Fresh produce labeling is made easy with pallet, carton/tote/case, consumer unit, and even individual fruit labeling templates.  Easily generate Walmart, Aldi, Tesco, Woolworths, PTI, and other labels.

FarmSoft comes pre-loaded with common domestic and export labels for fruit and vegetables.  Use existing labels or ask our team to design labels to meet your exact requirements.  Download the fruit packing brochure now! 

Implement optional FarmSoft features to match your businesses requirements:

Optional functionality:

Inventory & cold store

Easy inventory

Storage & dispatch of fresh produce has never been easier. Easy stock takes, always know inventory location. FIFO & 3D storage. Unlimited warehouses & storage locations.

Sales management

Orders made easy

Manage sales orders, sales contracts, batch orders / work orders, analyse production requirements and more..


Traceability enforced

Rapid and accurate traceability reduces business financial risk and makes audits easy. Reduces the cost of compliance.

Pallet control

Easy pallet control

Manage unlimited pallets, and pallet types (eg: chep, wood, plastic). Track pallet types on sales and exports, label and track.

Bar code & labels

Bar code inventory labels

Generate GS1 and over 40 other labels, bar code inventory control using reader/PDA/tablet. Scan to move pallets and inventory

Picking & dispatch

Easy picking & dispatch

Pick orders to customer specs, monitor order progress, print correct paperwork for each customer, shipping container management, export documentation.

Packing management

Easy to record packing data

Batch management of inputs, washing, sorting, grading, packing and processing. Repack and maintain traceability

Value adding

Manufacturing & value add

Track and trace all inputs from multiple suppliers, BOM, GMP, labor, packaging materials, batch quality, batch costs and more

Quality control

Quality control made easy

Perform QC from tablet/pda/smartphone/PC/Mac. Configure internal tests, customer QC, QMS, HACCP, USDA, Tesco, Woolworths, Aldi, Coles, ISO, and other tests.

International standards

Easy compliance!

HACCP, BRC, ISO, GlobalGAP, EurepGAP, CanGAP, and even de-facto standards can easily be enforced with FarmSoft…

Easy to use

User friendly and intuitive

FarmSoft’s easy to use interface shows users only what they need to see to get their job done quickly and efficiently


FarmSoft can be tailored to meet your needs

Tailor FarmSoft to meet your exact needs, not the other way around. Quick, and inexpensive to perform. Talk to a consultant today about your requirements.

Contact your nearest FarmSoft solution consultant to discuss your fresh produce labeling options.

Fresh produce labeling requirements can be complex and time consuming to implement and maintain.

FarmSoft helps you implement many fresh produce labeling standards such as Produce Traceability Initiative / PTI style using GS1 barcode formats, Walmart, Tesco, Wollworths, Coles, Aldi and more.  You can use built in proprietary labels, or implement your own specification for a label with optional bar-codes or RFID integration.  Talk to your FarmSoft consultant to develop a proprietary fresh produce labeling solution for your fruit or vegetable packing business.

Out of the box, FarmSoft will generate dozens of labels for instant use in your fruit & vegetable pack house or pack shed.

Fresh Produce Labeling Standards

  • Print Produce Traceability Initiative / PTI style labels for fresh produce pallets (PTI Hybrid Pallet Label with GTIN and SSCC via GS1 128 barcodes) and other fresh produce labeling formats from around the world
  • Generate standard FarmSoft fresh produce pallet labels with SSCC and human readable details
  • Print Produce Traceability Initiative / PTI style labels for fresh produce crates (PTI Crate/Carton Label with GTIN and human readable data)
  • Generate standard FarmSoft inventory labels for identifying fresh produce that will be processed further before sale
  • Includes labels accepted by Walmart, Tesco’s, Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, Pick’n’Save, and many more chains
  • Use virtually any printer type or model, including mobile label printers or inexpensive thermal or laser printing options to generate fresh produce labeling
  • FarmSoft’s development team can build any label required by your Packhouse, including pre-printed formatted labels and more all designed for fresh produce labeling…

Contact your nearest FarmSoft solution consultant to discuss your fresh produce labeling options






Fresh produce labeling for PTI, Tesco, Walmart – export and domestic made easy!

Contact your nearest FarmSoft solution consultant to discuss your fresh produce labeling options, all features in FarmSoft are optional:

fresh produce labeling

Meet David!!

a FarmSoft consultant

Meet David!

David has been with the FarmSoft consulting team since 2003.  David’s specialty is in the fruit farming industries, in particular apple and citrus.  David has worked alongside clients around the world, helping improve farming practices and sharing his wealth of knowledge and camaraderie with clients.  David relies on practical thinking to solve every day problems, having the luxury of viewing client businesses and processes from an independent point of view.  David works with all levels of client’s teams, and is an equity partner in FarmSoft. Talk to David today!

Meet Barry!

a FarmSoft consultant

Meet Barry!

Barry has helped farms and packers of fruit and vegetables across the world improve processes, improve yield, and quality.  Barry’s specialty is fruit and vegetable crops, traceability & quality control in the fruit packing processes.  Barry has been with the FarmSoft team since 2006.  Barry integrates sustainable farming practices based on international best farming practices.  Take advantage of our expert consultant’s years of knowledge implementing practical farm software systems today!  Talk to Barry or one of our dedicated farming consultants now.

Meet Al!

a FarmSoft consultant

Meet Al!

Al has been with the FarmSoft consulting team since 2001.  Al works in a wide range of solutions from farming, processing, and food manufacturing.  Al has worked alongside clients around the world, helping improve farming, traceability, and food manufacturing practices while sharing his wealth of knowledge gained from working on solutions in over 14 countries.  Al also performs design and analysis for enhancements and additions to FarmSoft.  Al’s motto is “There are no problems, only solutions.  Talk to one of our consultants today!”.