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Increase the speed of deliveries and inventory management, without compromising traceability. Capture accurate fresh produce delivery details, quickly, and efficiently from your phone, tablet or PC/Mac.

Save time with efficient inventory control

Scan incoming deliveries or use "one touch" rapid inventory creation screens to increase accuracy & reduce data entry time...

Or, use our image based touch screen interfaces to avoid using a mouse or keyboard, great for users that are in a hurry or have never used tech before.

Increase the speed of deliveries, without compromising traceability.  

Capture accurate fresh produce inventory delivery details, quickly, and efficiently from your phone, tablet or PC/Mac. Optionally assign deliveries to associated purchase orders, capture tractability details, quality and more... Choose from a range of methods to capture fresh produce shipments and maximize traceability.  

Tailored for you! - Choose from multiple screens to record your incoming deliveries. Easily customize the interface by turning on or off fields to guarantee your team captures the correct information during fresh produce inventory deliveries.

Easy labels and receipts - Email or print delivery dockets during fresh produce delivery to ensure suppliers and farms agree with the goods delivered. Record container/tote/pallet movements during deliveries, generate pallet, crate, bin, and tote labels and tags.

Integrate with scales & weighing equipment - Automatically grab the weight of a delivery to ensure error free, rapid, and accurate accountability of weight.

Improve the efficiency of your fresh produce deliveries using your choice of tools such as harvest bar-codes, single touch inventory creation, purchase order selection and more...

Fruit And Veg Traceability Queried

Sun Valley Packing Co., a fruit grower and packer with 10 different case-packing and labeling/coding lines, finds a high degree of flexibility with their choice of a PA6000 E-Series all-electric labeler from Diagraph, utilizing a Model S8408 print engine from SATO America. A study on bacterial, helminth parasites and heavy metal contamination was carried out on two edible mushrooms namely; the Sclerotia of Pleurotustuberregium(Fr.) Singer and the fruit bodies of Lentinussquarrosulus(Mont.) Singer sold at Ikpobahill and Ekiuwa markets in Benin City. Two species...

Food product authentication provides a means of monitoring and identifying products for consumer protection and regulatory compliance. There is a scarcity of analytical methods for confirming the identity of fruit pulp in products containing Soft Fruit. In the present work we have developed a very sensible qualitative and quantitative method to determine the presence of berry DNAs in different food matrices. To our knowledge, this is the first study that shows the applicability, to Soft Fruit traceability, of melting curve analysis and multiplexed fluorescent probes, in a Real-Time PCR platform. This methodology aims to protect the consumer from label misrepresentation. View Full-Text

Many enterprises know that SAP Business One is designed to offer a wide range of small to midsized enterprises and subsidiaries of large enterprises with a single software solution to manage critical business processes - this support also extends to the fresh produce industry. Vision33 has worked with a number of customers in the industry to ensure compliance and public safety when dealing with produce. With SAP Business One, companies have the confidence to fully meet government requirements, as well as meet the demands of the larger retail customers on a daily basis. Three key features of SAP Business One that will help enable produce businesses include:

Agriculture traceability enables harvest either Fruit or vegetable or produce to be made visible across the supply chain, building traceability fundamental blocks within quality, speciality, and safety throughout the journey of the product to consumer destination.

Customised system to be presented and demonstrated on upcoming ExpoSE

Inventory management: APRO.CON offers complete solutions from a single source

At the upcoming ExpoDirekt 2018, the SYNER.con specialist trade group will be showing one of the leading merchandise management systems for food companies in German-speaking areas. The software addresses agricultural businesses that market their products directly in farm shops and at weekly markets or supply wholesalers.

Needs-based software
The main focus of the system is the networking of scales, POS systems and software to bring together all operating technology and inventory in a single, open platform. Farmers and direct marketers can monitor their ongoing costs and sustainably reduce them, regardless of whether they are collecting crops, receiving goods, billing documents or selling in their farm shops. Centralized data maintenance also saves precious time, allowing them to focus on their everyday tasks.

