FarmSoft Date Plantation Software  delivers exceptional control, management, and accountability including best practices to the date farming enterprise.

The FarmSoft team has been busy developing new features to cater for date palm plantations and date farming. The FarmSoft Date Plantation Software covers both farming and processing and drying of dates, and is available in English, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Malaysian, and other languages.  Download the date plantation farming software specifications, or view sample date plantation farming reports.

Contact your nearest FarmSoft date plantation software expert to discuss how to improve profit, traceability, and yield.

The FarmSoft team has recently upgraded the FarmSoft Date Plantation Management software and FarmSoft Packhouse Management solutions with new features specifically designed for Date Palm Plantation farming and stone fruit, processing, grading, sorting, and packing.

Date farmers using the FarmSoft Date Plantation software can see improvements in business wide profitability through better management of farming activities, higher traceability, and strict cost control and reporting.

Date packers and processors can improve date processing traceability, efficiency, and reduce shrinkage by implementing the FarmSoft Packhouse Management suite.   The packhouse management suite offers Date Palm packers inventory control, labeling, batch management, storage management, fresh produce sales, fresh produce traceability, fresh produce dispatch and invoicing, packing management, and full packhouse reporting for packing costs and packhouse labor.

Date plantation software for better yield, traceability, and profits.  Talk to one of our experts today!

date plantation software

Contact your nearest FarmSoft date plantation software expert to discuss how to improve profit, traceability, and yield.

FarmSoft can be used by both organic, and in-organic farmers.  Date palms have been cultivated for a very long time because of its edible fruit called the ‘date’.   The tree is between 15m and 25m high. It has long leaves that look like feathers. Such leaves are called pinnate. The leaves can grow to 3-5 metres in length. The leaves have visible spines. There are about 150 leaflets. Each leaflet can be up to 30 cm in length and 2cm in breadth. The full span of the crown of the tree is 6 to 10 metres.  The date palm has one or more trunks, that all come from a single system of roots.


To find out how FarmSoft Date Plantation Management software can bring new benefits to your date farming and processing company, please contact a Tenacious Systems consultant now.

Date Plantation Software


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