Packhouse job management and pack shed job management for packers and processors of fresh produce.

From simple packhouse job management of batches, through to managing fresh produce dispatch jobs and orders – FarmSoft delivers rapidly, and accurately for pack shed management.  Comprehensive tools manage every job in the packhouse and pack shed – from the moment fresh produce is ordered or delivered, through storage, sorting, grading, packing, processing, warehousing, and sales dispatch and marketing.

FarmSoft provides easy management of packhouse jobs, and pack shed jobs.  Easily manage packing labor and all employee jobs with batch based packing management.  Instruct multiple pack sheds on their daily packing jobs – using the FarmSoft work order system.  Ensure orders are filled accurately and all employees are performing their packhouse jobs at the correct time, AND recording all the correct data in the performance of their jobs.

Record customer orders using the Sales Order management modules, even record complex sales contracts and monitor the progress of orders being packed against available fresh produce.  Plan harvests and packing jobs using crop harvest data and customer orders.  Easily capture the cost of pack shed employment and pack shed jobs for employee cost reporting and export to financial and payroll packages.

Easily manage fresh produce dispatch jobs with pick sheets, on screen job building, rapid printing of paperwork (FarmSoft will present the paperwork required for each different customers dispatch), manage dispatch employees, and manage dispatch processes such as temperate gathering, quality control checks, and final load outs for transport companies.

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packhouse job management packhouse jobsManaging packhouse and pack shed employees can be a challenge.  FarmSoft understands that employees are sometimes transient, and unreliable.  FarmSoft makes it easy to track pack shed work, jobs, and labor.  Pack shed labor can be assigned to specific batches, allowing comprehensive reporting of batch costs including labor, packing materials, and batch ingredients to give an accurate figure that represents the true cost per unit of finished product from each batch.  Packhouse and pack shed labor can be charged to farms (if you are packing on their behalf), or even charged to customers (special packing processes where you are required to pack using potentially their packing materials and possibly client owned produce or inventory).

Contact your nearest FarmSoft consultant now to discuss packhouse job management opportunities for your pack shed or fruit and vegetable wholesaling operation.  

Reference: Apple packing, pear packing, citrus packing.