With flexibly combinable software modules, the APRO.con ERP system can be customised to each company separately. This way, users only pay for functions they actually use. ''If you want to do an extension of your business, the system can easily be extended to the desired module. With an APRO.con maintenance contract, your ERP solution is always up to date. Compared to single updates, this saves almost 30 percent of the costs,'' says a representative. Holders of a special maintenance contract are also provided with support via hotline, fax, e-mail and remote maintenance.

Exact control of the complete trade chain
APRO.con offers a complete solution for all stages of the retail chain. First of all, there is less of a purchasing effort, since the system automates the many steps in the ordering process and also provides clients with an overview of suppliers and purchase prices. This is intended, for example, to facilitate purchasing at the regional fresh produce supplier for the farm shop, while at the same time ensuring complete traceability of purchased products.

During the harvests, both quantities and employee performance can be recorded efficiently and in a scanner-based manner. It is entered in a central database, according to field and variety. In addition to this, the solution provides all the key figures to optimize operations at the points of sale. ''Labeling and picking are all done in one go, as APRO.con simplifies outbound operations and helps to easily create custom labels. Whether for self-service goods, for boxes for distribution to restaurants or for pallets that go into the wholesale trade.''

Furthermore, APRO.con will create the bills for all products automatically, in compliance with the guidelines and at the touch of a button. Price quotes, delivery notes and invoices are created in no time at all. "This is how farmers and direct marketers can keep track of their inventory and cash flow in real time, using all modern interfaces for exchanging bills with wholesalers or catering customers."

Experienced dealers
APRO.con is exclusively sold via the of SYNER.con specialized trade group. This association offers impartial advice, comprehensive services and market-leading operational technology regarding shop scales and industrial scales, labeling machines, food technology, packaging machines and industrial PCs. SYNER.con has eleven sales and service locations in Germany and Austria. On-site support ensures short response times.

For more information: or visit the booth
at the upcoming ExpoSE / ExpoDirekt, (21-22 November, Messe Karlsruhe, booth number 2 / K-02)

APRO.CON Software GmbH & Co. KG
Am Sportplatz 27
26180 Rastede

Cooler inventory management system advanced with paperless picking function

Warehouses and coolers are an inevitable element of the fresh produce value chain. “We developed RedLine Cooler to support grower-shippers with real-time, 100 percent visibility of inventory, while increasing staff productivity,” says Todd Baggett with RedLine Solutions. “The system also optimizes product rotation, reduces shipping errors, and helps you load your trucks faster.”

RedLine Cooler is designed for long-term reliability in the harsh operational environments of coolers, freezers and warehouses. “From the moment produce is received at the cooler, the system records, directs and updates staff as well as the grower’s accounting system to assure optimum visibility and staff efficiencies,” said Baggett. “RedLine Cooler has been bringing benefits to companies across North America for years; we continually add new features that build customer value, to keep the system as fresh as the produce it supports.”

Some key features are:

  • Avoids time wasted looking for the correct product for each order. The software identifies the precise locations of the most suitable product for each order.
  • Up to the minute inventory visibility makes sales team more effective.
  • Human errors are avoided with the use of system directed put-away, picking, reserving, and shipping functions.
  • Shipment accuracy is assured with order validation.
  • Pallet changes can be tracked at the case level with the pallet consolidation features.
  • Paperless order fulfilment option pushes the next order directly to the next available forklift driver, via the mobile device, so they do not have to go to the office.
  • All inventory movements get updated in real-time with rugged mobile scanners so inventory is accurate and stock is never lost.

