Fruit packing:

Fruit packing app manages all fruit packing processes including sort, grade, wash, pack, inventory, QC, orders sales & shipping. Complete fruit packing system solution for all sized fruit packers. 

Fruit packing:

Fruit packing app manages all fruit packing processes including sort, grade, wash, pack, inventory, QC, orders sales & shipping. Complete fruit packing system solution for all sized fruit packers. 
Fruit packing
Fruit packing Traceability during production & packing
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Fruit packing system makes traceability simple, and reduces administration costs and post harvest losses.

The farmsoft Fruit Packing System manages day to day operations of medium to large fruit and vegetable packing businesses. The solution delivers extensive benefits including making compliance easier, enforcing consistent quality control, and giving management more accurate reporting. The farmsoft Fruit packing system delivers total business management solutions for fresh produce processors and marketers. Talk to a farmsoft consultant today to discuss how your fruit packing system will make doing business easier. Farmsoft is available in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey and other regions (Please inquire).

Farmsoft Fruit packing system turbocharges packing operations. Fruit packing system farmsoft Fruit packing system brings together all parts of the fruit and vegetable packing business, resulting in better planning, better reporting, and better monitoring.

Through better planning, customer orders are filled on time, with the correct fresh produce of the correct specifications. Better reporting allows management to identify potential for improvement in areas such as employee performance, quality control, fresh produce waste, inventory management, and customer satisfaction. Better monitoring allows management to take rapid corrective actions before an issue becomes costly to the business.

Fruit packing
Fruit packing packhouse hygiene checklist for food safety

Tracing Fruit And Vegetables From Farm To Fork and back to Packhouse
Fruit packing system

‍Fruit packing system makes traceability simple, and reduces administration costs and post harvest losses.
New packaging system offers logistical efficiency
De Jong Verpakkingen and International Paper have started a cooperation to market a new retail-packing system in Europe. With this system, the inter-stackability between fruit and vegetable boxes will be realised on a European level. For retailers, this will result in major advantages, particularly in the field of logistics.

Fruit and vegetable boxes in all shapes and sizes, with different colours and printing, aren’t beneficial to the presentation of the fresh produce department. Besides, the different versions mean the various boxes can’t be easily stacked on pallets. This was also concluded by Lidl International in Germany. They went looking for a fitting solution with the packing branch. “The retailer wanted to tackle the packing system for fresh produce departments of Lidl shops throughout Europe. This way they hope to create more unity in their shops, and to improve the logistical imbalance,” says Ronald de Wildt of De Jong Verpakkingen, who is closely involved in the development and implementation of the new packaging system. The system has now been taken into use by Lidl, and is applied in more and more shops. 

Fruit packing
Fruit packing  Traceability management best practices

Fruit packing system
Fruit packing system
Ronald mentions it wasn’t easy to develop an entirely new system on this scale. That’s why local corrugated cardboard associations in various European countries, as well as FEFCO, the European umbrella organisation for corrugated cardboard packaging, also collaborated in the thought process. “After many discussions, tests and adjustments, an assortment of boxes was created that can be mutually stacked. Variation in size, colour and printing is still possible, but the boxes, or rather, the uniform bottom size, the corners and notches have been made in such a way that all boxes correspond to each other, among the various European countries as well. This will have many advantages, particularly logistically, because the boxes can be stacked on pallets more efficiently. On average, up to 30 per cent can be gained in the logistic field now.”

In the short term, De Jong Verpakkingen and International Paper present a combined brand, and they will dedicate themselves particularly to increasing the reputation of the new packing system among European retailers. Besides, the packing producers hope to combine their strengths in coming years to move customers away from plastic and towards cardboard even more.

FelaPac tray loading machine could revolutionaise citrus packing
The packing of netted citrus fruits into trays, crates and cartons is set to be fully automated for the first time with the launch of a unique tray loading machine from Pacepacker Services, FlexaPac.

The new innovative and patented technology is in response to a request made by a food process trouble shooting consultant, working for one of the UK’s leading importers and packers of fruits, who approached Pacepacker to design and manufacture a system which would almost entirely eliminate product waste and increase netted fruit packing throughput.

Automated Packaging Solutions for Fresh Produce
Fresh fruit and vegetables need to be packaged carefully to avoid damaging the produce while also preventing contamination. Flexible packaging is an economical, sanitary way to bag a wide variety of produce, including salads and salad dressings.

With a Viking Masek packaging machine, you can package kiwis, carrots and even salad mixes in a variety of food-safe, flexible bags.

The huge variety of VFFS bag styles available make vertical baggers an attractive option for packaging fresh produce. Doy Packs with zippers, perforated Flat Bottom Bags and classic Pillow Style Bags are all great for presenting fruit and vegetables on store shelves.

Fruit packing
Fruit packing Supplier Traceability Management

See how a simplex (single lane) rotary premade pouch machine fills and seals packages of fresh vegetables.

Fruit packing system: Fruit packing system makes traceability simple, and reduces administration costs and post harvest losses.
The FlexaPac, which can pack in excess of 60 nets of fruit per minute, replaces the current labour intensive approach of loading netted products into crates, trays and cartons by hand via a rotary table. Not only is the rotary table process costly due to high staffing requirements, bags of fruit are often wasted when packers accidentally drop the products, or they are bruised when the handler loads them into a tray resulting in costly penalties charged by the retailer.

This challenge prompted independent Food Production Consultant Trefor Mason, who redesigns food manufacturing processes to achieve a leaner way of working, to approach Pacepacker to design an automated solution which would eliminate waste and increase line throughput.

“Having worked with many fruit packers and suppliers it was apparent that the packing of the netted fruits into trays was an area which required a complete overhaul,” comments Trefor. “My client is a fruit supplier to many leading supermarket chains and having assisted them in the redevelopment of their factory we began to look for an automated solution which would overcome the drawbacks of manual packing and ultimately eliminate product bruising, increase line throughput and re-deploy manual workers.”
“Marco’s extensive knowledge and experience of fresh produce packaging has been clear from the outset. They understand our challenges and their ability to undertake the design and supply of the complete mechanical handling equipment, together with the seamless interface with our Navision system, will ensure optimum efficiency throughout the packhouse. The yield control system will streamline our manual packing process and provide invaluable visibility for our operation. The reduction in giveaway and improved productivity will ensure we remain highly competitive whilst providing our customers with the highest quality produce.”