Why is FarmSoft so special?

The FarmSoft team works closely with fresh produce clients to ensure practical and comprehensive solutions to improve packing, processing, and sales efficiency, and reduce fresh produce waste.  Our team of experienced consultants have provided solutions world wide, with 15 years of experience in the fresh produce, farming, and food manufacturing industries.  Access FarmSoft from the cloud or install it locally, use your PC, Mac, or go mobile with our apps on your phone or tablet.

The modern fruit and vegetable packhouse has become a mine field of regulations and customer quality control.  FarmSoft Fruit Packing software helps take away the management and paperwork headache giving you more time to concentrate on other businesses processes.  FarmSoft packhouse management delivers comprehensive management for all types of fresh produce, and fruit and vegetables.  Featuring unlimited site (packhouse/factory) management, unlimited line management, and unlimited warehousing – FarmSoft delivers for both simple and complex packing operations.

FarmSoft tracks produce from the field, through storage, washing, sorting, grading, optional value adding, and packing processes.  The produce is then managed through the order, sales, invoicing, and dispatch processes.

Reduce waste, increase quality and profit with FarmSoft.  View full details now…

  • Increased pack-house profit from improved best practice management for fresh produce
  • Enhanced pack shed control and rapid alerts and warnings allow corrective actions to be taken quickly, improving yield, quality, and customer satisfaction
  • Increased staff performance through higher accountability and monitoring reduces staff cost and increases productivity
  • Comprehensive traceability reduces farms financial risk in the event of a recall
  • Comprehensive guides manage employees in the quality control process, making employees more productive and reducing the training cost of transient employees
FarmSoft Fruit Packing Systems feature: comprehensive management of packing, sorting, grading, cooling, washing, cleaning, ripening, and optional value adding such as food manufacturing, inventory control for fresh, raw, semi-processed, and finished goods – as well as packaging materials and ingredients, comprehensive packing reporting and inventory stock take, expiring inventory, inventory to order, and inventory alerts, comprehensive quality control, comprehensive traceability and recall management, sales contract / orders / purchase orders / sales and dispatch management, paperwork generation for export and invoicing.  Mix produce from multiple suppliers into one batch and maintain traceability, temperature control management for each produce’s storage requirement, mobile inventory control, bar-code enabled, sell fresh produce from your own farm and or from unlimited external suppliers or farms while maintaining traceability, integrates with FarmSoft Farm Management.     Click here to view full details now.

Improve your traceability and compliance!  Contact us for a free consultation with a FarmSoft expert today to make the best traceability software decision for your fresh produce business!

FarmSoft is engineered specifically for management of fruit and vegetable farming businesses. With interfaces for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android, FarmSoft can be accessed from the cloud or installed at your own farm.   FarmSoft focuses on on smart farm management for increasing quality, yield, employee accountability, traceability, and profit enhancement.  Providing templates for farm budgeting, best farming practice, and farm diary task management.  FarmSoft delivers one of the best farm management software solutions available for agriculture and horticulture.

FarmSoft features inventory, quality control, farm record keeping, traceability, best practice, purchase order, active ingredients, harvest management and more.  View full details here.

  • Increased farm profit from improved best farming practices
  • Greater farm control and rapid alerts and warnings allow corrective actions to be taken quickly, enhancing profit, yield, and quality
  • Increased staff performance through higher accountability and monitoring reduces staff cost and increases productivity
  • Comprehensive traceability reduces farms financial risk in the event of a crop or batch recall
  • Best farming practice reminders and planners increase employee accuracy and performance
FarmSoft Farm Management features: yield projections, management of all farming activities, automatic traceability management, farm map attachment to blocks and plots, unlimited farm sites and warehouses, unlimited farms, budget creation and monitoring, inventory projections, farm cost reporting, management of pst harvest interval and re-entry periods, active ingredients management and monitoring, full inventory management including stock take / inventory value / expiring inventory / inventory to order, alerts, farm quality control (QC) to be used in conjunction with QMS.   Click here to view full details now.
The FarmSoft team has over 14 years experience in understanding traceability software challenges in corporate farming, packing, food manufacturing and distribution.  During this time, a comprehensive suite of traceability software solutions have been developed to specific industry niches.  Our team can use one of our existing FarmSoft solutions to tailor a business specific traceability solution, regardless of your space in the supply chain.

Other FarmSoft traceability solutions:

Reduce your administration costs, save on waste, and enhance traceability.  Contact us for a free consultation with a FarmSoft expert today!

Meeting fresh produce traceability guidelines can be challenging, time consuming, and expensive.  FarmSoft strives to automate the traceability challenge as much as possible, freeing up employees to perform other tasks.  Integrated into the fresh produce traceability functionality of FarmSoft is the ability to incorporate Quality Control and Quality Management Systems into the day to day operations of your FarmSoft solution.  Processes in FarmSoft ensure employees are prompted to perform the correct actions at the correct time, ensuring maximum quality, yield, traceability, and adherence to best practices at all times.

As witnessed in the European Union and the United States recently, poor traceability can lead to massive recalls, resulting in massive losses to producers and actors in the supply chain.  Using a FarmSoft solution ensures traceability both up and down the supply chain, by more than one step.  This extra level of multi-step traceability is not supported by most other traceability solutions.  FarmSoft also includes the ability to handle ‘cascading traceability’.  Cascading Traceability is required when internal processes (such as food manufacturing) contain multiple inputs from multiple suppliers (who may have sourced the inputs from other suppliers), and the product is being exposed to iterative batch manufacturing processes which can create outputs that may be used in additional batches…. (this process may be repeated in may different batches).


The importance of fresh produce traceability:

  • Reduce financial exposure and business risk in the event of a recall incident
  • Minimize the size and cost of a recall
  • Increase food safety
  • Improve relationships with customers and their perception of quality and food safety in your product
  • Comply with overlapping standards simultaneously
  • Enhance audit capacity and reduce the possibility of a recall incident