Increase packhouse traceability with FarmSoft Packhouse Management software for fruit, vegetable, hop, and coffee.

Enhancing packhouse traceability is made easy with FarmSoft, easily manage the traceability of fresh produce from external suppliers (and your own farms), through the entire packing, processing, food manufacturing, and storage and sales process.  Easily perform recalls on fresh produce in seconds using any supply chain information such as inventory number, batch number, pallet number, delivery date, invoice number, customer reference, purchase order number, transport company, or sales order number.  Download FarmSoft Fruit Packing specifications for full details or watch the video below for an introduction.

Increase Packhouse Traceability

Increase packhouse traceability with the FarmSoft Packhouse Software.  Traceability is easily enforced throughout the entire receipt, sorting, grading, processing, packing, storage, sales and dispatch.

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  • Reduce financial exposure and business risk in the event of a recall incident
  • Minimize the size and cost of a recall
  • Reduce costs of standards compliance
  • Minimize processing waste
  • Increase food safety
  • Improve relationships with customers and their perception of quality and food safety in your product
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Makes quality audits easy

Increase packhouse traceability with easy to use extensive functionality.

The FarmSoft Packhouse Software delivers comprehensive management for every section of the fresh produce processing enterprise.  FarmSoft is highly configurable and can be customized to suit both simple and complex business processes.

  • Fresh produce inventory control, including bar-code
  • Inventory rotation, expiring inventory management, inventory ripening
  • Export documentation for fresh produce
  • Sales order management
  • Purchase order management
  • Pallet management
  • Fresh produce labeling (PTI, Walmart, Aldi, Woolworths, Coles, Tesco’s and more)
  • Extensive inventory, KPI, packing cost, labor cost, quality control, and pack out reporting
  • Quality control alerts sent to management (includes full quality report in the alert)
  • Inventory re-order & re-stock management
  • Access from mobile device such as tablet, smartphone, industrial PDA/device
  • Install FarmSoft on your own server, or use it directly from the cloud for easy deployment to multiple sites
  • Sales contract management
  • Extensive fresh produce quality control management
  • Customer documentation requirements management
  • Sales management for multiple sites / factories / and warehouses distributed in any number of geographical locations
  • Packing and processing labor management and recording (can be integrated with payroll)
  • Batch based processing and manufacturing management
  • Traceability management including cascading traceability on materials produced/used in multiple batches iteratively
  • Unlimited sites / factories, and warehouses
  • Control exactly which screens each user can see, enable Edit, Create, View, Supervisor, Employee permissions for tasks
  • Good manufacturing practice (GMP) enforcement to ensure the correct tasks are performed at the correct time




FarmSoft has provided us with a system that meets all of our business requirements and more.

Implementation, support and customer service has been second to none and of a standard l have not witnessed before.

The flexibility of the system and the support by the team to ensure our business needs were met  and delivered is highly commendable.

Would highly recommend the software [FarmSoft] and the Company as a provider.

– Georgie ,




How to increase packhouse traceability with FarmSoft fruit packing software:

FarmSoft delivers many opportunities to increase packhouse traceability including:

  • From the point of fresh produce delivery, FarmSoft tracks the fresh produce back to the exact field/patch and crop, or to the supplier and the suppliers reference to the fresh produce.  Delivery receipts can be printed at this stage for external suppliers.
  • Produce is labeled during the delivery process, a unique traceability identifier such as an Inventory Number is applied to the fresh produce and will remain with the fresh produce inventory until it is processed or packed or repacked.
  • During the packing or processing stage, the produce is scanned (or manually recorded) into a batch.  Because the unique traceability identifier is used in this stage, the traceability of the fresh produce continues to be maintained.  Fresh produce from multiple origins and suppliers can be mixed into one batch (to make a final product, or a product that will be used in other batches) and full traceability is still maintained.
  • During the fresh produce dispatch process, FarmSoft tracks exactly which fresh produce from which batches has been dispatched to specific customers.  This allows a total recall based on the batch, origin, supplier, and customer.  This traceability feature works both up and down the supply chain.
  • Users of FarmSoft Farm solutions can also report on inputs into the farming process adding an additional layer of traceability that goes all the way back to suppliers of farming materials and the batch and lot numbers of those farming materials.
Reference: fresh produce quality control QC fruit quality control fruit quality guidelines fruit quality standards QMS.