FarmSoft packhouse traceability software delivers improved traceability, quality control, and reduced waste.

Every packhouse has its own challenges and management priorities. The FarmSoft packhouse traceability software team understands this, that’s why we provide a comprehensive scaleable selection of packhouse software solutions where all common features are included in the standard FarmSoft Packhouse traceability software solution.

FarmSoft clients pick and choose which packhouse software features they wish to implement, creating a simple solution or a comprehensive business wide management system – it’s your choice!

 Contact your nearest FarmSoft packhouse traceability software consultant for full details.  Download FarmSoft packhouse traceability specifications.  Read a review of FarmSoft packhouse traceability software

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FarmSoft Packhouse traceability software feature Summary

  • Incoming Fresh Produce ManagementComprehensive management of all incoming produce, from your own farm, or direct from external suppliers, importers, or from co-operative suppliers.
  • Fresh Produce InventoryComplete management and tracking of all fresh produce across the entire Packhouse, or multiple packhouses
  • Batch Packing Management – Batch based management of packing produces carton level traceability for all fresh produce packed in the pack shed. Plan packing work, and assign materials to each batch.
  • Sales & ShippingEasily manage the sales and shipping processes with comprehensive and easy to use sales and shipping processes and reporting
  • Packhouse Traceability– FarmSoft’s thousands of built in processes bring bullet proof traceability to your pack shed, from the moment fresh produce arrives or is ordered (or even prior to planting if you are using FarmSoft Farm Management ERP) – traceability is being automatically enforced and remains audit-able at all times.
  • Mobile Packhouse InventoryEmpower pack shed employees with mobile inventory management systems available for PDA (with barcode scanning), smartphones, and industrial & domestic tablets.
  • Packing Materials Management –Manage packing materials such as cartons, returnable plastic crates, labels and more. Alerts for re-ordering materials, stock takes and more…
  • Order Management – Generate purchase orders to acquire raw produce, packed produce, or wholesale produce from external suppliers. Manage sales orders from customers and use the demand information to plan packing tasks
  • Fresh Produce Labeling – Extensive labeling from shipping container, pallet, trade unit, consumer unit, to individual fruit labeling. Ensure case level traceability with ease. Produce Traceability Initiative / PTI style, GS1 barcodes, tailoring of labels to your specifications, and more.  GTIN matrix allows users to record complex product barcodes.
  • Temperature & Ripening Zone Management – Automatic management and enforcement of temperature zone rules based on produce and variety type, stops storage of produce in a no-n approved zone, pre-set ripening programs alert users to move produce when ripening processes have been completed
  • Packing Services & Co-operatives Generate invoices for packing services, create unlimited packing charges and fees for the Packhouse, bill customers (suppliers, customers, farms) for packing, storage, sorting, quality control, and other packing services.
  • Performance & Cost Analysis –Comprehensive reporting of pack shed KPI gives management new performance monitoring tools…
  • Multi-Packhouse ManagementFarmSoft can run multiple packhouses at the same time, allowing larger packing co-operatives to delegate individual management teams to each Packhouse, whilst separating inventory and packing processes between packhouses
  • Mobile Packhouse Monitoring – With only a few swipes of your finger, see the performance of the days packing on your smartphone, no matter where you are…
  • Quality Control – Maintain strict quality management and quality control by configuring quality tests for multiple standards…
  • Print On Demand labeling allows users to rapidly select labels from touch screens in front of packing stations – the label is then immediately printed at the packing station.  The selections for labels can be centrally controlled by the packhouse manager to determine which labels are required at which stations.
  • Fresh Produce Labeling – generate dozens of labels to international and client standards, including GTIN / GS1 and proprietary labels.
  • Produce Traceability Initiative – adhere to PTI, ISOxxx, GlobalGap, HACCP, EuroGap, WorldGAP, CanGAP, Walmart, Tesco, Coles, Woolworths, Pick’n’Save, and more standards…
  • Traceability Code –  easily share your choice of supply chain traceability information by allowing customers or end consumers to scan a QR code with their smartphone/tablet to view details online…
  • Mobile Point of Sale – generate invoice and sales on the go, track and manage inventory in individual trucks…
  • Field to Packhouse Scanning – talk to our consultants about the many options to scan harvested produce in the field, or apply bar-codes in field, or one of many other traceability options tailored to your requirements…
  • Take Customer Orders Online – receive alerts for new orders, order approval/acceptance process

Download full details of the FarmSoft Packshed Software from the Resources section at the top right of this page.

Talk to your nearest FarmSoft packhouse traceability software consultant today to start improving your profit, quality, and traceability.  

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Packhouse software that delivers easy traceability, enhanced reporting, reduced waste and administration costs.

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