Paperless picking function – dispatch loader

The functionality of RedLine Cooler has increased every year. Recently, a new paperless picking function, Dispatch Loader, was added. “It eliminates the need for a printed pick list, which saves forklift drivers time going to the office to collect their next order,” said Baggett. The system operates on Zebra rugged mobile computers. The office can assign and push an order directly to a specific forklift driver’s mobile computer. The system can also queue and assign available orders, and notify the drivers of new orders are waiting. The driver can then accept a new order, on their mobile computer, and start working without the need for a printed picklist, which increases their productivity.

Dispatcher loader also allows multiple staff members to work on a single order. If the order is not completed for any reason, it can be returned to and finished later by another driver. The system can be configured to display a list of the most suitable product for each order, saving time and assuring optimum stock rotation. Once the driver scans the selected pallet, the system rechecks that that pallet matches the order requirement, which ensures shipment accuracy.

Grower experience significant operational efficiencies with RedLine Cooler™

RedLine Solutions, the leader in produce traceability and inventory solutions, today announced that Deardorff Family Farms has deployed RedLine Cooler in their new, state-of-the art facility to manage inventory, improve operations, and increase customer satisfaction.

Deardorff’s new facility essentially doubled their operations and they quickly realized the need for more efficient tracking of product lines and inventory management.
“Fulfilling orders with handheld devices instead of pick tickets created invaluable operational efficiencies”, said Scott Deardorff, Vice President, Deardorff Farms. “Not only did it cut down on paper work but increased accuracy for loading essentially eliminating misloads.”

Deardorff selected RedLine Cooler for its advanced produce traceability and inventory control. RedLine’s unique integration with Famous, the grower accounting system already in place, made training and implementation of the Cooler system fast and easy. RedLine Cooler’s inventory control features also provide better location tracking at a granular level so that knowing exactly where product is in their dense environment was seamless.

“Our users in the warehouse are able to load orders more efficiently and accurately than ever before, with improved product quality for our customers.” said Deardorff. “We now operate at a whole new level of efficiency that saves time and money.”
Additionally, RedLine Cooler enabled Deardorff to experience food-safety tracking capabilities giving complete visibility into the data for the entire process from QA to precooling, staging to storage.

“Deardorff has been an industry leader for decades and we’re very excited to have Deardorff as a member of our customer family” says Todd Baggett, CEO of RedLine Solutions. “We’re happy that they selected RedLine Cooler to maximize efficiency in their new Oxnard facilities.”

RedLine Cooler is the leading solution for managing cooler operations. This includes product location, movement, validated order picking, and real-time shipping transactions. The net result is improved product rotation, fewer errors, increased workforce efficiency and faster loading of trucks.

For more information about how Deardorff benefited from RedLine Solutions, read the Case Study.

Improves inventory efficiencies

RedLine Receipt™ redefines harvested product receiving

RedLine Solutions, the leader in produce traceability and inventory solutions, today announced a new cutting-edge application, RedLine Receipt, that enables companies to quickly and accurately receive harvested bulk products and update inventory information in grower accounting systems.

“We are now able to capture much more information about each bulk receiving load quickly and efficiently giving management real-time information on all incoming bulk inventory," said Jason Kinloch, Operations Manager at Domex/Kershaw Companies. “The new efficiencies with RedLine Receipt save us time and money while providing a solution for us to capture valuable information for overall improved business intelligence.”

To facilitate rapid receipt, RedLine Receipt scans pre-printed tags on each bin and links them to harvest receipts, accurately tying the harvested product to a specific grower/ranch/commodity block/lot combination for accounting and traceability purposes. Every bin is then put away and its location recorded in the grower accounting system. RedLine Receipt provides exceptional inventory control by tracking and recording bins as they are moved while updating the grower accounting system in real time.

“RedLine Receipt brings a high level of efficiency to receiving bulk product at the packing shed while capturing traceability information. Faster receiving and cooling ultimately translates into longer a shelf life in most commodities,” said Todd Baggett, CEO of RedLine Solutions. “With this new application, RedLine continues to build on industry-leading inventory management solutions.”

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