Fresh produce point of sale POS for farms and packhouses that sell fruit, vegetable, and other fresh produce.  Sell from a smartphone or tablet, issue invoices on the spot, keep accurate inventory in each truck, deliver accurate fresh produce orders.

FarmSoft allows sales of fresh produce using a mobile device, this allows “off the truck” sales to customers at the customers on-site.  All information recorded is instantly inserted into your FarmSoft database.  The “truck” becomes an independent inventory storage location, meaning full traceability and inventory control continues with accountability for every truck entering or leaving the packshed/factory property.   Issue invoices on the spot, take down new orders directly into the fresh produce point of sale solution, and check in / check out inventory to each truck using the fresh produce point of sale system from FarmSoft.   Talk to a consultant today to discuss your specific fresh produce point of sale requirements, we will tailor a solution to match your requirements.    Download full fresh produce point of sale specifications now.  

Talk to a FarmSoft consultant to implement y our fresh produce point of sale POS solution today.  

Make fresh produce order packing, order building, and delivery more efficient.  Reduce paperwork.  Increase quality and consistency, and reduce waste in the fresh packing process.  

Mobile Point of Sale (POS)

  • View stock available in current truck
  • Create invoices for sales from any location (for example: at customer warehouse or retail outlet)
  • All data is instantly sent to your main FarmSoft database for invoicing purposes
  • Mark invoices as paid (can be paid at client site)
  • Move inventory to a “truck” or mobile sales unit/site
  • View fresh produce inventory at other locations (eg: fresh produce stored at a warehouse or processing site)
  • Create Sales Orders and Customer Contracts
  • Print Invoices, Delivery Dockets
  • Share invoice data with financial package
  • Access FarmSoft from your iPhone / iPad / Android, no need to install any app for mobile fresh produce sales.

Download the FarmSoft Packhouse Software brochure or watch the fruit packing video.

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Mobile point of sale for fresh produce has never been easier.  Issue invoices, update inventory real time, and share information with financial packages.  

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