable.

Would highly recommend the software [FarmSoft] and the Company as a provider.

– Georgie ,


Farm to plate traceability
Reference: Improve farm efficiency with FarmSoft farm management with best traceability software.