Reduce post harvest loss with better fresh produce inventory rotation, expiration alerts, FIFO enforcement, and high levels of employee accountability.  For use in medium to large packhouses, and co-operative packing.

Improving the traceability and reducing post harvest loss is the cornerstone of the FarmSoft Packhouse solution.  FarmSoft guides employees through the best manufacturing processes to ensure minimal waste and maximum pack shed profit.   Download FarmSoft specifications to learn how to reduce post harvest loss, or download sample packhouse reports.

Reduce post harvest loss

Reduce post harvest loss with FarmSoft’s comprehensive set of optional features.  FarmSoft consultants can tailor a solution to fit any medium to large packhouse or co-operative packing business.

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  • Reduce financial exposure and business risk in the event of a recall incident
  • Minimize the size and cost of a recall
  • Reduce costs of standards compliance
  • Minimize processing waste
  • Increase food safety
  • Improve relationships with customers and their perception of quality and food safety in your product
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Makes quality audits easy

Reduce post harvest loss with FarmSoft’s array of innovative features.

The FarmSoft Packhouse Software delivers comprehensive management for every section of the fresh produce processing enterprise.  Ensuing maximum quality, and minimum loss and shrinkage. FarmSoft is geared to minimize post harvest losses and maximize pack shed profit.

FarmSoft delivers waste tracking that allows reporting of waste by discrete and non discrete methods.  Perform quality control checks on ‘wasted’ or ‘rejected’ produce to determine any issues in the grading and sorting processes to minimize waste and fresh produce loss.

  • Sales contract management
  • Extensive fresh produce quality control management
  • Customer documentation requirements management
  • Sales management for multiple sites / factories / and warehouses distributed in any number of geographical locations
  • Packing and processing labor management and recording (can be integrated with payroll)
  • Batch based processing and manufacturing management
  • Traceability management including cascading traceability on materials produced/used in multiple batches iteratively
  • Unlimited sites / factories, and warehouses
  • Control exactly which screens each user can see, enable Edit, Create, View, Supervisor, Employee permissions for tasks
  • Good manufacturing practice (GMP) enforcement to ensure the correct tasks are performed at the correct time




FarmSoft has provided us with a system that meets all of our business requirements and more.

Implementation, support and customer service has been second to none and of a standard l have not witnessed before.

The flexibility of the system and the support by the team to ensure our business needs were met  and delivered is highly commendable.

Would highly recommend the software [FarmSoft] and the Company as a provider.

– Georgie ,




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