Technical packhouse details to help you get started with your FarmSoft Fruit Packing Software project.  Improve profit, reduce waste, and master traceability now.

The FarmSoft packhouse suite of software solutions manages all facets of the fresh produce packing enterprise.  From quality control, inventory and storage, fresh produce labeling, traceability, sales and order management, dispatch, invoicing and more.

Download the full FarmSoft technical packhouse details here or watch the video below.

Most clients choose to access their FarmSoft solution from the cloud, however, you can also install the solution on your own server.  Technical packhouse details: 

Please test all devices before making a purchase.  FarmSoft and Tenacious Systems are not responsible for your hardware purchases, or for backing up your data (unless you use our cloud service).

Server Minimum Hardware Requirements (technical packhouse)

  • 2GB+ RAM
  • 2Ghz+ processor
  • Your server does not technically have to be an actual “Server” branded device, a desktop computer or laptop can be used for small businesses.  For clients with less than 40 concurrent users, the speed of ONE processor is more important than the number of processors/cores.

 OS Configuration

  • Win 7 +/Server 2012+ 64 Bit editions.  NOTE: XP and Server 2003 are NOT supported.

Client Interface Device Requirements (technical packhouse)

  • The client device can be any brand or flavor of operating system, laptop, smartphone, PDA, or tablet as long as it has a Java capable browser.  Browser (recent versions of FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari – other browsers should work, if you receive unusual errors please try an alternative browser)
  • If you wish to use a bar code reading PDA, you can use any PDA/Barcode device that has full browser functionality and has access to (or any other program that has the same functionality as) Datawedge.   Give this information to your PDA dealer for a test prior to purchase.
  • Android/Apple/Microsoft mobile devices (smartphone and tablet):  Please install third party bar-code reader like “Keyboard Bar-Code Reader” that dumps text output of scanned bar-code to currently focused field in browser.
  • Note if you are running a PC/Mac, we recommend the browser called “Chrome”, by Google; because it runs faster than other browsers.

Multiple Languages (technical packhouse)

FarmSoft is available in multiple languages.  Our our existing multi-language features do not include your required language, please inquire as we can easily add most languages free of charge.  You can run FarmSoft within the one organisation in multiple languages at the same time.  Note that language settings will determine date, time, and other formats used in FarmSoft.

  • English UK
  • English US
  • English – Canada
  • English – New Zealand
  • English – South Africa
  • Afrikaans – South Africa
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian

Integration with other software (technical packhouse)

FarmSoft can be integrated with virtually any modern software solution.  This is done on a case by case basis.  The cost of integration depends on the specific requirements of each client and is not included in any standard FarmSoft solution, and attracts additional costs unless otherwise clearly stated on quotation and invoice.   Integration with solutions such as SAP, Oracle, Sage, MYOB, Quicken, can be arranged on request.

Client Interface Device Requirements (technical packhouse)

Changes and additions can be made to FarmSoft by the Tenacious Systems team of developer, analyst, and QC employees.  An hourly rate is levied for these services.

Support Services

Tenacious Systems Support Partners provide comprehensive training, support, and consulting services. We have streamlined the configuration and training processes to make implementation a fraction of the effort required by competitor solutions, saving your farm time and money.

Deployment Process

Depending on the modules chosen, the complexity of your farm, and the training method and partner chosen, deployment can take between 14 days and three months depending on client requirements and the complexity of their fresh produce business:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Training
  • Trial Run
  • Go Live!, usually supervised for one or more days


Download the FarmSoft Packhouse Software brochure or watch the fruit packing video.

Contact your nearest FarmSoft solution consultant to discuss technical packhouse details and fresh produce traceability software today!


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