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Reduce errors fresh produce packing processing loose leaf chili processing grading sorting
Reduce packing and processing errors for reduced fresh produce waste. Fresh produce inventory - Orders - Quality - Packing - Sales - Shipping - Recall - Audit - Food safety

Reduce errors in fresh produce packing and processing

Maximize profit and minimize waste for fruit & vegetable packers, shippers, exporter/importer... Accurate production reduces errors .

Production managers, line managers, and packhouse managers plan in advance to ensure every order is filled accurately and on time.

Rapidly view all the raw materials that will be required to pack selected orders (eg: today's orders, or this weeks, or a month). Easily assign these orders to batches and production lines, and automatically alert the line manager and the inventory manager.

Customer orders can be assigned to batches, and batches assigned to production lines/teams, guaranteeing correct product packed at the correct time, to the correct specifications . Use the rapid inventory interfaces to assign orders to production lines so pallets are automatically associated with orders, and can also contain order details such as customer reference, order number, and dispatch & delivery dates.
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Reduce errors in fresh produce packing and processing
fresh produce production management
Reduce errors in fresh produce packing and processing

Analyze customer orders and stock on hand to better plan harvesting, and packing processes. These processes are also helped by the Sales Dashboard and the Dispatch Monitor which guide both production and dispatch teams through the packing and dispatch process.

Use packing dashboards to determine which fresh produce needs to be packed to fill outstanding customer orders, and ensure you only pack the exact required quantity of each product.

farmsoft helps production managers, line managers, and packhouse managers plan in advance to ensure every order is filled accurately and on time, with minimum errors & waste.

Production line mangers for fresh produce

Instant alerts when a batch is scheduled for the fresh produce batch manager
Alerts specify a packing location or production line for the fresh produce, and any associated orders and product specifications
Inventory managers are sent alerts that tells them how much raw materials is provided and which production line they must deliver the inventory to.

Fresh produce alerts keeps all employees informed at all times.

Reduce errors in fresh produce packing and processing
Reduce errors in fresh produce packing and processing

Traceability Systems to maximize production accuracy in fresh produce

Foodex - Demo booking form Using the latest mobile technologies, our suite of applications provide mobile access to many of the features that are available on the desktop. Using the Windows mobile EDA's, these ruggedised devices are great for mobile orchard operations, allowing users to scan bin barcodes and pickers' barcodes, saving time and dramatically increasing accuracy of the data.

Food health specialists addressed delegates at the Produce Marketing Association - Australia and New Zealand (PMA-ANZ) Fresh Connections 2012 conference in Melbourne in June within a special session entitled: Are Australia and New Zealand prepared for a major food safety scare?

Founder and CEO Anthony Zografos heard about the DNA tracing technology developed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as a biodefense tool under a grant from the U.S. Department of Defense. Zografos saw an opportunity to apply the technology to the food safety industry to more quickly trace back outbreaks and recalls — a very challenging endeavor with current technology, he said.

The voice system is set up to work with a series of check digits, which is a major reason why it is such a seamless fit for the PTI. These check digits are required by the voice system, and workers cannot continue on with a task without verifying that the check digits are correct. This increases the likelihood that the worker is in the right location, picking the right product and the right quantity. Many operations find that after implementing voice, their accuracy increases up to 85%.

The first Lufa Farms greenhouse in Montreal featured several varieties of tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, cucumbers, greens and herbs. With each additional location, the plant mix has shifted. Now, the first greenhouse focuses on cucumbers, peppers and greens, the second on tomatoes and eggplants, and the third grows greens and experimental weirdo crops like celery and broccoli … that aren't typically grown in greenhouses, let alone on rooftops,” Rathmell says.

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